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  1. Springs to open are a help to me and the less stuff sticking out to catch the thread loops the better. Nothing more frustrating then getting in t a good rhythm and snagging a wheel or clamp or bolt head or.... Here is mine, the base sites under my thighs when in a stool near the bench or the "tab" slip into a slot in a chair I modified if I want to sit in it for back relief OR the base can be clamped to the bench or work table - jaws swivel on base. spring opener with ratchet strap tensioner. ratchet it down at the lowest it can go and even that catches occasionally and I still mean to put a flap over it some day. Made from oak flooring boards in a rush as a prototype and never felt the need to do another.
  2. Well done. There are book binder videos on how to come around corners if you search around.
  3. Welcome from Campbellford ON! Nice to meet someone who can "make parts"!
  4. folks I have a line on this saddle. It's complete for riding though no scabbard or bags etc. Minor stitching repair needed. One stirrup leather needs reshaping. Owner who learned to ride on it in the 60's says the leather is in excellent condition. I would be looking to restore it as far as I am possible and ride it eventually. What the value of this be? Thanks in advance.
  5. Brilliant! how big is he? and can you share the pattern?
  6. Very Sharp. He will look like a Texas Ranger now.
  7. Very cool. when I retire I am getting a 3D printer!!!
  8. These Tough 1 buckles don't look plated to me but worth a call to the vendor... hard to tell and no real description. http://www.jtidist.com/stable-supplies/hardware/stirrup-leather-buckles/tough-1-reg-quick-change-buckles-57970.html The peg and pin version are a real mystery and just took 45 minutes of my internet life poking around.... maybe check with a harness maker rather than saddler?
  9. Thanks all and yes it was one piece fender and stirrup leather. At any rate they took it somewhere else so I am not sure what has happened to it. But now I know for next time. Thanks all and stay safe.
  10. folks, I have a customer with a torn fender leg.... She is in training and needs to back in the saddle quickly and cost effectively so I an contemplating as an emergency fix to glue new skirting leather front and back of the tear (make a sandwich) and stitch vertically only on the front and back edges. ..skive the splice of the riders leg side around the edges to help prevent too much rubbing perhaps..... Thought's from the pro's?
  11. Welcome Andrew from another Ontarararian... Welcome and have fun with it all.
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