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  1. By "suede" do you mean split leather? Or are you planning on actual suede? Either way, give this product a look. I used it on my buckskins with no change of color or texture. Natural Leather Protector - 16oz (beenaturalleathercare.com)
  2. I have a collection of old porcelain insulators that I use. All sorts of different sized "grooves" for any size project.
  3. I would ask how much you would use it. I've done all sorts of holsters, rifle cases, slings, etc in the last 35 years, and never felt the need for a machine. Your choice of course, but I greatly prefer hand sewn vs machine sewn.
  4. Thank you. Thanks. No, it is a Springfield Armory Range Officer.
  5. Nicely done. I remember Reddy from my childhood, haven't seen him in ages.
  6. Here is a link to an older Doodle page that has different angles for different tools. It does make a difference. Basketweave by Bill McKay- Series 10D Page 1 — Tandy Leather, Inc.
  7. Your basketweave is fine. As Yin Tx pointed out, your border is a bit off. I usually cut and bevel the outline, it gives you a 'ledge' to place the heel of the tool against. As for the spacing of the impressions, I stamp out 8-10 on scrap to get an idea of how many impressions in a set distance. then you can space them as needed. It just takes practice. Or you can start at the center point and work to the ends. Then if you have a bit of space, you can put something else in the corner, like a large seeder.
  8. When I spend $150 for scotch, I do NOT want it to taste like pine.
  9. I would go with something like this. No heat, no electricity. Just remember to check them every so often. Dri-Z-Air Dehumidifier | Camping World
  10. Nice job. Is it lined?
  11. Or a small grinder bit in a Dremel, from the back side.
  12. Thanks guys. Yes, I don't remember what book I got that from, but I do that on most all of my holsters. That is a high stress point.
  13. My 1911 sat patiently all last week while I made holsters for a couple other people. So I made it a new one as a reward. 7/8oz veg tan, lined with 20z veg tan goat. Back view
  14. Try backing it with masking tape before you pull it through the cutter. I would recommend the blue or green "painter's" tape.
  15. It never DID. But much of it IS inferior garbage.
  16. I run chrome tanned deer through the washer all the time. Barely warm water, mild SOAP(not detergent) and tumble dry with no heat. Never had an issue.
  17. On the contrary. My house is FULL of early to mid 20th century furniture. Furniture made with real wood. Like walnut, maple, oak. I don't have a cheap POS recliner, I have a Morris reclining chair. As for my computer, it's a 10 year old model and still using Windows 7. Bought before my anti-China decision. One doesn't have to surrender to the flood of garbage.
  18. I haven't used it, or any OTHER of the plastic "finishes" in decades. I only put NFO on my projects. In my opinion, NOTHING ELSE IS NEEDED!!!! i, personally, would AVOID it at all cost! Your MMV.
  19. 100% immaterial, I WILL NOT support the Chinese economy, OR those companies trying to get rich off of cheap labor. I will NOT knowingly buy ANY "Made In China" products. Even if I have to pay twice the price. "F" them very much!
  20. I have reached a point where I am willing to pay more to have something that is NOT made in China. Nixon opened Pandora's Box all those years ago.
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