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  1. Hey sorry about the delay , I thought I checked the notification button for reply’s ? A big thank you for the manual printing it with that gold dust HP Printer ink LOL as I type , looks like I can glean the info I’m looking for from it but I’ll take any pointers still . stu
  2. Hi I need help on how to adjust the stitches per inch from 8 to 6 , need a picture with an Arrow in it pointing to the specific bolt/nut and what CW or CCW will do , tks stu
  3. Just joining the Champion Awl and Hook sewing machine club . I pick up the old girl tomorrow in Ontario Canada . Can’t wait to show it some love . I’m also an amateur machinists so making parts is in my realm of expertise.It looks like a small group , hears to another 100 yrs for these beauties.
  4. Nubie To leather but have been to the Pigeon poop tannery In Fez Morocco oooh the smell is unforgettable lol. , experience machinist /mechanical background . just purchased a Champion small opening harness leather Awl&Hook sewing machine . I plan to refurbish it , I can make the parts I might need ; pick it up this weekend . It was in service 5-10 yrs ago and is in working condition. Retired so keeps me busy in the winter months . Looking for the operators/parts manual ?? Will look around the website to see if there is already answers here . Can’t wait , machine tools are my passion . Stu
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