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    I will try anything to see if i can make it work.
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  1. Thanks man,, Yeah the lacing can take up time, I do it in the evenings in front of the TV.
  2. need to put pics in separate posts for size,
  3. Couple of my latest seats the large seat with back rest is for a Trike, in a "Grizzly Bear theme.." The small one is just a standard bobber seat..
  4. Here are some pics of my pattern,basically work round what ever size insert you got, Red dot lines are folds.
  5. Thank you, Yeah the single 10 round would be pretty slimline and easy to wear on a belt. may have to try one.
  6. Sure thing cowboy,will take a pic of my pattern tomorrow when I get home from work and post it up, I,ve used same pattern for this as the rifle ones also posted just altered the size accordingly to fit the insert.
  7. Similar to my other post but these are for rifle ammo,30 Cal in this case,
  8. Thanks,, Yeah it was a 20 round insert from a box but guy only wanted 12 so I cut it down.
  9. Made this for a vetinary guy who does humane dispatches on farms etc, wanted something for his belt to carry 9mm ammo in, has plastic insert to keep rounds secure. measures 3x2x1 1/2 inches with 1 1/2 inch belt loop.
  10. Looks great on leatherwork though chrome rivets clash with clasp and overall finish..
  11. AH!! Right, afraid I dont have one yet but would like one very much, it obviously makes a difference.
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