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  1. Never liked the mauls for just that reason. I have used mallets all the years I've done this. Maybe because as a carpenter I've used hammers for almost 50 years. But I never liked the round heads.
  2. I use linen and hemp for the simple reason I refuse to use synthetics in any form whenever I can. I do not wear clothing made from synthetics, I do not sew with them.
  3. It looks like he is in Arizona, or perhaps southern California.
  4. It looks like it might be the Leathercrafter and Saddlers Journal. Where in central Washington? Ellensburg here.
  5. I have a separate LOCKING drawer that I keep all my 10mm sockets and wrenches in. I'm positive that aliens are behind the whole thing.
  6. We have heated water dishes for the cats. I think they drink it as fast as they can just so they can lay in the dish.
  7. I have working sled dogs. I have had as many as 63 dogs and puppies at one time. Now that I'm old, I've cut back to just 10.
  8. A friend is an IT professional for a major corporation. He once told me that if you use your pet's name for your password I can get all your information in 5 minutes. My response was "I have 23 dogs. IF you can figure out which one I used, you STILL need to find what their birthday is." His was "23 dogs? Who the hell has 23 dogs?"
  9. Check with these guys. Screw and Post Binding Manufacturer | Made in the USA (usbind.com)
  10. Try putting it in the dryer with no/low heat. If you stick a couple of heavy towels in it will be more effective.
  11. I have my friends that drink wine (nasty stuff, never touch it myself) save the corks for just that purpose.
  12. As a carpenter, I found center for 40 years without one. I have one now, and use it occasionally. But I never found it essential.
  13. Yes, but it was just a metal 5 gallon bucket w/lid and stovepipe, nothing very high tech.
  14. One of the things I learned steaming and bending parts for dog sleds is that air dried lumber is far superior to kiln dried. The way it was explained was that kiln drying also uses vacuum to help remove the moisture and collapses the cells. I don't know if that is true, but there is a very real difference in results.
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