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  1. Yeah, what he said. At what point does it roll? You really don't need much pressure with water. I use paraffin wax. Bee's wax is too hard, while paraffin has some oil and it rubs on easier.
  2. I have a 6' python skin. it has scales that don't like to be rubbed the wrong way. I don't see it working as a wallet. Maybe yours is different? I've heard the same from others. Many folks use it as an inlay. What is it's thickness? I use 1mm leather for my wallet backs lined with .5mm leather=1.5mm. Sometimes .5mm with .5mm salpa and another .5mm leather. I glue mine on a fold.
  3. My lighter skins I clip to a hanger in a closet.
  4. Hmm, that looks pretty bulky for thread? Did you skive the pocket down to a taper? If it is thread, I would put a smooth plastic card in there then beat it with a hammer. For my interior pockets I use .35mm thread and wide spacing.
  5. Not all edgers are numbered the same. Palosanto #0 and Ron's Montana #1 and Barry king's #00 are all the same size. They cut a round edge. There are others that cut an angle.
  6. Edge paint. You're in Italy? You guys make it. Giardini and Uniters.
  7. You're getting out of my range. I make women's purses and wallets using leather split at .5mm up to 4 ounce (doubled to 8oz.). There are other thick leather guys here with better knowledge and experience. I will tell you what I would use but there may be other needles and threads that the pros use that I'm not aware of. So, 8 ounce times 2=16 ounce (1/4") What about a welt? The needle depends on the thread size. For that thickness I would think the thread should be .08 to 1mm with a John James 002 big needle. Order the awl, needles and Ritza Tiger thread from RMLS. The awl is going to take some work before penetrating that leather. You will have to polish the blade and maybe touch up the point. Have you searched "leather sheaths" on YouTube? I'm guessing that you do not know how to saddle stitch? Can't make much without that knowledge. Gotta figure that one out first.
  8. What size holes are you making, how thick is your leather and what size thread will you be using? Figure what you're going to make and the thickness of the leather. Most likely 004 small. First thing is to figure what your hole punching tool is going to be. Don't put the cart before the horse, they don't push well.
  9. Watch some you tube videos, very few makers use them. There are some old-timers and saddle makers here that I think use them. They prick a mark then you make each hole with an awl. It is laborious and takes some practice. Stitching chisels and pricking irons are used following a line made with a wing divider. The two prong chisel one is used for going around curves while the six prong chisel one is for straight runs. I suppose one advantage of the wheel is that it is cheaper to use different sized wheels and one awl rather than buying multiple chisels. Also when making holes in a saddle you don't have the advantage of it being flat on a bench and are able to hammer the the holes. I prefer pricking irons over the chisels. They are measured differently. Irons are measured from center to center of each tooth and chisels are measured between each tooth. For sheaths go with the chisels. If you start making bags and wallets you will probably want to invest in finer tools, in both size and quality. Most of my work is 9/10 holes per inch. Let's just say a wallet has a 16" perimeter x 10 =160 holes. That is a lot of awl work.
  10. You listed a decent budget friendly starting set up for making sheaths. You did some home work. I suggest you eliminate the stitching wheel and get a set of Japanese style stitching chisels. I bought the same awl and the ferrule and blade came off the first time I used it. RML sells a Vergez Blanchard diamond awl at a good price and after polishing the blade it will work well for you. John James 004 are small and 002 are large. Buy some good thread and you're all set to go. You may as well order everything from Rocky Mountain Leather. They don't carry junk and have free shipping. https://www.rmleathersupply.com/collections/view-all-tools/products/economy-scratch-compass-wing-divider https://www.rmleathersupply.com/collections/view-all-tools/products/kyoshin-elle-diamond-pricking-irons-3mm-4mm-5mm?variant=9280401667 Get the 2 and 6 tooth.
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