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  1. In my opinion you definitely need a separate cutting, tooling and dying areas if you can have the room! Where are you in Okla. I’m in the panhandle of Tx. About 30 miles from Okla.
  2. Rhale

    Buck stitch chisels

    The pictured stitching chisels above are for sewing not buck stitching! Makers Leather Supply are sold out of the large size for 5/32”! There are both straight and angled buck stitching chisels, the straight is what I call the old style and what I am looking for! Thanks
  3. Rhale

    Buck stitch chisels

    The distance between the points doesn’t matter much I would prefer 5/32” or 3/16” ! Thanks The utube you spoke of is Makers Leather and they are out of stock! Thanks
  4. Does anyone know where I can purchase 5/32” flat, straight buck stitching chisels in 6 to 8 prongs! All I can find in 3 prong! Thanks
  5. I have a set, not for sale, I found on eBay about 6 months ago! Keep an eye out for them their unless someone sees your post and has a set for sale! Good luck!
  6. More carve-rites, some seem better than others, ne I received said made in India, can’t you get them made in the US?
  7. YinTex , what swivels are you selling? And prices please! Thanks
  8. Hey YenTx are you wanting to sell the Robert Beard swivel knife? Thanks
  9. Chuck Smith swivel knives are great! I have 2 of them 2 1/2” length I use a 3/8” barrel with 1/4” straight blade. Barry King knives are good and about half the price of the Smith’s. You might consider it, a.lot of people use them and no more than you use it it seems to be. A good option!
  10. I use 207 or 277 thread on my Cowboy 3200 works great!
  11. Rhale

    TandyPro Tools

    Tandy has also started selling SOME Barry King tools!
  12. When you are sick of sewing by hand and can afford the machine you need!
  13. It’s to bad a lot of states and politicians are trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights! Remember that as you vote!
  14. I’ve done one pair and sewed by hand to just the top! It’s a little tricky but can be done.
  15. Black is the worst color for bleeding and rub off, it’s so bad I don’t use it anymore! I know of no way to totally eliminate it! Good Luck!
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