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  1. NVLeatherWorx

    leather thickness

    I have had great success with using 6-7 oz. leather for any knife sheath projects that I have taken on; and I only use Hermann Oak. Quit using Tandy very long ago for leather when they started importing the lesser tannages that they sell.
  2. NVLeatherWorx

    Belt Makers

    For single layered belts I use 9-10 oz. cowhide; I only use vegetable-tanned leather and my leather of choice is Hermann Oak. If doing a more casual style belt then I will drop down to 8-9 oz. for the extra flexibility.
  3. NVLeatherWorx

    I Can't Find Them, Have You?

    Item #L-1191-NP This is available at Ohio Travel Bag, it is a bit larger than what you are looking at on the image you supplied. I recall this being a question that came up within the past couple of years and I think there was a thread on it somewhere here in the forums, just can't remember where though. Sorry couldn't be of more help for you.
  4. NVLeatherWorx

    What is this

    It is in fact used to create pouch styled key pockets. The "W" portion of this hardware is sandwiched between 2 pieces of leather and stitched in so that when you squeeze it the pouch opens up and you can dump your keys out/tuck them away. It has been awhile since I have seen one of these but I still have at least 5 of these key pouches from my younger years. Were quite popular for awhile.
  5. NVLeatherWorx

    lighten the color

    In lieu of purchasing a spray gun you can visit a local Hobby Supplies Store and see if they have the Preval Spray System. It is an air canister that attaches to the Preval Jar where you have the dye. Thin the dye down a bit and give the leather a spray to see where you are at. They used to be common with Tandy but they quit selling them awhile back; I have also seen them in the big DIY stores (Lowe's, Home Depot) and even on Amazon. They do pretty darn good without all of the more expensive investment of a full blown system. At least that way you can determine whether or not a spray system may be a future need.
  6. NVLeatherWorx

    What went wrong?

    Tandy leather is hit and miss for the most part and that is why anyone who is serious about creating nice looking finished pieces should invest in the better quality leathers. Besides, a person can get the best leathers at wholesale for much less per square foot than the best grade from Tandy; I do it every time I order my leather (I get Hermann Oak for $7.95 a square foot and it isn't the low end stuff; and that is the everyday wholesale price that anyone with an account would pay). Stay away from vegetable based oils for conditioning, they can go rancid as others have said and it also attracts unwanted critters; it is a food stuff and they can smell that a mile away (or more). And, as has been mentioned several times already) always dampen any fold lines on the flesh side (fuzzy sied) of the leather and let it penetrate a bit before you fold it over. This allows for the leather to be more flexible and by doing it on the flesh side you won't be risking some discoloration that you are sure to get on the grain side. Basically, you have been given several tidbits of information on everything that caused an issue for you and if you put all of them to use in your process you will find the success that you are looking for. Like the accent pieces that you put together for this one, gives it a bit more eye-catching detail. And don't over oil. You used the term "liberally" when mentioning how much oil you applied which typically means that you applied quite a bit; this can give the leather too much conditioning that will now not set and your leather will become spongy and won't accept adhesives very well regardless of whether or not you sand/rough up the contact areas for the glue. Too much oil will also result in color bleed no matter how much you buff; it has nowhere to go but out.
  7. NVLeatherWorx

    I wanted to make an order on Buckleguy and the shipping is 30$

    The Buckle Guy website is just like everyone else out there, they have an estimated shipping rate that is based on how each item is programmed but that is not ever the final rate. I have ordered hardware to the tune of almost 100 pounds total weight and it was shipped in 3 different boxes for a total shipping charge of just around the $19 mark. This is a common practice that you will find on many of the websites that we all use on a daily basis so dropping an order just because you can't understand the estimate process is kind of ridiculous. If it is that critical then just phone the order in and I can guarantee that you will have an accurate shipping charge by the end of that conversation. Most shipping rates are not estimates and only rough quotes; even Tandy has this issue with their site and I have never seen an order on their site ship for the higher rate that was estimated.
  8. NVLeatherWorx

    Knee lift for Pfaff 1245 old casting

    This needs to be moved to the category for actual machines.
  9. NVLeatherWorx

    Lap seam folder for Pfaff 1245 old casting

    You might want to post this in the category for sewing and machines, this category is for things like snaps, rivets, supplies, etc. that are not machine related.
  10. NVLeatherWorx

    neatsfoot oil

    Although Neatsfoot Oil will indeed go bad you took a shot in the dark by heating it up and you were right to do so. I actually heat mine up everyday and I apply it to my leather while warm; I have found that it penetrates the leather better and gets into the fibers much deeper and quicker. Just be cautious with warm oil though because you can over apply very easily.
  11. NVLeatherWorx

    Cleaning Veg Tan Before Dyeing

    Just an FYI but Saddle Soap is really a cleaner and not a conditioner contrary to what some may think. You should be okay with the Atom Wax but if you have some olive oil you can give it a light coating first; just make sure that it is very light because olive oil can be over applied very easily.
  12. I too make my own blend but have never used Tallow in the mix; just use pure beeswax, pure Neatsfoot Oil (you want to stay away from the Compound varieties), and pure Cocoa Butter in my blend. When I was stationed in Germany and on Border Patrol along the Iron Curtain we used to waterproof our boots with lard (pig fat); got the idea from our West German counterparts who said it was an old Farmer's blend and it worked like a charm. It also gave the leather more of an insulating property than it already has so not only were our feet dry they were also warm and when you are walking around in the countryside in thigh high snow that is a very good thing to have.
  13. This belt is indeed put together very well and, although the stitching is a chore when first getting going with it, I have to agree with everyone that it gets easier as you do it more. I have been hand stitching for over 40 years and just can't find myself doing it any other way. Like some have mentioned here you find yourself all of the sudden getting it done much faster but then you look for the next project to see if there is a new challenge to it that will fill your time again; just the way an artist works I guess. Like @YinTx said, he spends a full day on one of these and I am sure that you most likely broke it down into sections as well which doesn't matter because you control the flow and the outcome, nobody else. When I make a 2-ply belt both layers are 8 to 9 oz. and I stitch at 6 spi so now I have doubled the thickness that a standard belt would normally be and I have gone with a tight stitching pattern which adds to the difficulty but, having hand stitched a saddle or two in my day, I feel right at home with it but then again it isn't new for me so it comes much more naturally. But if you think stitching is something, I had a purse project awhile back that the client wanted laced so took the project and went with it, 14 hours of lacing alone on this project; total project time was 44 hours (heavily hand-tooled which ate up a bunch of time) but this is what I do so I don't really notice it. Still, very good job on the belt and you should keep with it regardless of what you are making. I am looking forward to seeing more of your works as time goes on, providing you want to share them of course.
  14. NVLeatherWorx

    Oval punches

    Reality is that the round hole punches are just fine, the oval thing is just a visual thing and does not lend itself to any better performance over the life of the belt. Besides, who really looks at the hole style on a belt? The flash of a belt is in the overall style and design.
  15. I was highly disappointed when Tandy discontinued the Neat-Lac but once I found ClearLac and found out that it is the original Neat-Lac I jumped on it and haven't looked back. I love that stuff; great finish and the finest resist.