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  1. The state did that in the area I used to hunt. And to close the roads, they went in and 'thinned' the trees, felling them across the road. The last time I was in there, those dead dry trees were so thick I could hardly walk up what used to be a road. Now, not only can't they get there for a fire, they've created the fuel to make it a major fire.
  2. That explains a lot. I quit using Tandy's products years ago.
  3. I've never heard of 'Brown Bison'. Is that one of their EcoFlo products?
  4. With the two I mentioned, think 'car wax'. They will seal, but they are not permanent. I think the only way to stop rub off is to rub it until it stops coming off.
  5. It looks like decent leather. "Genuine leather" is a boogie man that many like to kick around, without any real basis. What you are dealing with is upholstery that has seen hard use with no real care. It's probable that someone tried to refurbish it without any knowledge of what they were doing. I would clean it with saddle soap, rub it down good and give it a coat of Feibing's Leather Balm or Bee Natural's Leather Finish. I don't think you will ever get those lines and spots to look like the rest of it.
  6. My first thought was ZZ Top. But yes, what does that have to do with leather?
  7. I replaced the plastic hinges on a cooler with leather, still going strong 15+ years later.
  8. .....And where did you get the lizard skin?
  9. I made a few these some time back. I made a special one for a girlfriend from long ago. I hope she put it up.
  10. Looks good, she will love it.
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