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  1. I have a 206, and that isn't a 206. But I do believe it is a 226 or corresponding seiko
  2. I have to agree. That machine is worth $1000 in great condition used, but its on the high side of the market. I bought mine for 450$ in heavily used condition, and I considered that a real bargain. A consew 1206 is 1095$ new https://www.tolindsewmach.com/consew-p1206rb.html
  3. I took a job as the state livestock specialist and animal science professor for the University of Maine. By the way, I earned my Masters Degree in San Angelo, Texas.
  4. Beautiful piece. My hands hurt just looking at all those stitches/laces.
  5. I made this for a friend who helped us move to Maine.
  6. I bought one from Ebay a few years ago. Consew 206s are exceptionally popular, so parts are redily available. I think Ive bought most of my parts from Bob Kovar at Toledo Industrial Sewing supply.
  7. I use my Consew 206rb-1 all the time, and I have maxed it out a lot sewing 3/8" veg tan materials. It will sew what you mentioned without hesitation.
  8. It was my understanding the warranty on these clone machines were only through the dealer.
  9. So far, I have had the best luck ordering from Hide House.
  10. Chinese Tariffs hit these clones machines pretty hard. Im not sure how the new trade deal with China will change the prices in the future.
  11. These companies have to enforce their trademarks. If they do not have a record of enforcing their trademarks, they can loose them all together. Gibson and Fender guitars lost their guitar body shape trademarks when they let importers copy their stuff for too long.
  12. Doing leather, you can simply oil it manually before you use it. Especially sewing slow. In a factory, where its running shifts at max speed, I am sure it wouldn't last long. Or just order the missing part. Lots of parts around for Consew 206.
  13. I transported a machine in table one time, strapped down well, and vibrations broke all the welds on the table cross members and reinforcement bars. Head was fine. I would never do it again. Now I am imagining all the screws backing off and falling off on the highway. Man I got lucky.
  14. The capabilities of old Singer domestic machines are greatly exaggerated on the internet. I am not sure why. Some folks are trying to sell the machines, some folks are repeating bad info, and some folks are just out right making stuff up. Other than the obvious size limitations to how thick they will sew, and the size thread they can use, I found that those old machines have a real issue keeping stitch length even when working on actual projects. Sure, they will sew the mandatory test piece just fine, but when it comes to actually manipulating the leather around, sewing corners, and etc. the domestic machines fall apart quick.
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