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  1. Pics and price please. interested in shipping?
  2. So I have been on the “R&D” path lately. To be honest I like Tokonole on all my leather edges. I have recently started using Fiebings glycerin soap and to be honest I’m really liking it. I do the Tokonole first and use my ebony slicker in my dremel then being as the Tokonole has the leather moist I rub the soap bar a couple times and then use my wood hand slicker and rub the hell out of it. as litago said it doesn’t finish like veg but it does smooth down the fibers and hold it together.
  3. Thanks for that info. I got some from K&J and they were really good. Only down fall if I had to pry the tracking code from them. I also tried to change the email I used on the order and their customer service said they could modify an existing order. Thought that was ver mom and pop of them to not be able to modify their system. Other than that their prices were good and had a huge assortment of magnets. I’ll look into the buckle guy as well.
  4. So as of lately I’ve been making some wallets with some oil tanned leather I purchased. What do you guys recommend for edge finishing? I have a jar of Tokonole, which I absolutely love for my designer leather and veg tanned, but I am not really pleased with the edge it leaves on the oil tanned. I have since tried using thread wax. First I put Tokonole and slick with my ebony slicker in my Dremel, then rub some thread wax and run the dremel again. Afterwards I rub it down with my wood slicker. I will be getting a piece of bees wax and a block of glycerine soap to try next. I am also going to get a piece of canvas to slick with. Any thoughts or ideas/procedures you guys use are greatly appreciated. -Stew
  5. I have a Howard imprinting J-100-A i got from @dfrensdorff on the forum and it works amazing. My makers mark is only about 3/4" square therefore the small frame of the stamp is definitely enough for imprinting my stamp. I can say this, trying to put my stamp on a piece of leather cold versus hot is a completely different experience. Cold I have to put WAYYYYY more pressure on the arbor handle than if it were hot. With all that said you might want to figure out a way to heat up the stamp. As @Matt S stated hot/cold, wet/dry. All this could make a difference. Now, as far as applying pressure, I would take into consideration the amount of surface area of the stamp that is actually contacting the leather. Hopefully I can translate this to text from the way my goofy brain works...... If you heat the stamp as I said before it makes it easier to imprint. As for the 1 ton arbor press, I think you might be ok considering as I said how much surface area is in contact with the leather, you might try making some sort of an adapter to transfer the pressure of the 1" surface area of the press shaft to the 3 sq/in of surface area of the stamp. If you use just the press shaft to the stamp, the stamp could deflect and you not get the same amount of pressure across the stamp. Go check out CHARTERMADE on youtube. He has a clip in a video where he uses his arbor press and talks a bit about it. Look at the 14:30 mark of the video if you dont want to watch the whole thing. Is technique is very simple and effective. Also attached are a couple of pics of my hot stamp and my makers mark for reference.
  6. Not sure where I got the pattern. Shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you.
  7. I have some card wallets with a money clip type flap on the back side. Need recommendations on type and strength of magnet. I used the Tandy 1241-21 magnetic disks on one wallet and it seems ok, however I would like to get them cheaper if possible. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Online store is fine. I’m an also located in south Mississippi. -Stew
  8. Yes that’s true. I’m actually in South Mississippi
  9. Hello fellow leathercrafters, It's getting to that time of year again. The wife asked me to make some women's coin purses for Christmas gifts. Thats not the difficult part. Get ready for it......... she wants pink leather. She does not like dyed leather, so my question is what "pink" colored leather type and size would be good for coin purses, and where in the hell would i find it. As usual thanks for your help on my odd-ball questions. -Stew Finished Edge Leather Goods
  10. Will you sell the stamps and type holder by their selves?
  11. So I used resolene since I had that and it worked perfect. I looked up the difference between resolene and tankote and they were basically the same. I also found a great video by Ian Atkinson on YouTube talking about different finishes. See the link. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zyTg_hfpNUM thanks for the help. Stew
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