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  1. Hello, mine is a 20U33 from the 80's. Apparently it won't take the flat needles but I'm still going to give it a go and will let you know.
  2. Hello Suzelle, thank you for your reply even though it's not exactly what I wanted to hear re: twin needle set up. Mine is also a 20U33 but from the 80's I believe. I like it. My other old industrial Singer doesn't have a reverse or a zigazg for that matter. I had no use for a zigzag before but I do now, so all-in-all I'm happy with my purchase. I have twin needles already on the way, so I am going to throw caution to the wind and try to see if it will take them - even though everywhere says it won't, just because on the video I saw of someone using her 20U as a double stitch, it definitely looked like a regular needle clamp, as was pointed out to me. I don't think it was 2 needles, which means she could only have been using a domestic twin needle. One can hope anyway. If it works I will for sure post everywhere this question has come up!
  3. I just hope they fit, but I gather from your reply on the other post that they will, so I can't wait for them to get here to start my next project. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for the info, very helpful. I didn't realize the 20U was so similar to/compatible with the domestic system.
  5. Thank you, yes, now that I take a closer look this does look like the regular clamp to me also. Can it be that simple - to use regular clamp with available twin needles even though they are "domestic" only? it's always the simplest solution! I had searched for "round shank twin needles" at some stage, but they don't exist so i gave up. So now I am going to try the denim needles from your link, and others until I find the Cinderella fit and hopefully I will be back soon to let everyone know it worked!
  6. This is what I have: MPN #: KP-20U-2 twin needle clamp for SINGER 20U Sewing Machine brand: CKPSMS 4.5mm twin needle clamp adapter for SINGER 20U Brand: evernice Keri
  7. I recently bought a singer 20U33 with the intent of using it for multiple uses as-is but also as a twin needle for double top stitching denim seams, but I have not been able to find the twin needle clamp in stock anywhere. I am attaching a picture the part found on amazon, aliexpress, and ebay but "no longer available" (blue background) and also a screenshot from a youtube video where they are using the 20U as a twin needle but with a different looking part that I haven't found. If anyone knows where I can find this part or similar, or has one that I could buy I would be thrilled to know. It would need to be the wider gauge. Any help greatly appreciated!
  8. Hello, did you ever find out how to use your singer 20U as a twin needle? I bought one after coming across your post via google but I can't find the part - twin needle adaptor clamp . It's a great machine for my purposes regardless, but any info will be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hello, I have a singer 20U33 that I bought because I read that it can be used as a double/twin needle, not knowing how hard it would be to find info and parts. I did find the one pictured (blue background) but everywhere is out of stock and they cannot say when it will be back (ebay, aliexpress, amazon). If anyone has any leads I would really appreciate it! I need the wider gauge as it will be used for double top-stitching seams that are backed with bias tape. Thanks!
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