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  1. Wayne0820

    Handbag for the Wife

    Good job, it looks great! It always takes a lot of time to find a proper hardware with good quality. I bought 3 hardware kits for Kelly or Birkin from Taobao (a China website), where you may find everything. The quality of the hardware is good to me. It comes up with several tiny rivets, rather than screws, to install the hardware. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.
  2. I developed a dual-channel electric leather creaser. I'm not sure if I posted it on the correct board.... The creaser can accurately control and display the temperature of iron tips. The maximum power of each channel is 70W, and voltage can be 110v or 220v. If you are interested, please visit my store https://www.etsy.com/listing/691160733 to get more details. It is $398 for double-creaser kit, which incudes dual-channel machine, 2 handles, 5 iron tips and handle rest.
  3. If you need, I can send you the pattern of this wallet
  4. Wayne0820

    Greetings from Knoxville Tennessee

    Hi Alain, Sorry for replying late. My leather creaser is $298 for 1 machine + 1 Handle + 5 iron tips +1 Handle rest. If your are interested please visit my store to get more details: https://www.etsy.com/listing/691160733 Please let me know if you have any question on it. Your project looks very nice! And better than mine. It's not easy to get high quality hardware. I got it from China. I'm satisfied with its quality, it looks very good. There are 12 tiny rivets to install the hardware, it's difficult and needs experience. It's my second birkin, but I still screw up one rivet....
  5. Wayne0820

    Wet form

    It's cool! Howe much time it takes?
  6. Wayne0820

    bad finishing edges

    Before applying any coat, you have to sand the edge to make it straight. Besides, the leather needs to well glued, or else you will get a glue line.. Edging is time consuming...
  7. Wayne0820

    glueing leather together

    What about adding some copper rivets to enhance the strength?
  8. Wayne0820

    I am a newcomer here,

    This tool looks very nice!
  9. Wayne0820

    Finished a wallet with my creasing tool

    Richard and all other friends, thank all of you for your understanding. It is frustrating to be called 'lie' for just providing several price options.... Now I've removed other options and only left the beginner set, no misleading any more... : D Just enjoy leathercraft projects!
  10. Wayne0820

    Finished a wallet with my creasing tool

    Thank you Mike, I will take your suggestion!
  11. Wayne0820

    Finished a wallet with my creasing tool

    Different options share the same details dercription, Etsy doesn't provide the function to set different decription. Ebay is a little bit better, it allow seller set dedicated picture for each option. If it does mislead browers, I'm sorry for that but it's not something I want. Regarding to VAT, I did nothing to VAT. I just set a price in USD. Etsy will know where the brower comes from, and changes the currency correspondingly, then maybe some additional fee is added. But it is not me who set the VAT. Actually it's the first time I heard VAT.
  12. Wayne0820

    Finished a wallet with my creasing tool

    Chrisash, someone wants a whole set, but someone not. So I list different options, and of course the price is different. Etsy automatically display the option of lowest price, it's not something I can choose. I'm not sure if you do online shoppings, but a lot of online stores have the same price strategy: showing the lowest opitonal price, such as Etsy, Ebay, Amazon. I'm wondering if you want to call all sellers on these websites lier.... Actually this price stategy does NOT do anything good to me. Because anyone who finally decide to buy a set will definitely know the price. I would rather like to show the set price. I just don't want to set webpages for every single options.
  13. It has been 4 years since my last project. I got my new creasing machine, so I tried it and made a wallet for my wife. I set the temperature to 180℃ and it creased nicely on Horween Chromexcel. I tested 250℃, the leather will get burned. It seems around 200℃ is the best temperature. I also tried to use the creasing tool to smooth the edge painting, 220℃ worked very well. However, I didn't spend too much time to polish the edge considering we will use the wallet ourselves... The electric creasing tool works very well to me. If anyone is interested in it, please visit my store on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/YUCraftPro