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  1. Duane Watts makes a nice one! I think there’s a utube video one it!
  2. USPS is so inefficient it’s pathetic, how did the unions get into the government run postal service? Makes no sense to me and we, the taxpayers ,have to keep bailing them out! Of course the government is terribly inefficient the throw the union into the mix you’re going to have an inefficient, overpaid group of people!
  3. Barry King makes several sizes of them, I use size 35 the most, and would suggest 3, 5, and 7 hole!
  4. Had someone ask about doing leatherwork and woodworking in the same room, I advised against it! To much sawdust to get into dye, finishes, etc, not to mention where are it gets in your sewing machines, splinters, etc. What’s your opinion?
  5. How much money I was going to have invested in tools, machines and inventory! Lol
  6. Martins mix works fantastic! It does need to be shook good before using! Quick slick works well also along with Ron’s edge treatment! I don’t use chrome tan much so I’m not sure how well any of these work on that!
  7. Rhale

    Wichita Falls leather show

    Wichita Falls is the 1st weekend in Oct. As far as I know the Waco show is in August! Aaron at Makers Leather could probably answer more questions if needed!
  8. Rhale

    Wichita Falls leather show

    As far as I know it will take place in Oct. there is also one in Waco, Tx in Aug. I think!
  9. I’ve only used one years ago and didn’t use a whole lot then but I remember that stropping seemed to help quite a bit!
  10. Full size 1911 is a bit bulky for IWB carry for me but to each his own!
  11. In my opinion you definitely need a separate cutting, tooling and dying areas if you can have the room! Where are you in Okla. I’m in the panhandle of Tx. About 30 miles from Okla.
  12. Rhale

    Buck stitch chisels

    The pictured stitching chisels above are for sewing not buck stitching! Makers Leather Supply are sold out of the large size for 5/32”! There are both straight and angled buck stitching chisels, the straight is what I call the old style and what I am looking for! Thanks
  13. Rhale

    Buck stitch chisels

    The distance between the points doesn’t matter much I would prefer 5/32” or 3/16” ! Thanks The utube you spoke of is Makers Leather and they are out of stock! Thanks
  14. Does anyone know where I can purchase 5/32” flat, straight buck stitching chisels in 6 to 8 prongs! All I can find in 3 prong! Thanks
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