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  1. Good to know. Do Juki usually doesnt provide a warranty themselves? Dealers would be who I would go to? For assembly, is that something that can be done in a few hours or is it pretty complicated?
  2. https://www.goldstartool.com/ Per my other post, looking up machines. Might end up going new. I am wondering what I need to look for when buying a new machine? Is there a list of official suppiers of say Juki and Techsew machines? Would I need to buy from an official place to get a warranty? Thanks
  3. I see, that seems to cover most of the things I care about right now. Thanks.
  4. Got it thanks guys. @RockyAussie what would the 2600 machine allow me to do besides bags? Shoes? Wallets? Maybe I should wait and get a $2-3k machine if it means I will have a wider range.
  5. I see, what is this manual machine good for? Making shoes? Or mainly repairing them?
  6. JC2019

    Which Mallet / Maul to minimize noise

    Understood thank you
  7. I see. So what's the difference? Will they just produce an ugly stitch? Take too much work? I am seeing a Singer 29k also mentioned which seems to go for quite a bit more.
  8. How about this thing @RockyAussie and @nylonRigging ? FISTERS Hand Machine Cobbler Shoe Repair Machine Dual Cotton Nylon Line Sewing Machine Maybe a good stop gap until I want to spend 2k-3k? Or will it be so awful it's not worth the $115ish?
  9. Ah yeah that delivery style is going to be a problem for me so I'll have to look into seeing if they can deliver it to my address. I see tons selling as "head only" which would mean having to get a table, motor + other parts I imagine? I wonder how wide and heavy these machines are. Needed a fork lift sounds intense....
  10. I was close to buying an expensive one by barry king but I wasn't sure which one I should get if my goal is to reduce noise while keeping decent quality? Do I want the heaviest one or lightest one? I am also getting an arbor press to do certain tasks but for stamping I want to try a good quality maul first if that would help. But perhaps the choice is a raw hide one? Thank you.
  11. Is this the machine you have ? What do you use it for? It's within my budget and I am going to consider purchasing it depending on other suggestions. Thank you
  12. Ah yeah this is what I eventually would want, and then have the flat attachment to sew things like wallets. Sadly I am not seeing a lot of these machines here in the USA? I don't see any listed on ebay at least and that's usually how I try to gauge popularity of an item but maybe it's different for machines
  13. Ah, that's interesting. I don't know much, but I do know Juki is a good brand? Is that what you have? What kind of projects is it's "sweet spot"? I'll have to research it more. If I wanted to do smaller items on it I would have to buy some adapter to reduce the speed? I am in northern california so I would need it shipped. I wonder which shipping carrier they use
  14. I am realizing that while I will be okay with hand sewing small items, for larger Items I would like to investigate the potential of getting a used machine, or at least one that is good to start. The main Item I would like to work on would be bags / backpacks, etc. I would be looking at the used market but my main concern would be that it's not an obscure machine. Instead one that is popular and well understood with plenty of information for troubleshooting and use. If such machine exists that would be great, not sure how much it would cost but I'd rather spend less to start. Is a budget of $700-1200 reasonable?
  15. Yeah I am not going to be trying to burn anything but veg tan, even that I am not 100% sure on. I am mainly looking to make the leather more "weathered" and maybe even black would be okay.