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  1. I had an issue with green until I'd been out of the Army for about 10 years. Being told I had to wear green every day put me off for a long time. Almost 50 years later green is my favorite color.
  2. That was the strangest post I've ever seen. Not just here, but on ANY forum I belong to.
  3. Try dampening your project and then WORKING the antiquing into the depressions. It's not meant to be "wipe it on-wipe it off".
  4. Several years ago, when I was still building houses, one of the local carpenters was cutting metal roofing through his table saw. It kicked back and took several of his digits. We call him Fingers.
  5. Great job! I really like the colors.
  6. tsunkasapa

    Lacing Fid

    I know them as 'Life Eye Lacing Needles'. Tandy carried them at one time, don't know about now.
  7. No, I still have all 10. Even after running saws for 45 years. But a girlfriend almost lost a bit of hers. I like to learn from OTHER'S mistakes.
  8. And NOWHERE did I ask to join. I just clicked on it and entered. I never sent a PM to be allowed in, the door was open.
  9. And keep your fingers out of the way!
  10. Evaporust is good stuff. And it can be reused several times.
  11. I do not recall ever asking permission. I was able 'walk right in' so to speak.
  12. I use this for some things. Alphabets for the Leather Craftsman: Amazon.com: Books
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