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  1. Look into vg tan sheep. Muc thinner and far more supple than beef. You may want to 'break it in' a bit, but I use it for linin holsters and it is very 'bendable/foldable'. Or kid skin.
  2. Vaseline is a petroleum product, I wouldn't use it on leather.
  3. I do nothing to the inside of a checkbook. I don't slick it, dye it or finish/seal it. It doesn't show, so I don't lose any sleep over it.
  4. Having dealt with hair-on elk, I would discourage it. They will shed terribly and end up with bald spots.
  5. I buy these chopping mats at the Dollar store (which is a $1.25 store these days) and use them to protect my bench top when dying or using cement. They wipe clean with alcohol.
  6. Same here, but my son pulled mine out of a pile they were using for fill on a construction site.
  7. tsunkasapa


    Welcome! Lots of knowledge and advice to be found here.
  8. No, the ones I've seen are just the goatskin lined with the fabric.
  9. No, just on the front. 'Woolies' are frequently made as batwings and are lined with canvas.
  10. I use it making/repairing buckskins for rendezvous.
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