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  1. Agreed on great sheath and knife
  2. plinkercases

    Rifle sling with scrollwork

    Look great well done
  3. plinkercases

    Linothorax Ancient Greek Armor

    Stunning thanks for sharing. Do you have someone making the repro weapons as well?
  4. plinkercases

    Walther PPS M2 Pancake Holster

    Great first go at it. For my outside stich lines I don't set them unitl Ive sanded and done a first burnish on the edges.. same with any creasing/beading which I then set to match the stich line distance from edge.
  5. plinkercases

    Busted saddle bag seam

    Murphy's oil soap soak
  6. plinkercases

    357 snubby

    Sharp looking work. Where's the snubby?
  7. With the deep colds this winter the area i kept my Neats foot got to fridge temp. Not frozen but... it is cloudy/congealed... will bringing it to room temp fix or is the oil "off" now?
  8. plinkercases

    measure tapes leathered

    Paloma these look super.
  9. plinkercases

    Harley Davidson Trunk Bag

    Very nice.
  10. plinkercases

    Bond Arms Driving Holster

    Lovely work Rohn as always thanks for the pics.
  11. Where are you located? I have a vintage swivel patrolman's holster in my box of oldies and it may actually be basket weave ( may not be the model or maker you are after though) I can check on the weekend
  12. plinkercases

    My first leather project

    Inspiring thanks.
  13. plinkercases

    Cavalary Saddle

    Wow I am glad this thread came back to life. OP made a great looking saddle and I also love seeing old photos of leather workers doing thing deal.
  14. plinkercases

    phone case

    I have always had a plan in my head for a paddle version of a cell case. Good work on this execution. Easy on and off yet secure.
  15. plinkercases

    (Boot/saddle maker) passed away and left antiques

    Thanks Northmount and good luck Mandajane... there are some treasures there for sure.