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  1. I do have it on the tool belt, but not for a construction job. I have a new house and am constantyl doing stuff around the house. I got tired of being up a ladder - Asking my daughter to help me - "hold my drill and pass it up to me" - Turn around for the drill and my daughter would be drilling holes in the dirt over the other side of the garden - Haha. Im sure some people on here can relate =)
  2. Thank you all for the good feedback. Im always looking for different things to make. Im usually doing knife sheaths, each knife i have has about 4 sheaths now - haha. Thanks again =)
  3. If i was to make it again i would put the belt loop at more of an angle so the battery was more upright. I thinik it would hang a bit better
  4. Hi all. Needed a new Drill holster. Got a "Tough Built" for the Drill/impact driver and was going to get another for the other tool. Decided to make my own. Thanks =)
  5. Thanks for the info. To be honest, i dont know what i want to get glossy. I just want to, because, why not? Its not something i have done. So i wan to make something and get it glossy because i just like making stuff and why not? Thanks again for the info, ill definitely look into that =) You polish leather using thesame basic prinaples as polishing steal or acrylic im guessing? Thanks again =)
  6. Thanks for the info. Ill give the Waproo ago, just googles it and seems easy enough to get hold of. Thanks again =)
  7. Thanks for the reply. I just want a way to do it myself - Its less about the end product and more about the making it if you know what i mean. i dont have a reason that i need a gloss finish. I just want to be able to do it. Thanks again =)
  8. Hi all. Was just uploading a few pictures to my own site and thought id stick them on here to. there all a little older and all made for myself, so not all 100%. the end of one of the staps isnt even burnished or died after cutting to length =) haha. Thank you =)
  9. Hi all. I feel the urge to finnish something with a high gloss finnish. How does one go about this? I mainly use veg tan. I have tried a couple of gloss finnishes but nothing really looks that Glossy. I dont know why but i just feel the urge to try get something looking as glossy as possible. I have seen the odd thing around that does look like what i want, but its just stuff in photos etc.
  10. Aaaah i was just thinking about that very thing. I was assuming that was the case. Thanks again for the info
  11. Thanks for all the reply's =) Just did a quick test with mixing 50/50 with alcohol, seems to make the colour a lot better - a lot less Red. It seems like the oil dyes maybe better to use.
  12. Hi all =) So far i have tried Russet, Tan, Light, medium and dark Brown and they all look the same colour - a Red-Brown colour. Slightly different shades and densities but all a very similer colour. The only colour that was different was Chocolate. Could it be the colour of the leather thats giving everything a red colour or Some how the way im applying it? Its a nice colour but everything i have is the same-ish colour Im looking for a Brown without the Red but just cant get it. I want a brown similer to this: Any suggestions? Thank you =)
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