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  1. I found this one years ago and I still use it. Definitely homemade, dated 1923
  2. The new Osborne push beveler may be fine, but I cant find a picture of the profile. Another tool maker is selling them for 55 dollars plus 10 dollar shipping. I had two #3 single edge creasers. So I figured WTH give it a go.
  3. Thank you Sir. I used files on mine. I use mine on borders everything else done with beveler and maul.
  4. Yes Chuck I think your are going to get some push back on it. Chris
  5. Meanwhile back at the Show Off section........LOL.............I rarely buy from tandy. the occasional clutch liner now and again. I feel they are geared more to people coming into the craft. I also believe tandy is losing traction in the market place. We lost the Fort Wayne store last year. Which only leaves one store in Indiana. I buy most of my leather needs from Landwerlin's in Indianapolis. They are a forth generation shop catering to shoe cobblers and leather craftsmen. I can buy a better hide from them then the gravel dragged hides tandy is selling at a higher cost. So until they change their attitude about the needs and costs for people like me, I can not change my attitude about them.
  6. I made this Push Beveler out of a C.S. Osborne #3 single edge creaser. Didn't turn out to bad.
  7. My acronym might be dated here but, if caught with the concoction just tell them. People with a higher pay grade have put you in charge of the NBC program and that your developing a new agent. that ought to work.
  8. Not even a little batch in your foot locker?
  9. I really don't the difference between the two. I know neatlac is amber and clearlac is clear they are both lacquer base. maybe JLS will chime in.
  10. I think Pan handle is the only one who carries CLear-Laq now. Yes here is a link https://panhandleleather.com/product/lci-clear-lac-qt/
  11. Clear-Lac. I read somewhere years ago that you can make up a Black dye concoction called black vinegaroon. Made of white vinegar and cut nails
  12. Hi Tim, All you work looks well executed to me. One question I have is the knife sheath. I am not a sheath guy so I ask the question out not knowing. I see you have form the leather with retention for the blade. will the leather hold it retention after the knife is pulled and put back in a couple hundred times?
  13. I have one that is 1" across and 3/4" tall. I am thinking about making it smaller as well. not so intrusive. I have had fold ask not to put a maker stamp on too. I am fine with that as well. I will point out when I am looking at holsters at gun shows, I do find myself looking for the makers make. 1) to see if the maker is keep up his or her standards and 2) to see if they are local.
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