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  1. DV8DUG

    hand crank 5 ton clicker presses

    I think it's hella funny....
  2. DV8DUG

    Staggered Lamellar Cuirass

    Is the "they" the doctors? This is for sale. I won't be wearing it but for one lucky customer he may fight in SCA and LARP battles or look really awesome at a renaissance fair.
  3. Here's my latest from the workbench. The lames are 14 oz rectangles and 8 oz rounded end staggered. Hand painted on gorget. Completely adjustable and ready for combat.
  4. DV8DUG

    Ancient Greek Armor

    Very nice work. Clean.
  5. Try using a non-water based cement.
  6. This was fun. Made a crazy leather jacket/hoodie with really large welts. They are a strip of 8 oz. leather cut to 1/4" wide and wrapped in buckskin. To make the project even more fun I ran the seams on a crazy curved path to end in a sharp angle. Thoughts?
  7. Nailed it! What did you do to the inside of the flap? Dark and cloudy. Looks awesome.
  8. DV8DUG

    Show your Shop

    @Ouird Love your lighting solution on bench. As far as your taxidermy mount on wall... It's easiest to hunt those in the rain.
  9. DV8DUG

    A big "First" for me ;)

    So I like the Sheridan style of carving. Tell me... What style of music do you play and does it match that? I could guess blues because the ashtray but I see no bourbon in pix.
  10. DV8DUG

    A stamp I designed

    Looks great @MattW Do you have a name for the pattern?
  11. DV8DUG

    Can't identify this stitching technique

    It's called a blanket stitch I believe...
  12. DV8DUG

    Don't be a one trick pony.

    Right... Too easy. Haven't ventured into contemporary bags but I've done my share of the Renaissance variety, steampunk thighbags, and plenty of sporrans...
  13. Wow... Great work and I know it's been said already but... very inspiring!
  14. DV8DUG

    "vegan" leather suitable for straps?

    What he said.