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  1. Try rubbing the edge with a bit of saddle soap.
  2. I would add; Use an awl and lose the chisels. You will NEVER regret it!!!!!
  3. It looks like you are comparing veg tan to chrome tan. These are completely different types of leather. Some Milled veg tan can be quite flexible, but strap/tooling veg tan will never be as flexible as chrome tan.
  4. This guy was parked in my spot in front of the house today. My family knows I don't like killing them, so Maggie scooped him up on a pitchfork and took him out to the creek bed. While they are all around our part of the country, this is only the 3rd one in 33 years.
  5. Something I forgot to mention, because I always do it and take it for granted. I always start my stitching in hole #4 and sew BACK to #1. I then sew back to the last hole and backstitch 3 stitches. This creates a "thread rivet" that resists breaking. You might also consider a folded belt loop.
  6. I only use linen or hemp thread. I can't see using a plastic thread on leather. I get 3 and 5 ply linen/flax from Crazy Crow. I will have to dig up the link for the hemp, but there are other sources for both.
  7. For the record, the old saddler that taught me said that starting your stitching from your "background" was a rookie mistake.
  8. I start 1/2 the distance of a stitch (aprox. 1/16-)from the edge. All stitching is confined to the belt loop itself. Never had a curl up, never had a thread fail. YMMV
  9. "I stitched over the edges of my belt loops because otherwise you have a higher load on the thread and it's liable to snap (happened to me)." What were you carrying that put THAT much load on the thread? I've done harness repairs for sled dogs and never had the thread fail. I would look at the thread you are using if that is the case.
  10. I do know that chrome tan will remove the bluing from firearms, personal experience
  11. It was 67 at 5:30 this morning in Yakima. But it's not the temps, I'm just ready for the jobs to be done for the year. Getting a bit crisp around the edges. It's not that I CAN'T keep going, I just don't WANT to. It doesn't help that I don't NEED to.
  12. Nice work. Two things I would suggest. I would use one bigger belt loop on the back. And confine the stitches to JUST the belt loop. Do not start the stitching in the "base" of the project, but rather start 1/2 stitch length from the edge of the loop.
  13. I am retired for the most part, but I still do Traffic Control for the company I worked for. That means I handle all the signs, cones, barrels and flaggers for road/street work. Back in March I set up for an 8 block street improvement job, only to get shut down. After 3 weeks of shut down we were deemed "Essential" and were allowed to go back to work. Since then I have been doing 55-62 hour (4 day)weeks and have only seen my shop in passing. I haven't been to the range, nor been able to see my grandkids. I am TOTALLY ready for this summer to end! The sooner the better!
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