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  1. So I went to my local Lowe's to pick up some denatured alcohol and wasn't able to find it on the shelf... or the spot on the shelf with price tag where it was supposed to be. I asked the paint counter girl what was up and she informed me that CA has banned denatured alcohol and several other high VOC solvents. Acetone was on the shelf as well as several very caustic and smelly paint strippers. Confused, I searched the internet for an explanation and found little to nothing about this issue. I was able to secure what I needed at a local ACE hardware store and they had piles of gallons sitting on shelves. Anyone else have similar experiences and do I need to stock up?
  2. DV8DUG

    Black Fox Armor

    I'll take more pix when I get a chance but here's one close up. The little rectangle tabs are lamellae with the half round tab riveted to it. The lamellar are then stitched together to make the armor.
  3. DV8DUG

    Black Fox Armor

    So with my new Clicker press I think I might have shaved off about 30 hours on this one.
  4. Ha ha.... Someone else had recently posted and I overlooked the date...
  5. DV8DUG

    Linothorax Ancient Greek Armor

    You are my hero for a day....
  6. I'm failing to see any kind of Lorica style articulation in your cuirass...
  7. DV8DUG

    Leather and Kydex Arm Armor

    This is a rerebrace, couter, and vambrace I'm guessing? How do you keep the rerebrace and vambrace from pinching on the elbow cop? I see the holes to lace on one end, what about the other?
  8. DV8DUG

    Another custom breastplate finished

  9. DV8DUG

    What is up with my bevelling?

    Good advice...
  10. DV8DUG

    Harbor Freight Air/Hydraulic Clicker

    +++UPDATE+++ So I've now completed the clicker complete with a pair of foot pedals. What I did was I installed a small Parker pneumatic cylinder to be used to control the open/close of the jack. Controlled by a 4 port / 2 position foot pedal. I also used the original hand switch, with the addition of a small metal foot plate, to be used as a foot pedal to initiate the jack. So I step on right pedal to bring the ram down. The pneumatic cylinder is in a default position of extended/closed needle valve. After the cut, I then step on left pedal which opens the release for the jack. When I take my foot off the left pedal the ram extends again to close the release. Ready to go again and hands free...
  11. DV8DUG

    Leather Arm Bracer

    That's your first attempt? Do you mean first attempt at bracer or first attempt at leatherwork? Either way nicely done!
  12. DV8DUG

    Green giant sporran

    Love the brogue pattern. Where did you get the punches for that or did you just use normal hole punches?
  13. DV8DUG

    Harbor Freight Air/Hydraulic Clicker

    Pneumatic over Hydraulic Clicker Press. Short video of the press in action.
  14. Thats a whole lot of brown shades... Kool-Aid