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    Hunting, Shooting, metal detecting and learning about leatherworking. My wife and I breed and raise Tennessee Walking Horses and Austrialian Shepherd Dogs.

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  1. I have had the same great service from Ryan. I would highly recommend his products and the support he provides after the sale!
  2. Ky PI, . . . whereabouts in Eastern Ky are you???

    I regularly stop in with the family around Olive Hill and Morehead.

    My paternal family hometown is Salyersville, . . . course being a Salyer at birth, . . . ain't no wonder.

    May God bless,


  3. Dwight, My sister's dish washer went out this summer and she asked me to haul her old one off after getting the new one installed. I loaded it up and got to thinking...... it has a built in heater, fan and racks........... How could this be modified for our use? Could even cut a couple of holes for a vent and heat lamp if necessary....... I didn't haul it to the landfill but it is instead sitting outside my workshop........ How would this work?
  4. Beautiful straps Chief!!!! I'm going to try my hand at straps by building one for my brother. Do you come to any of the Bluegrass Festivals here in Kentucky? I live in eastern Kentucky and we have a couple here close ........Poppy Mountain near Morehead and Rudy Fest at Grayson. Once again.......Great Work!!!!
  5. Gosh, I'm glad I didn't read this thread before I bought my Boss cause I probably would still be hand stitching. I lucked into an old cast iron model and promptly called Tippmann and sent it in for a "spruce up". I can't remember what they charged but I thought it was verrrry reasonable. Got it back and had a few minor problems until a respected friend (Thanks Dwight) gave me some pointers. It sews great now! I love it but I am not a production shop and most of you folks probably sew more in a day than I do in a month. If I had the money and the volume of work to justify a powered machine I would get one but my Boss is just perfect for me right now! ...........And I was impressed with Ben at Tippmann.
  6. Dwight, Great explaination of preparation and use of the neatsfoot oil/beeswax. I'm goin to try that method myself!
  7. Dwight, I just sent you an email......I'm interested too! Thanks! Bill
  8. I contacted them on Facebook Friday morning and he told me his site having technical difficulties and gave me his e-mail address. I placed my 1st ever order with him on Friday night, got a confirmation email and an email saying my order was shipped on Saturday. I received my order today (Monday). I am totally impressed with the Bluegun Stores customer service!!!!!
  9. I like your site. I'm looking for a masonic lodge steel stamp. Let me know if you run across one. Bill
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new here but have been lurking and learning for a while. My daughter has started school to be a hairstylist and asked me to make her a "holster" to carry her scissors, comb, brush, razor, etc in. She said the ones that the school sells are vinyl and very cheaply made and since I was now trying to learn to be a leathersmith...................!!! Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has made these before or maybe has a pattern or maybe would just share their thoughts. Keep in mind that I'm a beginner! She will be keeping 3 pairs of scissors, small electric razor (like used to trim mustache) a couple of combs and a brush. I was also hoping to carve a UK emblem on it somewhere. Thanks in advance! BTW, I am very impressed by how helpful and friendly everyone is. This forum is really great! Bill
  11. I'm pretty much a novice and have only been a lurker on this site but I feel that I need to tell about my recent experience with Springfield Leather. I have been reading on this site and learning, practicing with scraps given to me by a local saddlemaker and small lots that I have bought but I finally decided to place a fairly large order of leather and new tools to replace my older ones. I had 3 lists of items that I wanted to order........one from Springfield, one from Tandy and one from Weaver. I called Springfield first and the customer service rep that I talked with was so nice and so helpful that I ended up placing the entire order from them. She spent a long time educating me one several items and was not really trying to sell to me as much as she was trying to help me. I ordered 3 separate hides and I am very pleased with all of them! All were very clean and firm and I'm judging that they were all 95%+ usable. I have seen many hides at my friend the saddlemaker's shop and these were better than I'm used to seeing at his place. I guess the bottom line is Springfield Leather has gained a loyal customer as long as their products and customer service remains as good as they have shown me! BTW, Thanks to everyone for so helpful to new guys on this forum........like me!!!!
  12. I really like this holster but I would really like to find the swivel hardware for another project that I'm interested in. Does anyone know where it could be purchased?
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