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    Still learning but good at restoring and repurposing old leather
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  1. Hey guys, I thought someone might help me ID this peculiar leather. This leather is light beige to gray in color and it only darkens slightly when oil or grease is applied. It sometimes has a green shade. Does not blacken with vinegaroon. I find it lots on harnesses, it is used for thick straps, it is very bendy and even 20 year old pieces barely cracked. Shown piece is from a girth.
  2. That is a huge amount of work but wow the results look fantastic. You've made yourself some real quality tools.
  3. I use scraps all the time, often when I need to add thickness or for a small patch or padding. Recently I've obtained this kinda thin vegtan from a scrap bag mice ate through partially and I used it as support on a horse harness piece. Never throw anything away lol
  4. This is your first project? It looks amazing! I love how neat it is and the color scheme is lovely.
  5. Thanks for all the encouragment. It is very inspiring for further work, appreciate it lots.
  6. Thanks and sadly no, I didn't take any
  7. Beautiful, both the halter and the horse.
  8. This is my helper and quality control. She spends the work hours perched on my shoulder and occasionaly plays with thread.
  9. Figured it out, here are the photos included.
  10. Here are links to photos on imgbb https://ibb.co/WGHzh3m https://ibb.co/CtCWhzb https://ibb.co/K78p659 https://ibb.co/NWDZ10G
  11. Hey guys, I've been working hard on this the last few days and pretty satisfied with how it looks. I've never made a knife sheath before, this one is for a foldable knife (sorry for no pics) that I bought for my sister's upcoming 16th birthday and I wanted to make her a sheath to compliment it. Thick vegtan leather was light brown but I used homemade vinegaroon to blacken it. Stamped by homemade stamps, a little rough but hey a girl must start somewhere lol. I could have done this simpler but I wanted to go all out, it being for a special occasion and all. Edit: idk what went wrong with image upload image%3A8858
  12. When I tested my batch after only a few hours it gave me a light gray color on some light tan leather. I suppose that if I took our the wool then it would have kept the graying effect.
  13. Thanks! And ok, I'll use water instead of soda next time, seems like a better idea.
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