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    Still learning but good at restoring and repurposing old leather
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  1. As a lady, I'd wear it 10/10. Lovely work
  2. Wow! That looks gorgeous! Reminds me of a toolbag I have on my bike. I can imagine how much work went into it. Hope it lasts you long. Is it hand or machine sewn?
  3. I like that idea, might use it if I make another one. I'd rather not add anything to this one in case I might damage the leather, plus its hard to work with from the inside (might appear wider than it is).
  4. Thank you! Good ideas but I try to avoid sticking anything permanently to the bike, both to preserve the paint (I restored it) and for practical reasons like removing things and cleaning. Btw, I didn't use molds or wet the leather to bend it. Just treated it with some leather grease(idk whats it really called, saddle soao may be it) and put it in a vice for a while.
  5. Thank you! I am pretty proud of it as my first round project. It does its job perfectly - I did a road test and no problems. Easy to reach for and not in the way. I did consider stamping it but I decided not to so it matches my seat. Cutting and edges are rough but there is time to improve. Thanks! Its one of the reasons I left it untouched. I love the look of it. Thanks! Wasn't easy and not perfect but I'm happy with it.
  6. Hey guys! Here is the bottle holder for my bicycle I've sewn using old ( >30 years) veg tan leather. Was a real challenge due to its tendency to crack. I used the butt joint and the box joint. Gave up on leather straps and used laces for fastening to the downtube. Metal is to help stop up-down movement. Thoughts?
  7. Hey guys! After thinking it over I decided to try and fix what went wrong which was faulty leather straps and I did it. Head over to my post in "Show Off!" thread to see the completed project.
  8. Hey everyone, So I used the method applying the butt joint and the box joint to make the holder itself and it turned out great. I was proud of it. But, I messed up. There is a reason bottles mounted on tubes go into wire/metal cages. The straps on mine would loosen under weight and slip down or sideways. I spent literall hours trying to fit it differently to no use. So my project was a grand failure. Still, thanks for the advice, I did learn new stitches and a way to sew round which is what the post was about.
  9. Thanks on the helpful info. I'd be glad to avoid curved tools at this point. Still getting a hang of the normal ones.
  10. I guess I was vague there. I wanted a stiff, all leather (no wires) cyllindrical holder with straps so I can secure it to the tube, though im still deciding wether to put it on the seat tube or the downtube. I want it to fit about half of the bottle, maybe a bit more. I have some thick, stiff veg tan to work with.
  11. The method I same in the book used a wooden mold and I think thats why the curved tools were needed but this looks very promising. I wonder if it would work with thicker, stiffer leather like what I have but I will definitely try this.
  12. Hi everyone, Lately I've been considering making a leather holder for a small bottle as I need one for my bicycle and I want leather to match the seat. But when I was looking through the Stohlman book I've seen that such a project requires the use of a curved awl and curved needles. Now, I know I can curve needles on my own and I could attempt the same for an awl but I'm always in tool shortage and supply is difficult. My question is, is this the only way to do such "curved" leather projects or is there a method I'm unaware of?
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