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  1. AlexOstacchini

    Lots of tooled Belts

    Thanks for the feedback all, i'm glad you like them. There is somewhere between two and three months work in the whole pile, and some are definitely better than others, but as pointed out it's one way to track progress I suppose. As I'm sure anyone here will testify, there is always an element of doubt in your own work and any small mistakes become very glaring as soon as you've made them, so the kind words are nice to read. Quite an insightful post, thanks for the advice. All hand stitched- not sure therapeutic is the right word but thankfully it's mindless enough work that I can watch something at the same time. I imagine stitching is an aspect which often gets overlooked by a layperson so it's nice to share with a community who can understand the hours of tedium involved haha Cheers, Alex
  2. AlexOstacchini

    Lots of tooled Belts

    Hi all, First time poster but have been following for quite a while now. I started leatherworking around 5 years ago and now work mostly as a junior prop maker and armourer in the UK film industry. Had a bit of a lull between jobs so decided to take the first steps in a small personal enterprise, so here is an initial batch of stock pieces. As a general rundown, these are all 38mm/1.5", lined, hand stitched, and allow for interchangeable buckles. Keepers not quite finished yet but haven't been forgotten! There are a few designs going on but most are either oak leaves, Sheridan style floral, or a zoomorphic celtic interlace taken from a 9thc manuscript. Not up to the standards of many of the artists on here, but thought i should say a big general thanks as I have found a huge amount of knowledge and answers to any questions I could think of. There isn't as much of a tradition of leather crafts over here as in the US, particularly when it comes to tooling, so reading through posts has been invaluable. Cheers all!