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  1. Nice job! The bee looks great and that flower on the back end flap turned out really well.
  2. Nice basket stamping. Looking good so far.
  3. Thanks for the tip to the video! Also, very cool work on the Xacto knife stitch.
  4. Thanks all. I had been thinking of making a handle like this for a project and you just solved a problem I didn't realize I had yet.
  5. Bob Blea

    Angled blade

    I think angled blades are helpful if you are doing small letters or other things with really tight curves. However in most floral carvings if I need to cut a tight curve I just lean my normal swivel knife back so I'm working it like an angled blade. You can get your standard swivel knife to do the same job with a little bit of practice even if it has a big 5/8 inch wide blade in it.
  6. Nice work. I like the contrast of the lighter cross to the rest of the cover. It makes it really stand out well.
  7. Hi all, I finally got some bottles of this (Saddle Tan and Medium Brown) to try. So far I've only tried it on a few stamped pieces as a test but it seems to work really well and it produces a nice rich color in the leather like I've been getting with Tandy Eco Flo products. It's thinner that the Eco Flo product so it was a little easier to work into crevices, but otherwise it seems to work just like Eco Flo. I need to try a little more testing with it, like trying it on a floral design, but so far I'm giving it a thumbs up.
  8. I use pre waxed polyester cord from Maine Thread. It's good quality and comes in many different colors and isn't very expensive. I think it's a good starting place for getting good at hand sewing.
  9. I like your painting, especially the highlights you added to the rose petals. It gives them more depth.
  10. I'd have to agree with Dwight. Those marks are probably from variations in the dye concentration on the sponge.
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