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  1. tsunkasapa


    Very nice. I haven't seen Quick Draw in ages.
  2. My mistake, I thought you wanted to duplicate the leather. The design is incised, probably with a knife, or scratched in. Then the die/stain is applied. Much like scrimshaw.
  3. Personally, I doubt you will be happy with this knife, I may be wrong. But based on the picture it isn't sharpened to do what a head/round knife does.
  4. Based on my research into old shooting bags, it is probably bark tanned calf.
  5. Having used both products, but NOT together, I would seriously question using Sno Seal on a jacket. It will darken your color drastically, and I'm not sure you can ever BUFF it enough to have a good "feel".
  6. When I worked at Boy Scout camp I had boxes of scrap from the local saddle shops, harness leather included. While I have not tried to "carve" it, it did take wonderfully clean, clear imprints from the 3D stamps. I believe the waxes and oils made this possible. I think it would be worth trying on a scrap to do everything but without the water.
  7. All of my leathers, except for deer and elk, are rolled, finished side in, and stored on shelves under my bench, out of sunlight. Deer and elk are folded finish side in and stored in boxes on shelves OVER my bench. For the record, an Alaska Amber half rack will hold 2 elk or 4-6 deer. I have more elk coming, I guess I need to drink more beer.
  8. I have a 24"x32" piece on top of my bench. Obviously one doesn't just move it out of the way, so I have a steel plate about 8x10 and faced with stainless to do hardware on. It spreads the force out on the marble.
  9. If you got 14 years out of a wallet, that was an amazing wallet. I guarantee everything I make for life, EXCEPT wallets and belts. They just take too much abuse. Maybe it's just us construction workers, but the average lifespan of a wallet is 4-5 years amongst anyone I know.
  10. Very nice. I like the texture of the pilings. If I may offer a bit of advice, matting away from your beveling will give you more depth in your scene.
  11. Most any dealer will have a section for "craft" "economy" grade. You searched for craft grade - Maverick Leather Company Economy Veg Tan Leather - Natural/Russet - Montana Leather Company
  12. I have a Singer 96-10 from 1925. It does duty as a table. It runs, I just decided I really have no use for a machine. I handstitch everything.
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