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  1. This is a setup in a cylinder sewing machine.
  2. There are no new spare parts for such old machines. All you can do is fit spare parts from Chinese clones (801, 747), after machining, or design and build them from scratch with a lathe and mill. Some spare parts from clones like presser foot, bell knife, drive wheels (feed roller) may fit. Or finding an old machine and cannibalizing it.
  3. Experienced shoemakers in Greece prefer a single motor and continuous operation of bell knife and feed wheel because they want speed in similar materials. Hobbyists and smaller manufacturers prefer a separate motor (clutch motor) for the bell knife and another motor (servo motor) for the feed wheel for greater accuracy. A good portable industrial vacuum cleaner with a nozzle does the rest of the job accurately. You don't need an integrated hood (vacuum).
  4. Go to the website (https://www.fratellialberti.com/en/) and fill out the form about the machine you are interested in. You have to wait a few days for the answer. There are also Italian sellers who sell these products. But be careful, apart from the price you also need consumables after some time of operation. If the seller is not reliable, he will give them to you at unrealistic prices. Don't rush to buy if you don't have cheap parts. Italian sellers generally have very good prices on branded parts and many times cheaper, than Chinese ones. I don't know if we are allowed on the site to give seller addresses.
  5. You have to go into the board menu and set the rotation speed to high when you are threading bobbins. The rotation speed is usually set from 100rpm to over 3000rpm. This is especially true when you thread bobbins with an external independent threading mechanism (bobbin winder) and after isolating the sewing machine or not. In any case, you must increase the revs. Look at the manual, Ana1234.
  6. Any plain mineral or motor or sewing machine oil of higher viscosity is fine. Motor oil will, over time, stain your sewing machine with pigments, but these oils provide good protection and lubricity. I am sending you a photo from the bonis sewing machine manual for oiling.
  7. For Fratelli Alberti, FAV AV1-2, 1800rpm, SKF ball bearings For chinese clones TK-801, 1270rpm, Unknown ball bearings
  8. Maicol, I have no manual from this machine. Also spare parts, even screws are unlikely to be found on the market. You can only find spare parts from Chinese clone machines (TK-801, 477). Only the basics bell knife, feed wheel, presser foots , may fit.
  9. I don't have the same skiver. I am sending you some pictures so you can see how the flat belt works. You can make your flat belt from scratch with some sewing. You can find flat belts from China or make your own. You must measure the required length (perimeter) of your skiver belt.
  10. I bought a tensioner from AliExpress, from a relatively serious company. I ended up putting it in storage and repairing the old one (SEIKO LSC 8BV) using a used juki original part. The quality of the new tensioner from AliExpress was very low and could not be used for serious work. Some spare parts of the new tensioner from AliExpress, such as nuts, can be used, but the threaded shafts you are interested in are to be thrown away.
  11. KatieM I don't know what model of skiver you have. From the few I see in the photo it looks a bit like one of mine which is a FAV AV 1T ( An excellent Italian). These skivers use three different belts of which two are V-Belts (8mm and 10mm) and the one you are interested in that drives the grinding wheel is a flat drive belt 0,6 to 0,8mm thick and 6-10mm wide. It has a special path through a system of two tensioners until it reaches the drive pulley. But be careful, you have to find the length you need yourself. I am sending you a photo below so you can understand how they are sold. I make my own from industrial belt cutting and sewing and some glue. Have a nice day from Athens. You can use any well-known company's motor oil, but if you use the skiver near people or in an enclosed space, then sewing machine oil is the way to go. And a little grease (All known brands) in some places where the oil cannot stand.
  12. Chinese companies sell their products in Europe without any warranty but in consultation with the buyer. They do not have a representative office in any European country. The sale is almost illegal in the European Union. The selling store is obliged to give a guarantee of at least one year for the products it sells.
  13. Νo. No need for a speed reducer when using a 45-50mm small pulley servo motor (photos). You can manually operate the sewing machine (Hand crank) if you want an even lower speed. I will make a reducer for my pleasure (photos), from cheap Chinese materials, but it is not necessary. I can punch 5mm, chrom tanned leather at lowest speed (100-200Rpm) with easy, with 750watt chinese noname servomotor.
  14. From my experience. It is better if you go with this address (photo) and through AliExpress,. Delivery from Germany to SLOVENIA with DHL and without taxes and delivery costs.
  15. Some Chinese companies, such as VEVOR, sell their product through European deposits. This means that the taxes have already been paid in the EU. As for the quality of the servos, in my opinion it is good but by no means comparable in quality to a good name brand European or American product. But as I searched I couldn't find a European servo motor manufacturer with reasonable prices for my pocket. Those who sell, that is, the sewing machine sellers, follow the same process as me. That is, they find a Chinese product, of dubious quality but cheap and sell it to customers at a low price with the guarantee of the store and not of the manufacturing company. I'm a hobbyist looking to find an inexpensive motor to play with and have fun with. If I were a professional I would have to allocate thousands of euros to meet my needs in a reliable product.
  16. I'm a bit of a latecomer but I'll share my experience. I have bought three 750watt servomotors from AliExpress, duty free, and I was pleased. Company VEVOR on alliexpress. It has two pulleys 45mm and 70mm and an automatic needle positioner. You need someone with basic DIY knowledge to install. 120€. I live in Greece.
  17. I use 2-3oz maximum (0,7-1,2mm) cow Chrome tanned leather for shoe uppers ( a bit hard) or napa leather (very soft), same thickness. Both have enough elasticity and needle (double hole) strength for this type of work. Professionals like wood feeling. I'm an amateur from Greece.
  18. Goat leather, in Europe, is very soft and pliable and it's used almost for shoe linings. It can be found between 0,4mm to 1,2mm (1,6oz to 3oz) and majority of shoes manufactures use 0,7mm. They don't skive it. It's so soft that a little pressure reduce in half it's thickness. I think a belt sander can help you. I'm not a leather professional.
  19. Stunning leather construction. Simple and beautiful. Bravo.
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