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  1. Fire88

    trout pint wrap

    here is the stitch I used theres a couple different ways to do them.
  2. Fire88

    trout pint wrap

    haven't been aroun in awhile, still been working though. Here's a wrap for a pint glass i did recently
  3. Thanks Bob love the machine as it’s sewn everything I’ve needed it to sew. The table addition just makes it a little easier.
  4. We and them are all makers and artists in our own way. Just as we put our marks on a piece of leather they put theirs on the tools they make. They add “bling” as you say to make their pieces stand out amongst the other tools out there. Exotic wood handles don’t really add that much to the cost of tool as the amount of wood being used isn’t of a large enough quantity to make a major increase in cost. The cost of this exotic wood adds probably less than $15 to the overall coots of the tool. So 5-10% of the overall cost of a knife. A $20 watch tells time well enough so why buy a $100 or $5000 one? Simply cause you can and you like it and the nicer watches keep time better. We all have to make a decision during our beginning and throughout our time in the craft on what tools will give us the quality of work we(clients) want. If you have the opportunity to buy the “blinged” out tool and you like then buy it. We all use our tools to do work and some of us like the tools we use to be unique or nice. Their is nothing wrong with this.
  5. Was having a bit of trouble sewing wallets on my 3200 so I made a quick table to aid in keeping items level while I stitch. Need to make the throat a bit deeper on the table but it works as is quite well.
  6. Thanks, been busy dealing with work (lots of crazy) and try to build my brand Thank you Thank you wanted to do something besides a basket weave. Hard to see but I painted the dots turquoise. It is his pattern hard to beat some of his patterns.
  7. Been busy lately so haven’t been on here much. Here’s my first attempt at a clutch purse, will get a shoulder strap and a wristlet.
  8. My sister did the art on this one, I tooled it with her permission.
  9. Did this for a customer who will get it this week.
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