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  1. We all have our favorite knives and I kinda like this one. I paid $1.00 for it at a resale shop. It was covered in tar, probably used for scraping roofing tools or something. It was dull, no edge, just a cheap scraper. It called out to me, probably the price. After cleaning the tar off and sharpening it ,I thought it might work for something. The blade is a little curved at the edges and that makes it work well for cutting very thin leather since I can sort of roll it over the leather and not have to pull it to cut. I strop it often and it maintains a good cutting edge. Probably not great grade of steel but it works great for what I use it for. And for $1.00 I smile every time I use it!
  2. TomWisc

    New from the Midwest

    My table is 20" deep, 48" wide, 30" high. Included is the light and 2 thread spool holders. Bobbin winder is attached to machine. I also purchased from Amazon a flexible magnetic LED light which works great when trying to see the needle. Light is not too good in the room I have the machine so this is a big help for my old eyes. I also got a basic T shaped guide for sewing a straight line on belts. I asked him for a 'zipper foot' for sewing zippers or close to the edge of belts or other items and I think he basically took 2 regular feet and cut the side off each one to give me a left and right 'zipper foot'.
  3. TomWisc

    New from the Midwest

    Yes, I am referring to the pulley type speed reducer. The dealer I purchased from, Industrial Sewing Systems, can get them for you. If that is who gave you the quote, Cody can install it for you before you pick up your machine. I think they cost about $150 but not sure of installation cost. I think you have to move the servo motor slightly to install the speed reducer. I don't know if he stocks them so if you want one you probably need to tell him ahead of pickup. I will take a picture of my machine & table in a couple of hours so you can see what I got from him. I am very happy with the table & complete setup.
  4. TomWisc

    New from the Midwest

    I have a Seiko STH-8BLD-3 machine that I purchased new about a year ago from a dealer in Janesville, WI. It has an Eagle servo motor. I have used it for belts, ladies tote bags, wallets and it works fine for those items. I have thought of adding a speed reducer and probably will at some point. Sometimes on thicker items I have to give it a little push on the wheel to get it going through thicker leather. I like the machine very well and having a local dealer to ask questions, etc. is very helpful. I don't know what the resale value would be a few years down the road but the dealer said there are not many good used machines on the market and expects it to be a desirable machine in the future, whatever that means. I would have to look up the price I paid but I think it was between $1300 - $1400.
  5. TomWisc

    Work surface in small apartment

    I use a marble piece 1" thick and 12" square. It was a sample from a tile store that was discontinued and I paid $10 for it. I use it on my wooden kitchen table. On top of the marble slab I use one of those plastic (?) cutting boards so the punches don't contact the marble slab. Usually I also use a 12" square scrap of leather about 3mm. I usually punch leather thinner than 4mm but do not see a problem with that thickness. I also have a small anvil that I use on the marble slab when I need a small work surface. I think the leather scrap on the plastic cutting board helps deaden the noise a little bit but it's just me and the dog and she doesn't complain as long as she has her bone! Tom
  6. TomWisc

    Kangaroo, Elephant and Ostrich

    I'll take lot 1. Send payment info. Thanks, Tom
  7. TomWisc

    Old Man

    Good story, Ferg. Thanks for sharing! Tom
  8. Amazing attention to detail! I can't imagine how many hours this bag took! Very creative also, your design is over the top! Tom
  9. TomWisc

    Guitar Strap

    I seem to remember a post several weeks ago discussing guitar strap and one of the people that commented was a musician who had very specific comments on making a comfortable guitar strap. You might check previous posts to see if you can find this one Tom
  10. TomWisc

    Not a Biker....but....

    Very cool! I bet every time he puts the leather jacket on the dog , Pepper must go ballistic getting excited for another ride!
  11. TomWisc

    Work Bench Lighting

    That looks like a good idea. I use a head lamp which helps but not great. Sure looks like your setup puts out plenty of light.
  12. TomWisc

    Getting a chisel scary sharp

    I just saw this video on sharpening woodworking chisels and thought some of his techniques apply to sharpening leather tools. I didn't check if someone already posted this video but I have not seen it before. Worth the watch!
  13. TomWisc

    Passing of Pets

    Hi Regan, I looked at the web site for Tail Spin Bracelets and they have some nice items for hair. First time I have seem their products. With regards to using ashes in glass, following is a Face Book forum that addresses putting pet ashes in glass. Basically the way this works is the ashes are placed usually between 2 layers of glass and it all is melted together in a kiln at about 1475 degrees creating one solid piece of glass containing the ashes. The glass can be formed into different shapes & different colors of glass can be used. Assuming you use Face Book: type "fused glass fanatics" in the 'search' bar at the top of your screen. When their page comes up, on the left side of your screen is a bar "search this group" type "pet ashes" in this bar and it will bring you to dozens of members discussing how to do this and also several who will use pet ashes in glass for a customer. If you can't find this info let me know. Tom
  14. TomWisc

    Passing of Pets

    Hi Regan, I will check out their site. Also I will try to find the references I mentioned in a few other FB groups that do glass fusing. It will be tomorrow before I can do this, getting late tonight. Tom
  15. TomWisc

    Passing of Pets

    Hi Regan, Sorry for your loss. My dog is my best friend also and dread the day we have to say goodbye. I am not sure how to incorporate hair into a leather item but I do glass fusing and know people have incorporated pet ashes into a glass item. Most do like a pendent that can be worn on a chain. You might do something like that and incorporate into a leather bracelet or something. Let me know if you want any info on glass working forums, etc. Tom