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  1. Interested in the Barry and both sets of Amy's, if still available. At your convenience, message me the price. Thanks...

    1. IrwingGama


      Sorry for the delayed response. The mallet sold but I still have the Amy Roke pricking irons. 

  2. Bruce, Thank you for your opinion - also much appreciated. Yes, I was actually referring to ownership marks. I was intentionally coy regarding value - most presum or conclude that its monetary, not necessarily so. What about philanthropic value? For example, a simple analogy - what's more valuable: a Leonardo da Vinci painting, a circa-1400 paint brush, or an actual brush that he used to paint Salvator Mundi? It's a trick question. The answer, I believe, is it depends - its just not always about the money...
  3. Thank you for your opinion - it’s very much appreciated. I find myself at a crossroad. I recently committed to learning leather upholstery with an emphasis on European autos. In this pursuit, I’ve managed to acquire, through a private family sale, an extensive toolset of an apparently highly regarded saddle maker from the mid-1900’s with most of his tools (head/round knives, pliers, punches, skivers, stamps, etc.) dating back prior to 1906. One of my dilemmas is whether to: use what I need, collect, display, donate, etc. I’m also researching the gentleman’s trade history and understand that he has saddles in several museums. In this situation I feel strangely, yet emotionally, bound to the craftsman, his past, and the craft. It’s difficult to explain...
  4. Either etched or punched on the metal and/or carved in the wooden handles? If so, is the affect generally relative (negative or positive) depending on the owner's documented history in the trade/industry. Thanks...
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