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  1. plinkercases

    1st (wallet) and 2nd (holster) projects.

    Leder those are excellent works. Cant wait to see when you are practiced! Wow...
  2. plinkercases

    Easy Fit Saddle seat leather style

    Thanks so much. I will let you know if I replace in kind or figure out something with the seat leather.... and wreck the whole deal real good!
  3. I am restoring a saddle where the seat leather does NOT come all the way forward past the forks to cover the front of the bars, the drop down in a curve from the cantle to the inside of the forks and there is a small front "corner" jockey for lack of a better term which returns back under this drop in the seat leather and the skirts are pocketed over the bar ends. I have only found pictures of few saddles like this and they all seem to be made but Easy Fit. Is this just their style, little trade mark, or is it to save leather costs and ease construction time? In Stolman's volume 1 on the page introducing fenders there is a sketch like it on the top right as he talks about in the earl y 1800's etc... is it just an older approach that they are still using? and would the rear jockey ever have come all the way to the front under the seat leather? I am not planning to replace the seat leather so I seems to be stuck following the same pattern, not that it looks horrible, but sure doesn't seem to be the norm... Its built on a Ralide 1500 tree not that it matters to this question I suspect. Just curious about this approach and why or why not one would use it. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  4. plinkercases

    Weekender Bag

    Very classy to see more of it!
  5. plinkercases

    Show your Shop

    Scale.them.down first
  6. plinkercases

    New Old Pearson!!!

    Absolutely and my friend is am ex naval mech and used to tearing things down and putting ALL the parts back where they belong. I think between the two of us and a camera we stand a chance.
  7. plinkercases

    New Old Pearson!!!

    Stumbled onto a woman selling her husbands cobbler shop equipment in Hudson Bay Sask... and stumbled onto her daughters construction and shipping company... the coincidences led to this old beauty being crated shipped and now in my shed awaiting a good clean... and it is complete head with wax box and accessory box on the back side... 2 shuttles 4 bobbins loads if original needles... and complete stand... AND bobbin winder!!!!!... serial number puts it circa 1915 and agency marking on the wheel indicates made for Canadian Market. Gentlemen actually waxed all the time and the entire machine and winder is waxed... so not rusted! I have a good friend with a vapour blasting set up for engines... total degrease/grime and zero dimensional change... so that is where this baby is headed... complete tear down and clean... someday... for now safe and secure.
  8. plinkercases

    Pancake buck110 sheath

    It will last him for ever and looks great.
  9. plinkercases

    Western Computer Bag

    Very cool.
  10. plinkercases

    D & D Dice Cups

    Supper work. Love to see the bottom and how the stitching works out.
  11. plinkercases

    Finally done! Carved dog collar

    Very nice. Lets see lulu modeling it!
  12. plinkercases

    Quick cell case

    Thanks... i think its time to invest in some quality basket weave stamps...
  13. plinkercases

    Quick cell case

    To get the phone out I cut down the sides at the top. I have the same phone amd works fine but yes definitely a design consideration. As for belt attachment he asked for the basic slots in the back panel but if formed the channel with a loop stick so it is easier to feed the belt through.
  14. plinkercases

    Quick cell case

    Had a few hours for once so i made this quick cell case for an kind old timer who eats breakfast at the same place i do on weekends and his old cloth one has lots it purpose. Nothing fancy bit will keep his phone safe and oh the belt!
  15. plinkercases

    Is this a Saddle tree or "mold"

    Only other picture I can get is the other side so... no more help there. Curious what this may be worth.......