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  1. Can anyone advise where I can get a last jack used for making moccasins? They appear to be different from a regular last stand as the last is mounted in an upright position to aid in sewing. I would appreciate any information on where to get one or plans for making.
  2. Thank you all for your responses. I ordered needles today from Bob at Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines. I appreciate the help.
  3. Hello, I just picked up an Artisan Toro 3000 machine and I am looking for a source where I can purchase 794 D needles by the pack and not full boxes. In particular, I am looking fir 784 D, NM: 160 Size 23 needles. Thanks for any help. Dave
  4. Tom G, I would appreciate any info you may have. Dave Carverdw
  5. Dollywood theme park is in need of a leather craft apprentice to work with their team to create leather belts, knife sheaths, and other products for guests to the park. If interested, please go to the Dollywood website to apply. This is a full-time seasonal position.
  6. Hello. I make cowboy style hats. These hats have a wire sewn into the folded edge of the brim. I currently manually fold the brim with my fingers as I sew on my machine. Is there an attachment that I can install on my machine to automatically fold the leather around the wire as I sew? I am using 3.5 - 5 oz. leather. Thanks.
  7. Attached are the style of numbers I am naming as standard. I am looking for a full set that are 1 inch. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hi, can anyone advise where I could get a set of one inch number stamps to match the one inch standard alphabet set? I believe Craftool used to make a set, but I can’t find any after searching many resources. Thanks.
  9. In a recent online search, I recently saw a leather strap cutter that can use a verity if blades including craft knife blades, and box cutter blades. The handle on the cutter was beige or tan and shaped like an old style gun. When I went back online to order one, I could not find it again. Does anyone know the source of this cutter that takes a number of blades? Thanks.
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