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  1. Rhale

    My new strops.... One might be an original idea?

    I like the pipe idea! Who made the knife?
  2. Rhale

    So you wanna learn tooling....

    If I was out of line I apologize! I just get a little upset when people start knocking other people’s work or efforts. Some of us just appreciate others efforts. So JLS I apologize to you for being out of line. I am sure JLS is a very talented and nice person, so please forgive me
  3. Rhale

    So you wanna learn tooling....

    I am sure none of it matters to you what anyone thinks but if someone is putting info out there to help others some of us appreciate not only the content but the effort involved to give us that info free of charge! People like you and your negative comments make those giving that free info tend to think why bother, so for those of us who don’t know everything we would like to see that info that people like Don Gonzales and others are kind enough to put out there for us to learn and enjoy. In other words if you can’t say something good you should keep your mouth shut!!
  4. Rhale

    So you wanna learn tooling....

    Gosh JLS leather I must have missed all those good utube videos that you put out that were so helpful! I am sure they are there because of all your expertise! Sorry but negative people tend to piss me off!
  5. Rhale

    So you wanna learn tooling....

    Excellent video, I have been tooling for a lot of years and Dons videos are very helpful and full of information no matter what your experience level is. You seem to always learn or re-learn something in his videos.
  6. Rhale

    Maker's Leather Supply

    I have ordered several times from them with no problems what so ever.
  7. Rhale

    I made a braided shopper bag

    WOW!, amazing
  8. Rhale

    Closing shop #2

    I would also give $125 for burnish machine! Thanks
  9. Rhale

    Closing shop #2

    I would be nterested in the 2 lb maul and cobbler hammer $50 ? Thanks Do you have any swivel knives other than standard tandy? If so I would be interested! Thanks
  10. Rhale

    Unique New Workspace

    I’m very jealous! Very nice floor, tables and work space.
  11. Rhale

    help with barry king tools

    If you are just doing floral the regular bevelers of Barry’s will be fine, if you are doing seridan I would go with the steep. I prefer checkered surface but that’s just my personal choice either will work great! I would start with 3 or 4 sizes from small to large, the extra large is good for long border lines but you can get by without that. Barry also makes an excellent swivel knife for the money. Blade size and barrel size is another personal preference. Hope this helps.
  12. Rhale

    a few Bracelets

    Very nice detail! Is that a Henley swivel knife?
  13. Rhale

    Landis no 3 harness stitcher for sale

    I don’t find a supplied number
  14. Rhale

    Landis no 3 harness stitcher for sale

    No mention of price. What would it take to buy it?
  15. Rhale

    KY Newbie

    Howdy from Texas, another hillbilly here, I’m so far out in the sticks they have to pump daylight to me!