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  1. I’m not sure how to recess those and be able to sell it to anyone . The time that would take seem extraordinarily high. Definitely something to think about. I wouldn’t want to just cut the veg tan short and have the croc there so it would require a plug, then a double stitch line similar to a French seam to look right. Hmmmmm Thanks guys! I don’t disagree with you at all. You’ve all given me something to think about for future builds like this. The mottled look is just dye on a piece of sheep’s wool randomly touched. Simple and effective!
  2. Looks good. How do the thin straps handle the weight of the shooter?
  3. Thank you! You can do it! Thanks, Bob! I thank you sir! Thank you! I don’t know why exactly, except for what Bland said above, over all I’m pleased with them. I probably won’t be writing articles for a while, but if I can perfect it, perhaps I’ll submit it to them
  4. You may be right. I hadn’t thought of that aspect. The croc was too thin to edge properly and for the price I agreed on, inlay was not possible, but I’ve just thought of an idea for next time. I could turn the edges by skiving super thin and it would look a lot better. Thanks for the comment!
  5. Those are epic. I love them.
  6. Here’s something new for me. Exotic overlay. I’m not sure how I feel about it. What do you think?
  7. That’s just silly. Thank you.
  8. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the comments. I tech this as a two day class as it’s much to involved to explain online. Sorry folks!
  9. Whatever heavy I have on hand. These have lead and steel inside.
  10. Thank you! I do use eco flo, but all of these are Fiebings.
  11. Thank you. They are fun to make. However, the soft bags are more useful in some situations. It’s nice to have both.
  12. Nothing wrong with those! I have some that are similar. Very useful.
  13. Thread was purchased from Leatherartisanlab.com out of Spain. Don’t remember the brand but you can find it on the interwebz. Good stuff and tons of colors. And thank you! Thanks, Jay!
  14. Thanks Chuck! All hand punched, with care. No machines here
  15. Nah you aren’t dumb. I’ve seen some of those needle thingies and I can see why you might think it. I never had a use for them. I just stick all my needles to a neodymium magnet on my bench. Don’t have room or a need for a fancy needle holder
  16. Thank you. These weights can be used for anything in your shop, including holding patterns and rulers etc.
  17. Tape first. Also, soaking leather isn’t necessary. It’s a little overkill. Just wet it until water sits on the surface for a few seconds, then bag it.
  18. This may help https://youtu.be/LZp_ZI2XnzM
  19. A fine set of weighted coasters heading out to a friend in the USA.
  20. That’s a sweet strap! Nice guitar too
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