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  1. I would use the same patter as archeryarm guards and do a pig or kangaroo limning if you want a more padding i would say sheep or rabbit. i have some patterns for those if you like.
  2. I use autoCAD to get the dimension right and there are several makers of the acrylic patterns
  3. i have several journals i have made but are not in digital for,at let me see what i can do.
  4. please send me a copy too. I tried the link but it is no longer valid. email address is eugenemcniel@yahoo.com
  5. I'm in New Mexico if you ever need an extra hand.
  6. how many units are you going to be making? Like the number of bags? I'm in New Mexico but might be interested.
  7. I also believe they are in the tandy 1911 pattern pack. I have a few patterns for them as well if you need.
  8. I see the pattern but for some reason it says I don't have permissions to download or view could you email it to me? eugenemcniel@yahoo.com
  9. thanks guys for the advice. I to have notice those areas and working on getting better. Takes a long time a practice but not to bad so far. and i'm still having to learn to be patient on it still being to wet to start. Always been a issues getting my casing just right.
  10. I know still learning but thought I would share a few of mine
  11. Can we list good sites to buy patterns? we all know of tandy and spring field wht bout other spots?
  12. hamsat, I think we would all need to see size design and type of leather before quoting.
  13. just downloaded it now. I will get it printed out do you know what size of paper it wanted for the whole thing? if not i might try tiling it
  14. payday and I will be buying your pattern
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