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  1. DV8DUG

    Green giant sporran

    Love the brogue pattern. Where did you get the punches for that or did you just use normal hole punches?
  2. DV8DUG

    Harbor Freight Air/Hydraulic Clicker

    Pneumatic over Hydraulic Clicker Press. Short video of the press in action.
  3. DV8DUG

    Lots of tooled Belts

    Thats a whole lot of brown shades... Kool-Aid
  4. DV8DUG

    Wet form

    Do you hammer your stitch's?
  5. DV8DUG

    Small purse, with carved and painted feather

    Loving the clean stitchwork. Very nice indeed...
  6. DV8DUG

    Harbor Freight Air/Hydraulic Clicker

    I thought the hose pulling on the air pump portion of the new ram was going to be a problem area down the road so I installed 1/8" thick rubber between it and the ram body(green circle) and loose/tight hose clamped them together to remove motion and stress on the one coupler holding the pump on the base.
  7. DV8DUG

    Harbor Freight Air/Hydraulic Clicker

    I removed the two springs on new ram that were connected to a metal piece that pulled on the cylinder. Here are the mounting screws in their new home. I kept the threaded holes on the press plate intact and drilled the base of the new ram to match. I also bought 6" eye-bolts to connect the new ram since the height was 2" taller than original ram.
  8. DV8DUG

    The Lupus Monstera Bracer

    That looks awesome!
  9. I actually just sold this. I measured the customer and lengthened accordingly. She loves it!
  10. Here is my newly built clicker press for under $175. All of the sales and certain matching coupons I have for harbor freight matched up this last full moon. The press for $100 and the air/hydro for $72. Score.
  11. DV8DUG

    New airbrush station.

    Squirrels come with a warranty?
  12. DV8DUG

    Business card holder and watch strap

    Stitching and creasing are beautiful. Great work!
  13. I wait until after Christmas sales on wrapping paper. Some of these are surprisingly liquid resistant. I also do like @Hasbeencowboy with the body paper.
  14. I personally use an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush. My compressor is just the Harbor Freight model. I installed a second regulator on it to get low pressure spatter for antiquing. Antiquing is the only time I reduce any dyes at all. I use dyes full strength for any other leather and then add multiple coats to darken the color. This is achieved by learning the proper distance from the item being painted and how well the dye penetrates. Always spray onto leather that has been moistened with water first as this helps with penetration. Hope some or all of this helps.