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  1. Well done. I have swapped out the 'simulated' leather for the real thing for several archers.
  2. Something a bit different tonight. Some friends from the Yakama Nation honoring veterans.
  3. And it depends on the surface you tool on. Marble is easier than on a table top. The harder, denser the better.
  4. Very nice indeed! I have one of those on my to-do list.
  5. I will look through my printed material when I get to my bench. I think I have some old stuff on the shelf.
  6. I heard tell them Golden Mink are gettin' kinda scirce.
  7. I would use Neats foot oil, but guess any oil will do. After the dog ate half a jar of mink oil and shat all over the house, I won't have it in the house anymore. And I do mean EVERYWHERE!!!!
  8. A video cut from a CD I just got yesterday.
  9. A video cut from a CD just got yesterday.
  10. I'm guessing the lace was pulled through with a 'collar awl'. vintage-collar-awl-7996046.jpg (957×1300) (dreamstime.com)
  11. Do you mean to lace the leg closed? I've never seen or heard of such. Either straps with clips, or zippers.
  12. Looks just fine to me. I used to lace everything, but not much anymore. Somethings just sort of require it.
  13. Much like linings wrinkle when folded, as in holsters, checkbooks, etc. Overlays that can't stretch will crack. When bent, it becomes smaller than the leather it is attached to, and something has to give. And if you glue OVER the bend, it may wrinkle when opened. I know WHY, but I can't tell you HOW.
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