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  1. Thanks for reading Ah yes a noggin is the short timbers in between the long pieces hope that makes sense. The sill plates sit on a bed of mortar with a damp proof membrane before the first sill plate which was fastened in place with galvanised metal straps. Gravity and a few tons of timber takes care of the rest. Now the building and decking is finished I have started making the work benches for the inside this is my woodworking bench obviously the first one made. 2019-12-31_08-01-48 by my0771, on Flickr I moved all of my junk over just before Christmas and I am still sorting it out. 2020-01-13_09-06-18 by my0771, on Flickr My plan is to have it all sorted by Christmas although I may have said that last year so I am not going to say which Christmas.
  2. It has been sometime since I updated this thread I have been busy making cases but have also been building the deck that connects my work shop to my house. 2019-09-22_06-47-11 by my0771, on Flickr Lots of framing before adding the deck. 2019-10-25_10-43-46 by my0771, on Flickr The electrics are now finished. 2019-08-08_08-00-19 by my0771, on Flickr I am now a year into this project and hope to find time to finish the inside soon so I can start using it.
  3. I have made some progress with the electrics and one of the smaller workbenches. This is the consumer panel which I first fitted to the left of this position and finally decided to put it between the trunking and the front wall. I will move the wiring when we are ready to make the connections. You can also see the metal backing boxes have been fitted to the trunking and the wires have been cut to size. 2019-05-22_07-09-03 by my0771, on Flickr The first of the work benches to be made is the base for the MFT (multi function table) the top is supported on a grid of plywood called a torsion box it will have a base fitted which will be glued and screwed in place. The top will be have blocks screwed in place to allow it to be lifted when things fall through the holes. It is also made from MDF which is not hard wearing so will be easily changed. This will form the main part of my woodworking section that is why it is the first to be made I will need it to make the others. 2019-05-25_06-39-34 by my0771, on Flickr This is the inside of the torsion box one of the struts is a little wonky I had not realised that my saw was set to 3 degrees another little error. Once the base is in place this will be very strong. 2019-05-26_11-04-17 by my0771, on Flickr
  4. Polished pebble was the choice from the 17 Dulux grey paint shades I only painted the top half in the new colour. 2019-05-16_08-30-21 by my0771, on Flickr The painting is now finished and I have allowed it a few days to dry fully. The next step is to fit the wiring into the trunking which I did yesterday there are two circuits for the sockets the original plan was to have 16 sockets however I ended up with 17 sockets in the box so 17 it is. 2019-05-22_06-52-40 by my0771, on Flickr I left long tails on the wires my next step is to cut the wires and fit the backing boxes I plan to do as much of the preparation as possible so the electrician can check everything over and make the final connection.
  5. I took a week off to catch up on some leather work my experiment with the budget spray gun was not successful unfortunately so I reverted to a good old fashioned roller. 2019-05-13_06-17-35 by my0771, on Flickr I used up my stock of old paint well everything except the pink tin I thought it was a step too far first up was blue followed by white with a hint of black finally some magnolia again with a hint of black to make a stone colour. This is the colour in the picture pretty much what I wanted. My next step is to buy some paint in the exact colour
  6. I decided to go with a simple solution for a door handle shaping the door edge trim to allow a finger hold I also fitted the door bolts to the left hand door. 2019-05-01_06-42-23 by my0771, on Flickr I have emptied the workshop ready for painting 2019-05-01_06-42-41 by my0771, on Flickr although my trial of spray painting has not been successful so I will be going back to a roller. 2019-05-01_06-42-58 by my0771, on Flickr The blue is not a final colour it was the tin in the paint cupboard with the most paint in it.
  7. You are correct no handle or locks as yet. I don't like any handles I have seen and was considering a leather strap to pull the doors open. Although it is possible to open the doors by using the centre spar I have considered shaping the spar to make a hand hold. As for locks I want two mortice locks with the same key as the hinge pins are exposed I will be fitting hinge bolts to prevent the doors being lifted off if the hinge pins are removed. My neighbours all have fancy security lights we have three springer spaniels who alert us to any movement in our garden day or night
  8. The outside of my new workshop is now finished and I can start the inside. 2019-04-29_04-24-06 by my0771, on Flickr
  9. I have not achieved much today it has been very hot today and I was still tired from yesterday the edge trims hide all of the structure of the roof and make it look tidy I hope. 2019-04-21_07-10-49 by my0771, on Flickr I need to make some form of vent behind the front and rear edge panels as this is where the air flow through the roof comes from there will be a mesh to stop bees wasps and other flying creatures nesting in my roof. Side trims are less complicated I hope.
  10. Don't worry my wife has a list but there will be a lot of leatherwork 70% of the work space is for leatherwork. I made some good progress yesterday getting the outer roof covering on. 2019-04-20_06-39-12 by my0771, on Flickr This rubber covering is made in one piece to the required size and once in place it is a good idea to allow it to settle in place. 2019-04-20_06-38-30 by my0771, on Flickr The rubber cover is now glued to the timber structure. 2019-04-20_06-36-43 by my0771, on Flickr The next task is to glue the rubber under the edge and fit the edging strips. But the roof and building is now watertight
  11. Progress is quite slow at the moment but I am getting there. I wanted as much as possible to be made by myself I made the trunking for the electrics and have now cut holes for the back boxes with a router and template. Workshops need shelves and I decided to go with French cleats I have cut a sheet of plywood into strips with a 45 degree cut on one edge with the angle facing the wall forming half a "V" shape the matching mitre fits inside and is attached to the shelf. These are incredibly strong and when multiple strips are on the wall you have multiple options for moving things around. 2019-04-17_07-45-16 by my0771, on Flickr I now have the rubber membrane for the roof but I need temperatures above 4 degrees for at least 48 hours so I think Saturday looks good for fitting that.
  12. Not much progress to report at this time I have made and fitted the trunking I wanted to use wood rather than plastic. I have also made a template for my router to follow. 2019-04-13_06-59-44 by my0771, on Flickr I have also fitted the trim around the window and have added a little caulk to fill the small gap. 2019-04-15_02-21-08 by my0771, on Flickr All of the current preparation is for painting the inside.
  13. I decided to take last week off from the workshop build project. There are some warmer nights approaching and the outer rubber covering cannot be exposed to temperatures below 4 degrees until it has fully dried. So it is time to get the outer OSB3 in place There were only two full sheets which is just as well as they are extremely heavy 2019-04-09_06-17-40 by my0771, on Flickr=https://flic.kr/p/2fpdcdf][/url]2019-04-09_06-17-40 by my0771, on Flickr 2019-04-09_06-17-58 by my0771, on Flickr I started with the two full boards at the back but pulled one to the front today to stagger the joints.
  14. Do you remember when we were talking about snow. After a few days of rain we woke to this. 2019-04-03_07-29-58 by my0771, on Flickr Fortunately the rain returned and it has all gone now.
  15. More progress from the last few days. 2019-03-27_09-39-41 by my0771, on Flickr Window wall complete actually at this point all walls except the front were clad. 2019-03-28_07-11-00 by my0771, on Flickr The front was a little more of a challenge having the sides and the top as well as the doors. 2019-03-28_07-11-00 by my0771, on Flickr 2019-03-28_06-04-10 by my0771, on Flickr Almost there this was where the timber finished fortunately I had ordered more. 2019-03-30_11-34-48 by my0771, on Flickr Complete I am really pleased with the result not perfect but good enough.
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