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  1. I really don't know but wax may act like a barrier to the sno seal?
  2. I am occasionally interested in the same. I contacted a place in PA and they have a $50 minimum plus shipping to and fro. Rocky Mountain Leather offers free skiving when buying their leather.
  3. Nice sheath. As far as drawknives, I'm a fan of T.H. Witherby.
  4. There's no toe kick, how often to you kick those doors when standing at the bench?
  5. My experience is that the bigger the table the more junk gets stored on top and in the way. I made a tool well like the woodworking benches have to store tools and what not level with or below the bench surface. Basically a tray attached to the bench. Drawers and shelves are pretty convenient. I would have dedicated drawers for leather panels and one for my patterns.
  6. Shoulders or sides? Cutting table or work table or both? You ought to know best what your needs are. Do you mean depth(front to back)? Five feet with out more information.
  7. https://hashimotoindustry.com/en/customer_cat/tochigi_leather/page/2/
  8. I read somewhere (maybe Horween?) that horse leather comes from Canada and Europe (UK?) and is a byproduct of the food industry. Americans don't eat horses.
  9. How thick are the slots ? Are you planning on skiving them down by hand? I would use .8 mm goat skin.
  10. https://www.rmleathersupply.com/collections/view-all-leather/products/luigi-carnevali-olso-reinforcement?variant=13992321974381
  11. How thick is your leather? He's using 1.2mm for the pockets. How wide and thin is your skive? Looks like it may be too narrow(?).
  12. You ought to have a water separator on your compressor.
  13. I know nothing about horse tack but a chicago screw has a bit of bulk to it--I think(?). If you recess it then the leather may be too thin. Why not a hand peened copper rivet. One side will be flush.
  14. https://www.dickblick.com/products/alvin-cutting-mats/ Better than others.
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