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  1. These are beautiful! Getting ready to start my first attempt at a watchband. Was wondering about the leather you used- what type and weight do you use? The person I’m making this for wants a rugged” looking band, do you how any suggestion as to the best leather to use?
  2. TheAlbinoYeti

    Mountain lion for my wife

    Wow-just wow
  3. TheAlbinoYeti

    Bible Cover

    Very nice indeed!
  4. Wow! Just wow.
  5. Did this for a friend last week. Think I may do another and play around with it a little.
  6. TheAlbinoYeti

    Fire Fighting Templates

    Thanks for the info. I will give that a try!
  7. TheAlbinoYeti

    Fire Fighting Templates

    Hey guys have done a radio strap for a friend of mine and was wondering how y’all “paint” the outlines around the letters so perfectly?
  8. TheAlbinoYeti

    Bible cover

    No kit- the flowers were from patterns and craftaids, I drew the birds and cross and just kinda put it all together from there. There were probably easier ways to do it but it was a lot of trial and error for me. Still pretty new at this. Btw I lined the inside with a taupe pigskin lining. Another first, I’ve never completed anything else needing a lining. Really like the pigskin and will probably start using it frequently.
  9. TheAlbinoYeti

    A tour of SLC!

    Absolutely that sounds great. I will call soon
  10. TheAlbinoYeti

    A tour of SLC!

    Thank you that sounds like a plan. Limited operational equity prohibits me from being able to absorb costs if I get stuck with a bad piece and I can’t yet afford the highest quality stuff so I would have buy sale pieces mostly.
  11. TheAlbinoYeti

    A tour of SLC!

    Thanks. I live in Trinity North Carolina. About 80-100 miles from TANDY in Charlotte and Raleigh. Have order from them often but always go in person to get leather. I’m interested I. Trying Springfield or Weaver. Also there is a place called Zack White leather about an hour away, but I have been there yet. So I would just like to if people are generally satisfied with leather orders from various places and which ones they prefer. Thanks for any information.
  12. TheAlbinoYeti

    A tour of SLC!

    I am a order leather by mail newbie and very hesitant to spend a lot of money for nice leather that I can’t inspect first...does anyone have any good stories to put my mind at ease.
  13. TheAlbinoYeti

    1st time tooling (Viking Serpent)

    Feiblings antique gels work good for me
  14. TheAlbinoYeti

    Bible cover

    Thanks! They are my wife’s favorite.
  15. Awesome work! I hope to try some inlay work soon. Those pieces are very nice. Any tricks or things to know when working with snake skin?