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  1. Rhale

    Hair on clutch purse.

    Wow, an intern that will be proud of that for many years to come!
  2. Rhale

    Uh.. can we talk about the elephant in the room?@!

    Beautiful, and with two of the toughest hides in existence in my opinion
  3. Rhale

    Uh.. can we talk about the elephant in the room?@!

    Great looking holster! The elephant hide will outlast the gun, toughest hide I know of other than maybe shark.
  4. Rhale

    Need sewing machine

    I own a3200 cowboy which I really like, it will sew up to 5/8” thick, mine is set up to sew down to about 6 oz. but it could be set up to sew a little thinner from what I understand. Contact Toledo sewing or solar leather both are on thin forum. I have bought from both they are good people.
  5. Rhale

    Need sewing machine

    In your profile you said you wanted to learn making holsters for revolvers and knife sheaths, why not get a machine heavy enough to do those also? I would recommend a cobra, cowboy or techsew they are all basically the same machines.
  6. Rhale

    Cobra Class 3 Sewing Machine

    There are several good utube videos for cowboy 3200 tension setting it is basically the same machine.
  7. Rhale

    Hi from Sun City Az

    Welcome aboard! I was in the same spot a few years ago, was out of it for a long time before returning, I think I enjoy it more now then before. It seems to come back with some patience and practice then some more practice. Enjoy
  8. Rhale

    F.O.Baird book's info. please

    I would be interested in the books but not sure what they are worth. What would you take for the pair? Where are you in Okla. I am about 40 miles from the western Okla state line. Thanks Rodney
  9. Rhale

    PONY snap setter: Dies and Anvils?

    The Barry king snap sitters are wonderful, struggled with all brands of snaps prior, the king setter cured 95% of the problems and they are very reasonable about $30 each. Hope this helps
  10. Rhale

    Swivel knife

    Mine looks just like that except it is chrome, I have since found 3 leather stamps stamped with just JONES,
  11. I would like to purchase some edge rub concentrate if it is still available. Thanks Rodney 

  12. Rhale

    Singer 111w155

  13. Rhale

    Singer 111w155

    Singer 111w155 for sale—new servo, commercial table, double thread stand. Works great, no problems. Sorry I can’t send pictures, don’t know how. Pick up only 80 miles ne of Amarillo, Texas. Come sew on it, it will sew about 3/8” leather. $600 Thanks
  14. Rhale

    Like New Cobra 4 with feet, guide, table etc.

    Where are you located?
  15. Rhale

    Baseball glove lace in bulk

    Tandy has a roll of what appears to me would work, look under lace, I have a roll that I have had for awhile but don’t remember the price. Hope this helps