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  1. generally yes, chrome. but some manufacturers use combined tanning process : chrome + veg retan (Horween leather)
  2. u asked for post longer than 1/2" - 15mm is longer if serious, why not take the excess off the layer? it will win you couple mm
  3. https://www.buckleguy.com/bg-snap-setter-die-w-screw-fits-s15b51-snaps-requires-hand-tool-post-base-or-bg-hand-press/
  4. you need to point out the thicknesses, type, colors etc. to sell those
  5. nrk


    depends on your plans. many tools, different options and results
  6. looks nice. but need several test runs by different people personally, don't think aluminium will be enough - this tool especially need to have body and weight
  7. https://www.buckleguy.com/k-157-mini-punch-set/ should be fine
  8. can you share any pic samle? the tool and the item
  9. i would go with this https://www.buckleguy.com/search.php?search_query="eyelet"&section=product https://www.buckleguy.com/bg-grommet-setter-die-w-screw-fits-the-3-16-0-grommets-requires-hand-tool-post-base-or-bg-hand-press/ get a handle too (it should fit for all setters)
  10. giardini is the way to go you can try small amount https://www.buckleguy.com/giardini-basic-italian-leather-edge-paint-20-colors-30ml/ or get uniters
  11. nrk

    pathetic. again.

    damm they don't learn from lessons and keep pushing junk to ppl
  12. nrk


    so what did you get? ps. im gonna receive next purchase of tooling 'standard' grade in maybe two weeks. remind me to share
  13. partially that was my point ) true what do you do?
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