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  1. mike02130

    Making a strop - which leather to use?

    There's the easy way and then the difficult way. One is better than the other. Best advice is to read and figure it out then ask questions with some knowledge so you will better understand what you are asking and what folks are recommending. That way you won't have to "risk" anything. Then you can answer the next persons' question about strops. If you really want some good schooling check out some blade or razor forums. They seem to know whats best. That's where I learned. The link "jcuk" posted above is an excellent one. Hell, send me ten bucks and I'll mail you a 2" x 6" compressed horse butt strop. But no more questions about strops for one week. Consider my snarkiness as a trade off for giving you the strop.
  2. mike02130

    Making a strop - which leather to use?

    1, Not all YouTube videos are the gospel. 2, Hard equals less rounding of the edge. 3, Use another material such as a cereal box on a table. Your questions have been answered.
  3. mike02130

    Making a strop - which leather to use?

    Yeah what he said. Take a rolling pin to it while it's wet. Compresses the leather making it denser
  4. mike02130

    French Edge Skiver - is this going to be a problem?

    It looks like the bevel is on the top? Mine are on the bottom. Send it back. I strongly recommend Ron's tools or Barry King. It has quite the learning curve. It's a lot of wrist finesse. Hmm, I'm curious, where are you in MA? I'm in Boston.
  5. mike02130

    Sinabroks 3.38 pricking irons for sale

    SOLD Thank you
  6. I mistakenly bought a pair of Sinabroks 3.38 irons. I received these today from Korea. It was a six week wait. I have a 10 and 2 tooth iron. I paid $160. and $40. plus $20 shipping, $220. These are brand new. I'm hoping to not loose too much money on these. I'm asking $180. for the pair including shipping in USA. I am in Boston MA if you want to check them out in person. PayPal is accepted. The reason I'm selling these is because I answered an ad for Vergez Blanchards but the guy said they were sold. After ordering the Sinabroks the guy contacted me saying the buyer backed out. I bought the VGs. Thank you.
  7. mike02130

    Bridle vs latigo

    Better and faster way is to google "bridle leather vs latigo". I just learned a boat load.
  8. mike02130

    Really confused about glue

    Weldwood contact cement. About 10 bucks a quart. If I have a choice between water or solvent based I'll always choose solvent.
  9. mike02130

    Alcohol burner

    Try it and then tell us if it works.
  10. mike02130

    Stitching spacing

    I find the smaller the spacing, the easier and less noticeable it is to cheat the spacing. On some work I start in the middle, that way my holes are evenly aligned.
  11. mike02130

    18th Century Leather Edge Beveling

    If they had edge bevellers back then I would imagine some would've used them some would not. Just like today.
  12. Hej, I use this for curves. I make handbags and use this knife for cutting gussets and other curves. It works great. How big are the pieces you're cutting? When I cut curves I have my piece on the table and cut with minimal wrist movement and turn with my body. That way when you transition from inside to outside I don't rock or twist my wrist resulting in an out of square cut. I also move the piece around to get the cut line in front of the knife. Similar to cutting a figure out of paper with a pair of scissors. One holds the scissors while moving the pattern.
  13. mike02130

    Pig skin uses (other than lining)

    Lamp shade. If selling, keep in mind certain folks wont touch pig skin. Nothing better than a smoked pork butt.
  14. mike02130

    Waxed Canvas/Leather Shop Apron

    I've thought about using wax canvas for a few projects. Can it be saddle stitched like leather?