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  1. I’ve done one pair and sewed by hand to just the top! It’s a little tricky but can be done.
  2. Black is the worst color for bleeding and rub off, it’s so bad I don’t use it anymore! I know of no way to totally eliminate it! Good Luck!
  3. It’s going to be hard to start off making tack without some basics down 1st! Do you have any leather working experience at all? If not I would suggest you do some basic stuff to begin with like wallet kit from Tandy’s, maybe some key rings, etc. then after some practice you will have a better idea of how to use some tools and some things you will need!
  4. Go with Barry King, Bob Beard, or Wayne Jueschke stamps! Some say that the stamp doesn’t make the difference until you get good with Tandy stamps! I strongly disagree with that statement, buy one of the above mentioned basketweave stamps and a Tandy similar stamp them side by side and if you are blind and only read Braille you could tell the difference in the quality! You will be using a basketweave stamp I feel sure on sheaths so give it a try for yourself, you’ll be convinced!
  5. Looks good, welcome aboard!
  6. I have had some problems also but my theory is that if you mix a government job and then install the union on top of that we’ll guess what!
  7. I just listed a complete set of Robert Beard smooth bevelers on eBay!
  8. Barry King tools on eBay now!
  9. I have and use gallon barge contact cement, I have never seen 2 different colors in it! Did you buy this gallon new? It should be yellowish and gooey right out of the container, it looks just like it does in a smaller container. I buy it by the gallon then put into my glue jar from there and never seen 2 different colors!
  10. I would think it’s much cheaper and easier to do by hand!
  11. Are you using barge in a yellow and red can? There is no mixing of anything! Once in awhile you may have to add a little thinner if glue gets to thick! You said am I not mixing it properly out of the can! I don’t understand what you are mixing!
  12. Looks fantastic! I see great improvement in your bar grounding on each piece.
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