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  1. Have you checked if your leathers edge is straight, before measuring against it?
  2. You should have started with this picture... really excellent work.
  3. looks good... but wouldn't the battery pull up the chuck making it difficult to remove from the holster?
  4. These are before and after pics of using cmc as burnishing agent. Still need work on sanding and leveling, but am satisfied with the results.
  5. Love the magnet at the sides of the saddle..
  6. Still have the problem in my end of the planet... hope this would be fixed the soonest.
  7. I have read somewhere that by submerging a veg tan leather on hot/warm water and then letting it dry, would make the leather harden. Would that hardened leather be good as a stropping leather?
  8. Liner on the wallet looks awesome, as well as the stitches. Was the size of the wallet intentional? the bill does not seem to go all the way in. @RockyAussie what are "keeper"? Kirby
  9. I've always thought of doing this... do you have any problems with regards to the thickness of the blade?
  10. Here, where I live, its more known as Tylose or CMC. Just like you, this is more locally available than Tokonole or fiebings. I haven't used it yet, but at less than half a dollar for a small 50g bag, its a no brainer for me. I'll post results once I use it.
  11. CMC is Carboxymethyl Cellulose otherwise known as Tylose. It is used in cake baking, particularly to harden sugar paste for decorative flowers. Not really sure it is the same as gum tragacanth. Read that it is a cheaper substitute to tokonole. I bought 50 gm of Tylose powder for around half a dollar from where I'm from.
  12. Just recently learned that some use a diluted mixture of CMC with water instead of Gum or Tokonole as burnishing agent. For those that use this, how do you store the extra solution? how long would it last? what water:CMC ratio do you use? Kirby
  13. Is this just two pieces of leather stuck/sewn together? How does one get the cover to be stiff like a book?
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