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  1. R SFraser Sr

    temp controlled shop

    You would also have to take into concern any fluids and glues that are in the shop. So yes, there is an ideal temperature - well above freezing. Plus tools are more likely to rust in an environment that wavers above and below freezing.
  2. R SFraser Sr

    Tandy Pricing Structure Change

    So far, I am not seeing a big difference in the Canadian prices, but I am getting a chuckle out of their writing style in the announcement of this new pricing scheme.... “ It’s an easier way to shop for the leathercrafting materials and supplies you need so you can get the most out of your leather, with a lot less bull! “ Which inasmuch admits that their early multi-level pricing scheme was bull.?
  3. R SFraser Sr

    DVD of 160 leather books

    I just bought one, and now the listing is showing only one left. (though I'm sure that the seller can make more)
  4. I think the "PickPocket" on the side is a great idea, (you can have that catchy name for it, for free)
  5. R SFraser Sr

    There Are Some Good Tandy People Out There!

    I'll add to this list of positives, Saskatoon Saskatchewan's Tandy. Manager Mr Kazi Shujah has been great to deal with. I live in Regina, where there is no Tandy, and I totally trust him to select the best leather he can send me in my price range. He has even called me to clarify before filling the order. I have been in his store to meet him and Mrs Shujah, very personable folk.
  6. R SFraser Sr

    stitching pony and/or horse round up

    Here are a couple I made for my daughter and me, a few years ago.
  7. Thanks, I'll have a look at the first link. I'm looking for strips, not sheets, I'll edit my op.
  8. I've seen that there are few model builders on this forum, when someone puts up a “what are your hobbies?” type of post.I am in need of a material that meets this shopping list of features...Styrene ONLY, smooth. Not sheets, strips.Between a 1/16” and 1/8” inch thick,1 1/2 - 2” wide,In long lengths, like 6 or 8 feet.Clear, white, or black, no patterns.This will be glued to the edge of the track.I am guessing that this material exists in some trade, or craft venture,but Google is not forth coming. (so I'm posting this in a few forums)Does anyone have any knowledge of such a material?Bonus points if there is a Canadian supplier.Thanks in advance, bob
  9. Ce n'était rien, vraiment, Dominic. I have not been on this forum very long, but I do notice that members are willing to share their time and knowledge. I'm sure you will do the same. bob
  10. Hello Dominic, Here is a version you may want to use,..... Most of the items in my shop are unique, since I work with different kinds of leather. I have a huge collection of different colors and thicknesses. I enjoy making different projects every time. To avoid wasting precious material and out of respect to the animal, I always try to make the most out of each piece of leather. I use every square inch of the hide I'm working with. This is one of the many ways I try to be environmentally friendly in my shop. I also use Eco-friendly products, from water based glue and dyes to second hand sewing machines and tools. In the proper hands and with proper care, your leather item will last for years and even decades, resulting in less garbage in the landfill. Here is a little story. I used to buy PU leather wallets ( a faux, or fake leather, which is just a fabric coated with polyurethane ) and most of them would last from three to six months. One day I decided to buy a genuine leather wallet, although it was six times more expensive. Here I am 12 years later, with the same wallet, in very good condition. It will still last me few more years! In the long term, leather is economical and eco-friendly! If you have any custom project needs, please don't hesitate to contact me ! Thanks
  11. R SFraser Sr

    Our most popular stamps

    Terrific, I have ordered one! bob
  12. R SFraser Sr

    Our most popular stamps

    HELLO, When you say "email me for a catalogue", do you mean will email a catalogue, or paper mail it? thanks
  13. R SFraser Sr

    Is this couch real leather?

    Since you are having such trouble determining the material..... Just peel a piece off and set a match to it. You'll soon find out if it is plastic or leather.
  14. R SFraser Sr

    Making stamps out of JB weld

    A bit off topic, Nick, but can you tell me where you got that style buckle? thanks bob
  15. R SFraser Sr

    Example of Fake Order, how to spot them.

    It is also worthwhile to check the address on Google Maps, in the case of 101 S shepley st,apt 25 Bloomington Texas 77951, there is no building there. So, where would your product go,if you shipped there? How would they get it?