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  1. Tequila, sorry my post was not so helpful. I went back to see what your response was and realized I really didn't give much info! My apologies! Here is a great place to find some more detail on walking feet (Singer 111 type) that I think your machine uses, right? https://www.diamondneedle.com/documents/pages/Walking-Feet-for-Singer-Juki-BrotherConsewSeiko.pdf I have purchased some things from Diamond Needle, mostly screws and misc. parts for both Juki and Consew walking foot machines. Also, some parts for my Ancient Pfaff 545, lol. Only a problem with one part, which they replaced at no charge to me for shipping it out again. Other than that, feet purchased on Ebay. I'm not an expert, still experimenting with feet I purchased. Since I do have a better understanding now of what feet I personally need for my own projects (mostly Auto Upholstery now) I could try to answer a question or two if I know what your questions are. Hope your new machine is running well and that you are enjoying it! Adding: Most of the feet sets I purchased (Inside and Outside foot combos) cost me between $10-$20 per set. For my upholstery work, the feet I have found the most useful so far are: I have (4 sets of Zipper Feet)...Right Zipper foot, Left Zipper Foot (I have knurled ones and smooth ones), Right 1/8 Edge Guide Foot with smooth bottom, Left 1/8 Edge Guide Foot with smooth bottom, 3/16 Welting/Piping Foot, smooth bottom. With these feet, I can do the most work. I use the zipper feet for general stitching too, not just for zippers. I bought other feet too, but not mentioning them because I really am not using them much right now. I have only listed the ones I use daily. Hope that helps!
  2. I have walking foot machines that take one type of foot and needle feed machines that take another type of foot. Then I have a walking foot Pfaff that takes yet another type of foot. LOL. So.... I'd figure out which machine(s) you want to buy for, what type of operation(s) you will be doing, what material(s) you will be using... then bring that info to your Dealer who should be able to help educate you, even if you are not ready to buy a foot from that Dealer quite yet. you may buy a set or many sets from them in the future. I personally used Wiz's information that he had posted previously on the type of feet he owns for a walking foot machine. I didn't own too many feet and wanted to begin doing some more Auto Upholstery work. I think I onlly had the regular straight stitch foot and also right & left toe feet sets. So Wiz's post on feet was really helpful. Also, read what Whiz says about smooth bottom feet, that's good info too!
  3. Ebay has worked for me. Ebay Seller kunpengsewingmachineparts is the best Seller I have purchased from. They have shown a lot of care in packing and also after the sale. Highest quality parts too.
  4. kgg - good idea on opening up the exit tips on the binder a bit! I do like the look of the cheap binder you provided a link on. I think I'll order one or two of those and see if they may be the solution for setting up a binding job in the near future. So smart! Thank you.
  5. Hi Thomas, Great topic, what materials are you going to be using as a binder, also what are you binding on? The binder that you provided a link to does have a "note" in it's description that it's not for heavy work thicker than 1/8" - this would not work for me personally on many of the items I make. I have several binders and there are problems when I use thicker materials with a swing-away binder. The thicker materials tend to push the swing action on the binder around, gets me out of line with my stitches. That's just been my experience. Seems to work better with thinner, softer materials. So far, I have had more luck with binders that are welded to the slide plate when using thicker materials. It's just more stable and I can sew faster without worrying about losing control on stitches. I know the welded binders are the most expensive ones, for me anyhow. I'm trying a few different things now, having switched machines around. Like you, I wish to shorten the time it takes to set up attachments for whatever function I'm performing.
  6. Oh good, so glad for you that you were able to get a good price on a previously owned machine. That's great. I know I searched and searched for a good used one, have seen them in the past when I was not quite ready to buy. So I bought new. Loving the Juki, I had used exact machine in other shops, so I knew I'd feel comfortable using it. Your machine and table look very nice! Sure does look like my machine! Thanks for describing the differences between your 1510 and my 1541s. I was told that the 1541 and the 1541s take different hooks and bobbin cases. So when I get back-up of those parts, I'll have to pay attention to that. I don't want to suddenly be down and needing to find parts in a hurry. That is never fun. I've invest in some extra screws and things, attachments and assortment of feet. So fun! What a time saver it is to have a nice running machine! I'm sure you are going to have many years of enjoyment with yours, I know I will with mine!
