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  1. Kinda thought I might end up trying a dye, thanks
  2. My wife's saddle got hit by a sprinkler, left spots. Tried wetting the area and oil, neither worked. Like Resolene wore off in spots. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Can't find an acceptable light tan dye. Fiebing's saddle tan is still too dark. TIA for your suggestions.
  4. Thanks! I ordered some S point needles. And added a little foot pressure.
  5. Should have said, I"m using a #25 needle with #277 thread. Thanks for the help!
  6. Sewing 16 oz (3 layers) strap with a Cobra Class 4, the needle stars squeaking in the leather, then grabs the strap and pulls it up, often missing a stitch. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Thanks everyone for the input. This is what we think of as a cart buckle -
  8. Looking for sources for quality stainless and brass hardware. Weaver doesn't have what I need, nor does Tandy, and I'm not sure about their quality. Seems like most of the time when I order from another supplier I get el cheapo lightweight stuff I can't use. You folks have other quality suppliers? Today I need 3/4" brass cart buckles. Weaver's brass #132 buckles are short and stubby, don't match the stainless in size and don't work well with thicker leather. Thanks.
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