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  1. JC2019

    Regad electric creaser, temperature range

    Okay thank you
  2. Hi, I am trying to research the Regad electric creaser and it's competitors. Anyone know what temperature range the Regad machines can achieve and in what increments? I am wondering what range I'll need from vegetable tanned , chrome, etc. None of the sites that sell it list this and I can't find the manual online. Thank you
  3. Not sure if I should worry at all but I want to start doing more stamping and I wonder if the noise level is enough to wear anything?
  4. I am not sure I understand the difference between the Techsew 2600 and Phaff 335 (maybe the 0.55 inches vs 3/8) and their pros and cons so that probably means I need to research a lot more. I am currently looking at the 2700, 2750 techsew too. I assume the 2600 is recommended for a narrower cylinder
  5. The crusts? They are just white and I'm not sure what kind of tanning they went through. One is an ostritch leg I got from springfield: https://www.springfieldleather.com/Ostrich-Leg-Crust
  6. Thanks for all the great info. Non glazed just crusts.
  7. Great good to know. I dont need it to be whisper quiet but wanted to double check
  8. Also curuous how loud a Techsew 2600 gets. I have no experience with these industrial machines but I assumed they would be pretty quiet and not likely a problem for the neighbors?
  9. I am looking and the basic configuration is about 2k, I assume I would want the speed reducer too? All the upgrades seem to make it go for about 2.5k That seems to include a bit more but not sure if that's what you would recommend (the table adapter seems interesting to make it flat I believe)
  10. JC2019

    Choosing the right laser

    This is awesome. I will need to read the entire thread. Originally I was dead set on a k40 co2 laser but the chinese ones have a few safety concerns that I am still researching. I have an ender 3 and its a great little machine for the price. My next small purchase will likely be a low power laser. I am mainly interested in engraving How well can these diode lasers engrave? Can it do gradients? Does it do it truly or with dithering? Do you have recommendations for which one to get, they seem to range up to 10watts and cost a few hundred dollars. I plan to cut by hand so for now I think the diode lasers should fit my needs.
  11. Good to know. Do Juki usually doesnt provide a warranty themselves? Dealers would be who I would go to? For assembly, is that something that can be done in a few hours or is it pretty complicated?
  12. https://www.goldstartool.com/ Per my other post, looking up machines. Might end up going new. I am wondering what I need to look for when buying a new machine? Is there a list of official suppiers of say Juki and Techsew machines? Would I need to buy from an official place to get a warranty? Thanks
  13. I see, that seems to cover most of the things I care about right now. Thanks.
  14. Got it thanks guys. @RockyAussie what would the 2600 machine allow me to do besides bags? Shoes? Wallets? Maybe I should wait and get a $2-3k machine if it means I will have a wider range.
  15. I see, what is this manual machine good for? Making shoes? Or mainly repairing them?