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  1. I recently bought some red Burro veg-tanned leather. It came with that white wax (sometimes called ghost wax) on it. I know that it will wear off after awhile but how long is that? How much wear before then? Anyway to take the majority of it off before going to sale? Any other hints you want to add would be helpful. Thanks.
  2. I am just starting to use a filetuse and was using it on an already edge painted side. But I had hell of a time getting a strait line with the Creaser. I’m wondering if I should not bevel the corner edges first? That is beveling before the paint. Do you even bevel the corners if you edge paint?
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    Digital Stamps

    I could not figure out what forum topic I should put this in so here goes. Anyone have resources for classic leather stamp designs for drawing online apps such as Procreate, Illustrator, etc.? I would like to create my leather pattern but also work out the tooling beforehand in Procreate before committing to the leather itself. I am fully aware of being able to use any pattern, transfer it to the leather, and use a swivel knife to carve that out. But most of us still use stamps on top of that and this is what I’m looking for. Any my help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I know many people are going to say it “depends” but I am curious about what you do. I have the Turks Head knot down but struggle with finding the right weight of leather lace. I first tried some thin soft deer lace but it kept wanting to scrunch up on itself the more leads that was needed. So then I went with a thick Latigo lace but it just seemed way to bulky. What do you do?
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