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  1. I do not have one, but searching for "midas 8262 armadillo" returns this one: 2D - 3D 1" Discontinued Midas Leather Stamp, Armadillo, 8262 | eBay
  2. Sorry @Frodo I just saw your post. I have had only one fail and it was my fault. I left a bit of the tape exposed and it pulled out after a while. I wrestled some replacement tape in there and it has held firmly since. That said, I do like your method of sewing across the slot and will try that the next wallet I build. Not sure how it'll work with Tyvek, though. Aubrey
  3. This the same technique is used by Aaron Heiser at Maker's Leather Supply. He has several videos on how to do this but he uses Tyvek. It works very well for me in my wallet builds. MLS Roper wallet build Aubrey
  4. It's funny how things happen...You post this great piece, then I stumble across this video.
  5. Just my opinion, but I would bevel the three places I have marked with red lines in this picture. They are inside corners of the optical illusion and would be behind the longer line next to them. I would not bevel those longer lines because they are outside corners. I'm thinking this is what Chuck123wapati said, too. As it is, it looks great. I can see the illusion without too much effort. Aubrey
  6. My Google-fu is working pretty good today. It is indeed an oval eyelet setter. I couldn't find the setter, but see here, page 45, for the eyelet. This PDF, page 2, shows some uses for their eyelets, including the oval one on the purse.
  7. Thanks for the compliment! Thanks! Yes, they were very tedious. Especially the last one with so many letters. I gave them out today and they really liked them. They mentioned some orders for more may be forthcoming.
  8. Here are some bracelets I finished today. The first three are prototypes and thus become my wife's. The others are for the person that cuts my hair and her co-workers. They have an aluminum bar in them to hold the "cuff" shape. The bottom five names are carved and beveled. -Aubrey
  9. Thanks Pastor Bob! Started with stitching books, like "The Art of Hand Sewing Leather" by Al Stohlman, and refined with Nigel Armitage's (Armitage Leather) videos. I saw them linked on the forum somewhere. Aubrey
  10. Good evening all! I was perusing this thread and was inspired! I downloaded the few patterns available here, then bought a couple more from JLS's "cutesy" store. I bought his Smith & Wesson M&P shield 9,40 pattern, hoping it would fit my S&W Sigma 40. Sadly, it did not, but with a bit of elbow grease and some wet molding, I got it to fit my Walther CCP instead. The sad part is I used chrome tanned leather and have today learned on another thread that chrome tanned leather is a no-no for holsters. So I'm re-creating it with a veg tan piece I have. I have attached a picture of my "prototype" holster for your input/comments. I used some of Tandy's Black Cherry Volcano Sides for the leather. This is the very first holster I have made. JLS's pattern and instructions are very easy to follow. I have been reading many of the posts here and have learned many things. I'm glad to have found this forum where everyone is so willing to share knowledge with those less experienced. Aubrey
  11. The Leathercraft Library site was absorbed into Tandy's new site a bit ago, so here is an updated link if any are interested: Leathercraft Library — Tandy Leather, Inc. The site has pretty much all of what was on Leathercraft Library; PDF's, videos, etc. and it appears it's still free.
  12. Retswerb - Yes, I cut tabs of the same material as the handles for the inside for reinforcement. I started to go with the smaller capped rivets to mount the handles, but then decided on the press rivets instead. No chance of them coming off. Chuck123wapati - Thanks! Link for the template and the instructions.
  13. I just finished this tool bag using Maker's Leather Supply's Dopp kit template and modifying it slightly to add handles on the sides. I think it turned out pretty good. The layout could also work as a purse.
  14. Good afternoon Mag246, If this lot is still available, I'm interested in it. I'm a beginning leatherworker and the boost to inventory would be great! Thanks
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