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  1. I'm a big fan of "Sheridan Style Carving" too, but "How To Carve Leather" and "Craftool Tech Tips" by Al Stohlman are great books too, especially if you are just starting out with floral carving.
  2. That looks really elegant! How did you do the white parts of the design? Are they an inlay?
  3. Bob Blea

    Gary’s Casino

    Beautiful details in that belt. I especially like the faces.
  4. Bob Blea

    Wrinkles on pouch flap

    Do you happen to put a lacquer type final coat on these flaps? I've had this happen when using lacquer based finishes (like NeatLaq or Wyosheen) and I put too thick a coat on it. The surface becomes pretty rigid and it can wrinkle that that.
  5. Bob Blea

    Needle Sticking in Leather

    How thick is your leather? Have you sewn this leather before without any problems? Is there any chance that your timing is off and the shuttle is nicking the needle and either bending it slightly or putting a burr on it? You could try waxing the needle with beeswax to see if it has an effect. The wax would wear off quickly but it might tell you if friction is the problem. For the ultimate in non-stick if you have non-stick cooking spray in the house try spraying some in a cup and then using a q-tip to apply some on the needle.
  6. That is very clean work, very impressive!
  7. Bob Blea

    How to make ruler more grippy

    I've used a cork backed ruler for years and it works pretty well for staying put without too much effort. I've also found that silicon (like used on some cell phone cases) turns out to have a lot of friction when in contact with leather and it makes a great weight to hold small leather projects in place while tooling them. If you could find a sheet of that stuff at the fabric store it might make a great backing for a metal ruler. I've also thought if you had enough scrap leather you could glue that to a ruler and it would hold still.
  8. Bob Blea


    Thanks all. I enjoy doing figure carving. Really need to make time to do more of it.
  9. Bob Blea

    Sinking cards

    I'd say that maker is using a ribbon to support the cards too. I'm still using that technique and it still seems to hold up well.
  10. Bob Blea


    Thanks guys! I was surprised how realistic it came out looking. I'm definitely not a spider fan but I liked this carving so much I'm planning on carving one again for a wallet for my Etsy shop stock. I'm told that some people actually like spiders... Bob
  11. Bob Blea


    This little guy was part of a custom clutch wallet for a customer this past Christmas. She's a science teacher and my customer wanted to give her a gift that featured a couple of her pets, including a tarantula. This was my first time carving a spider and it took a few tries to get it right. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out.
  12. Bob Blea

    Leathercraft Guilds

    The International Federation of Leather Guilds ( ) lists one guild in PA: PITT POUNDERS LEATHER GUILD Meet: 3rd Saturday, 1: - 4: pm Contact: President @ 412-837-2159 or visit our web site Their web site will give you excellent information Greensburg, PA Also, there is always the on line guild they have: INTERNATIONAL INTERNET LEATHERCRAFTERS GUILD Meet: 1st Saturday, 8: pm CT, online via chat program Contact: or visit
  13. Bob Blea

    smooth vs. lined vs. checked

    Hello Stompk, I was told that the checkering on the tools was to help capture antique when you apply it. The antique gets caught in the small lines of the checkering making those areas darker and enhancing the illusion of depth. In floral carving a lot of people will tell you that if you are antiquing a piece you want to use checkered bevellers. The pear shaders or thumbprints as they are sometime called are the same thing. If you use a checkered or lined one you will capture more antique than a smooth one will and you will get more depth. But it all comes down to your personal style and the effect you want to achieve. I say experiment and decide what looks best to your eye. Bob
  14. Bob Blea

    Floral Carved Lanyard

    Thanks YinTx, it just takes a steady hand, a good eye (or eyeglasses) and practice! It's funny what we are drawn to when we look at these things. Thank you very much! Thank you too Sam!