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  1. I use 2-3oz maximum (0,7-1,2mm) cow Chrome tanned leather for shoe uppers ( a bit hard) or napa leather (very soft), same thickness. Both have enough elasticity and needle (double hole) strength for this type of work. Professionals like wood feeling. I'm an amateur from Greece.
  2. Goat leather, in Europe, is very soft and pliable and it's used almost for shoe linings. It can be found between 0,4mm to 1,2mm (1,6oz to 3oz) and majority of shoes manufactures use 0,7mm. They don't skive it. It's so soft that a little pressure reduce in half it's thickness. I think a belt sander can help you. I'm not a leather professional.
  3. Stunning leather construction. Simple and beautiful. Bravo.
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