  7. Hi there and Welcome! I read back to your first post when you were searching for a machine. Congrats you found one! Good for you! Were you able to find a good used machine or did you buy a brand new one? When I bought mine recently (brand new) I was kind of shocked at what short warrantees these machines have. I'm not even sure if you can get extended warrantees beyond the initial couple of months that most of them offer. I didn't get any additional, just decided to buy the highest quality I could afford (based on my own research) and much of that was gathered on this forum. So thankful for this place! I have found through the years that many times I can fix a problem with a machine myself when something goes wrong. I do at times rely on a good Repair person for the really difficult stuff, or if I don't quite yet know how to do something. I always save some money for unexpected repairs as I do make a living with my machines, it's not just a hobby for me. I admire your determination. Also, love the pics you have posted of your costume work. You are very talanted. Good luck in your Costume making and in working with your machine. It sure does look similar to my new machine, which is a Juki DNU-1541s. It looks like your machine has the same needle, thread weights and capabilities as mine does. After doing a google search for your Juki lu1510, found this: Juki LU-1510N-7 Walking Foot Needle Feed Industrial Sewing Machine with Table and Servo Motor | GoldStar Tool Does that one look like your machine? I'd love to see a photo of it if you want to post one. Just curious. Personally, I hope to see more of your work here as you proceed. Again, good luck will everything!
  8. Nice! We have lots of wildlife around us too. Squirrels, Possum, Racoons, Coyote, Deer, and the usual birds, lol. Birds: Steller's Jay, Woodpecker, Robins, Starlings, Chickadees, Hawks, Eagles, Red Winged Black Bird, Crow, Owls, that's all I can think of right now that I have seen in our yard. In just the past two years, I have seen both Coyote and Deer hop our 6 foot fence into the yard, and back out of the yard. No problem for them! Crazy, huh? I swear the Crows and I are friends. They talk to me in the yard and sometimes when I go just a few miles away, I swear the same Crows are talking to me from wherever I go. In my own yard, I do communicate with them. I leave them treats and just chat with them. So I believe it's the same Crows and they notice it's me! Maybe I am crazy, but my Husband knows the crows love me. LOL. Weird but true.
  9. Nice pic, nice machine!!!! Yes, looks very good light to me. I'm so glad you got the machine you were dreaming of and it's in good shape. You must be absolutely thrilled! (I do love mine too!). So.... do you have all the feet you want or do you plan to buy different ones for it?
  10. Yes please, flowers YES!
  11. Exciting Stuff! So great to see all your work as you go! Keep it coming!
  12. I really enjoyed seeing these pics of the lovely Doves. Fun to see! My neighbor puts out food for the Doves, so we hear them coo-ing. They sound a bit like Owls I guess. Beautiful birds.
  13. Not completely mad! Over 6 years later, I am finding this thread and seeing others who have faced same problems as me! Yay!
  14. Tequila, when you have a chance can you please post some pics of your new Cobra 2600? It would be great to see how you have it set up, if you are ready to show us. I'm considering either this machine or a cowbody CB341 as my next machine purchase. Can't wait to see what you create with yours! My intent would be to get a cylinder bed for doing bags, hats, wallets, straps, even a pair of shoes here and there. Soft comfortable shoes! Edit: Adding that I am also interested in the Techsew 2750. This machine and the two others I mentioned above all look like the type of machine I am hunting for and all in the same price range. I do like the lighter color machines though, easier to see your work and colors around you. I find it sort of hard to see colors with too many dark colors around me. My eyesight is not as good as it used to be, but being an Artist, I am constantly deciding on what colors to use when putting something together. Easier to do this on the fly when I'm surrounded by light neautrals, or white.
  15. Great to see your work! Nice job. I'm nowhere near a pro at making belts (never made one, lol) but I would like to be some day!!!! I do embroider on leather though. Hopefully I'll have the courage to move into what you are now doing.
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