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  1. Bob, one more thing now that I've got your attention... I'm attaching part of the photo of my machine that shows what I believe to be the serial number for my Singer 20U-33, I was hoping you could help me identify the year with that number (?) Or anyone who might know, please help. Thank you!
  2. Thanks Bob! Good to know! Okay, perhaps not a good idea? Bob, do you have some information on where a twin needle or double needle could be found for the Singer 20U machines? Mine is a Singer 20U-33, made in Japan. I'm not sure what year, but probably late 1980's, or early 90's (?). If you have part numbers, that would be great. Thanks ahead!
  3. Hi Glenn, Thanks for your comment. I am using the original clutch motor that came with the machine. I just set it up with a household motor temporarily so I could make it portable when needed. I move my machines around in whatever tables or portable boxes I can get them into if I need to travel with a machine. You are right, domestic motor isn't good for daily use, but sometimes it's the answer to get a job done.
  4. Keri, yeah I was also hopeful (again) about the twin needle or double needle idea after I was reading your posts. I was thinking perhaps that "want" would get answered at last. But not yet, the search continues!!! I sure hope that the domestic twin needle works on yours! Even though I'm certain what needles my machine takes, I don't think I'd ever tried a Domestic or flat shank in it. I just assumed that everything should be a round shank, but now I'm going to experiment! Hey, if it goes into the slot, why not? I won't be dragging the machine out again for a while as I'm in the middle of some Auto Upholstery jobs and some Embroidery work too, but will get back to my Singer 20U in the near future, hopefully! Thanks for the thoughts and ideas!
  5. Northmount, I love the look of the Blue ones the best! I always dreamed of getting a Singer 20U, mainly for the wider zig zag feature I'd heard that it had. However, when I was ready to buy, Blue didn't pop up, I got a brown one. But hey, I'm good with it now, she sews a beautiful stitch so I cannot complain. I like that you found a way to get your Blue Girl in the house, good job!!! You got your Wife's approval!!! LOL.
  6. Keri, looking forward to hearing what you find out about your results! I hope you are able to work something out for a "twin needle" setup on your Singer 20U. I'm still curious exactly which version you have of the Singer 20U, also if you have a flat sided shaft or a round shaft on your needles? Good luck in your search!
  7. Keri, I just went to check my machine and let Northmount know that my machine does indeed take Industrial needles, round shank. It does not take flat shank /Domestic or Home machine needles. I'm not sure what exact version of the Singer 20U it is that you have. The model that I own is the Singer 20U33. Oh, and I wanted to let you know about the double needle thing you asked me about... Remembering now what went on with that. I actually was not able to find the part (like you) to hold two needles. I have to explore more in that area but haven't done too much with the machine in a creative way. I've used it more for utilitarian type jobs like fixing tarps and tents. One day though, I plan to do more with it! Good luck with yours! Hope that helped a little.
  8. Hello Northmount, Okay, these posts made me pull my Singer 20U33 out to be sure it was an Industrial needle machine, it is. It's a round shank needle, not a flat shank like a Domestic would be. Going back through the manual too, I have the correct needle in it. LOL. This is an Artisan machine, and I once had another Artisan machine (Consew 217- which is like the Bernina 217) and that machine took same needle as my Singer 20U33. You will notice on the photos of my machine that I posted a few years ago that the front of the machine has a graphic that shows the type of needle it takes, which is "CAT 1910. You will also find in the manual for the Singer 20U33 that the needle system is also referred to as "SY 1955" which is an Industrial needle. Needles can be confusing, even for me who has many needles and many machines. So I am thinking that perhaps some of the CLONE machines of the Singer 20U take different needles??? Could be what leads to some of the confusion. I once had a Pfaff 138 machine that had been set up for a Domestic style needle for a Home machine, even though the manual I had for it showed an Industrial needle.
  9. HI Keri! Sorry I just saw your post. No I haven't set it up to use twin needles. I'm glad you found a 20U, they are nice machines. Mine has not been getting used much, as I have been working on Auto Interiors mostly. I'd like to get back to using the 20U though as I have some creative projects I'd love to do for myself. Looks like "Northmount" answered your questions though, thanks Northmount! Good luck Keri with your new Singer 20U!!! I'll post here again when I get back to using mine!
  10. https://www.techsew.com/en/techsew-5100-4100-shuttle-hook.html I'm sure Techsew will want to take care of that for you very soon. At least I hope they will. You probably found the part already, but here's the link to what I found on their site. Techsew was one of the machines I was considering when I get a cylinder arm. I'm wondering now what the material is they make that hook out of and where it's manufactured. Also wondering what your options are for quality. Can another brand be purchased like Cerliani??? Just a thought.
  11. suzelle

    rivet setter

    Gold Star has a shank adapter, not sure if it would fit your press. Perhaps give them a call? Looks like yours is missing the shank and I know you are not asking about dies, but they have a good selection of those too. https://www.goldstartool.com/shank-adapter-3-8-inch-for-heavy-duty-hand-press.htm
  12. Wiz, I'm interested in knowing what machine this is (?). I read through the machines you have listed that you own and did not find one with those features. I'd like to know as I'm considering another machine myself with these capabilities - something that does well sewing caps, hats, bags. Thanks ahead!
  13. Hi Newbie & Welcome! I was going to try to dig mine up for you, but went back to messasge I posted and then read what Handstitched posted, that manual does work. I have same machine. Good luck!
  14. Welcome and Congratulations on purchasing your new Techsew!
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