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  1. I haven't used it, or any OTHER of the plastic "finishes" in decades. I only put NFO on my projects. In my opinion, NOTHING ELSE IS NEEDED!!!! i, personally, would AVOID it at all cost! Your MMV.
  2. 100% immaterial, I WILL NOT support the Chinese economy, OR those companies trying to get rich off of cheap labor. I will NOT knowingly buy ANY "Made In China" products. Even if I have to pay twice the price. "F" them very much!
  3. I have reached a point where I am willing to pay more to have something that is NOT made in China. Nixon opened Pandora's Box all those years ago.
  4. Super Sheen was on the market long before the water based dyes came along. I remember using it when I was in Jr. High craft class. It should be just fine.
  5. Very nice. I used to keep a "Dog Log" when I was running my sled team. I never thought of one of those. But training sled dogs doesn't leave much time for anything else.
  6. Milled leather is tumbled to be soft, and is "stretchy" as a result.
  7. I'm curious why you would heat the creaser. I just damp the leather and run the creaser. I get fantastic results with no heat at all.
  8. Wine and beer are not as "solvent" as whiskey, vodka etc. I have used cheap vodka to remove the labels from newly installed windows.
  9. Be advised that alcohol will dissolve the brewers pitch, ruining the flavor of your favorite beverage.
  10. Thanks. The wax fills the fibers of the leather, the pitch is mostly for the seams. Caulking the seams so to speak. I've been getting the pith from Townsends. Brewers Pitch 1 Lb – Townsends
  11. Something that I found helpful was to mark one end of the tool with tape, nail polish etc and always keep it oriented in the same direction. If there is any difference between the ends (there SHOULDN'T be, but I have found some) that keeps everything the same.
  12. Thanks. I should clarify, it holds 4 cups. I stretch them out with un-popped popcorn. I ASSUME that it holds 32oz of liquid as well. After they are dry I saturate them with a blend of beeswax and paraffin. After that they get a final "lining" of brewers pitch. Thanks.
  13. What all do you have, and what do you want for it? It's not that far from Ellensburg to West Linn, so shipping isn't an issue.
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