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  1. I have a Seiko stw 8/consew 225. My first industrial type machine. I have some experience with lighter weight machines and I know there is a step to disengage the sewing mechanism while loading the bobbin with thread. I don’t see anything like that on the industrial machine. Am I missing something or does it just carry on even with nothing being sewn while loading a bobbin? Won’t that create tangles or other issues. Like dry firing a weapon or something?
  2. Interesting how you did your seams. Is that a specific kind of stitching? Or did it just happen that way. I’m very new and trying to learn. I’ve done one multi tool pouch but I’d be ashamed to post a pic of it lol. I think yours looks great. I was trying to learn to use a machine and trying to set up and adjust the machine all at the same time and obviously the seam ripper is not your friend when working with leather.
  3. I have a Seiko stw 8/consew 225. I’ve seen videos of machines using a roller foot. Could I put a roller foot on my machine and I guess more importantly why would I want or need to?
  4. Could someone help me identify this machine and tell me a little about it and if it would be good for med to heavy leather work.
  5. What is the range of needle and thread sizes on the cb outlaw? I know the info says comes with a spool of 277 thread but I don’t see the range options.
  6. What type motor does it have?
  7. Got that sorted out. Things are finally getting better.
  8. Just when I thought things were getting better I had a run of terrible stitches. I noticed that the thread had come off the bottom guide and the slack had allowed it to loop up above. I re threaded and did ok for a couple of runs then it happened again. When the lever comes down the thread gets really slack and the slack is letting it come off the lower disc. Im posting a couple of pics. Is the thread supposed to go behind the little notch in the opening on the lower disc? Or is the spring supposed to control this. Not sure what Im doing wrong.
  9. Ive continued to adjust. This is 92 top and bottom with a 22 needle. White is top thread black is bobbin. Finally looking a little better.
  10. I stuck with thread cause machine guy said the timing issue was causing pinching the thread and that was causing thread issue but I’ll try something different and see. I know uwe has a thread with a 225 using 207 top and bottom and looking great. I was trying to adjust one thing at a time since it seems that every change triggers a domino effect of other things. Also I was trying to use different color top from bottom so I could tell which side wasn’t acting right. I’ll try 92 top and bottom and different needle and see
  11. Well Im still at it. Ive added new tension discs. Took it to sewing machine guy and got the timing issue fixed. Im using 138 on top and 92 on bottom needle is size 24 and still having same issues. The top looks ok at times but the knots on bottom are not pulling up.
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