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  1. I am looking for a used sewing machine that will sew very heavy leather 1/4 inch plus, does anybody have any ideas ?
  2. Hi Dwight, I haven't been on here for awhile how are you doing way over there, ? I'm going to try andmake a reusable leather bag to bring groceries home in so we don't have to use plastic bags. What weight and type of leather would you reccomend  ? I'm planning on buying a used sewing machine to be able to sew all weights of leather , again , what would you reccomend ?

    1. Dwight


      Good morning, thanks for asking, . . . my standard answer is "nobody shot at me today, if they did, they missed", . . . which means I'm doing fine for an old geezer.  Welcome back to the wonderful world of leather work.  

      For the bag, . . . check with Tandy on some "milled vegetable tanned" leather.  It is soft and pliable like cloth, . . . yet you can stamp decorations on it if you want, . . . sews fairly easily, . . . and is not heavy.  I would sew a regular veggie tan lip up around the top which will aid in keeping it open and easier to use than say a canvas bag.  Also make a solid veg tan bottom, use some heavier leather there as the bottom gets all the work out.

      If you want to sew holsters, belts, sheaths, . . . etc. a Tippmann Boss is a good choice, and is what I use, . . . but it is all hand operated and can be a pain when it wants to be contrary.

      If I had it all to do over, . . . I might get an electric machine.

      May God bless,


  3. use dye reducer to the feibings tan dye and it should acually look tan not orange ? what type of other stuff can you use to cut the dye ?
  4. I would like some advice on trying to make the dye color tan, Feibings tan turns out orange. I tried mixing several colors but no luck.
  5. what is the best way to store my leather hides for long term storage ( I think somebody said under a bed ) is there a way to cover it up so the bedroom doesn't smeel like leather ?
  6. I have a hide from tandy also, I bought it just for the heck of it to see what it would look like , I thought i would use it for tool holders on my belt. The little black spots you are seeing after dying are bug bites from the free range cows in argentina ( thats what they told me at my tandy ) I don't like the look. Did you ever notice that none of those hides are from the USA. ? They told me it's because the foreign countries have more cows and can produce more hides faster ( to keep up with Tandy sales ) than we can, well I think it's bullshit !!! it just has to do with money. I get my leather from Moser leather in Ohio and when you call there you actually get Jim moser ( the owner ) and he will help you every step of the way so get what you want. the number I call is 1 ( 513 ) 889-0500. I wouldn't buy from anyone else, good luck .
  7. I know the feeling, I have had that happen to me ( but mine rolls over the back side that I wasn't going to dye ) I don't dye my backs due to the worry of rub off. I too have several black belts that I didn't know I needed. ( like a life time supply ) lol
  8. I've read where some of you guys cut your dye, what exactly do you cut alcohol dye with ? what is the difference between all the different alcohols ?
  9. thank you, I will look for some from the guy I get my leather from
  10. All I can say is Holy Shit !!!! beautiful work , how much time does it take you to do a stamped belt like that ? and cost ? how thick is the leather you're using ? . Again those belts look like a piece of art
  11. how thick or thin should your leather be to wet mold a utility knife/ pencil holder for your belt ?
  12. Is it possible to glue 2 pieces of 16 oz veg tan together and not sew it ( I don't have a sewing machine ) to make a heavy duty belt for a pair of heavy tool bags .
  13. thank you for everything but my leather comes from Moser Leather out of Ohio and I have been buying his leather since I started 5 years ago , never had a problem. I actually call him and I tell him what I'm looking for and he will pick it out for me and mail it over here, you don't get that kind of service these days and thats why I buy from him ( Jim Moser ) . I never used to do anything to the leather, I would just dye it ( all I use is alcohol based dye from fiebings ) then 3 coats of Resolene, thats it. I read somewhere that people were cleaning the leather before they dyed it . So at first I just used DNA or rubbing alcohol to strip the resolene off if I redyed something, no problem, all was good so I thought I would try it on my 8 oz veg tan leather to see what the difference was. ( it's weird because the first few pieces I cut from this hide were fine ) ( black dress belts ) then after the rubbing alcohol everything turned to shit, I even tried DNA nd acetone just to see what would happen ( same thing ). So I cut a few more and didn't do anything, just dyed it , same thing plus the little specks from the rubbing alcohol. I'm ready to give up on this little business ( this is 1 reason plus I'm tired of trying to convince people that my belts are better than the belts you buy at wal mart ) all people see is price, I have a couple belts to finish ( 1 is a gift for a vietnam vet ) then I think I will call it quits, just tired of dealing with stupid people that don't understand common sense.
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