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    Shooting, golf, fishing, camping, traveling, avid Cruise patron, just plain relaxing now that I am not in Combat anymore.

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    Belts, wallets, checkbook covers, purses/handbags, etc.
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    Not much left to learn but always open to anything new that comes along.
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Been crafting handmade leather goods of all kinds for over 40+ years now and love this trade so much that is a profession and not a hobby.  I have made everything from the simplest key fobs all the way to ornate show saddles and even Rodeo gear in my time; don't do much of that big stuff anymore because it is way too much work for no pay and that don't pay the bills that way.  I have spent many years teaching others the deep parts of this craft such as, carving and tooling ornate designs as well as in-depth figure carving and much more; I love to share the knowledge I have gained over these many years so that we can keep this trade and craft alive and well in our "have to have it now" and "made to throw away" world.

I am open to contact by anyone who wants to learn in-depth processes and techniques as well as to those who just want to "shoot some bull" (pun intended).

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