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  1. TSes

    Belt lengths?

    My measurements are from the tip of the buckle, to the middle hole.
  2. TSes

    Belt lengths?

    We sell hundreds of belts every year, and 34" through 44" seem to be the most popular (in 2" increments). The biggest we've sold was a size 74.
  3. TSes

    Embossed Skull

    Nice. It looks like you combined two tools to make your background.
  4. Tandy still carries a small amount of figure carving stamps. Some of them are very small. May have to search online for used ones. The tool numbers start with the letter F. Very old ones have no letter.
  5. If you're going to make sheaths for folders, you could probably make two or three sizes and have a good chance to fit several brands. But straight knives are a different story. We get a couple requests every week for straight knife sheaths, and I don't think we've ever made two the same. Too many shapes. Buying a couple knives and using them to show your work is a good idea. But over the last couple years or so, knife prices have skyrocketed. Custom made knives are out of reach for most people. It's even hard to find a "custom" factory knife for under $100. But don't give up. There's a big market for sheaths out there.
  6. TSes

    how to identify old singers

    I thought you heard an old song and were trying to figure out if it was Dean Martin, or Perry Como.
  7. TSes


    Try cutting your leather about 1/2 inch longer than needed. Then cut the fringe, leaving that extra length on the bottom uncut. That way every thing stays straight and even. When all the fringe is cut, cut off the extra length, leaving the fringe the right length. I hope I explained that clearly enough.
  8. Really nice job. Especially on the carving. Your skills have improved greatly in a relatively short period of time.
  9. TSes

    A big "First" for me ;)

    Looks good!
  10. Sounds great. I don't know how anyone can play a bass with no frets.
  11. TSes

    The God of Wine

    Excellent job. The face almost looks real. Great detail in the hair and beard.
  12. Your carving has improved greatly in a short amount of time.
  13. Beautiful work. I especially like the rich color. If I may ask, what color did you use?
  14. TSes

    Beginner's Questions...Again

    Welcome. I hope you enjoy your leather experience. As far as your questions go... #1 (first #1) Tandy tools are a good place to start. Better tools are available, but until you get some experience, expensive tools aren't needed yet. #1 (second #1) Dividers will make a nice line to follow on wet leather for stitching. Plus they have other measuring uses. A groover will remove a small amount of leather from the surface, and allow stitching to be a little more protected. Both will make decorative lines on projects #2 No need to overstitch if you use a hammer. #3 An awl would be nice to have. I have a 4 prong and 2 prong chisel and they cover all my needs for stitching. But sometimes an awl will be needed for special projects. Even though I use chisels, I use an awl while stitching to open the holes slightly, and help line up the needle on the backside of the hole. Strap punches make life a lot easier, but cutting with a Stanley knife will work. A round knife, or head knife will work, but sometimes there's a long learning curve with those. And they could be very expensive. As you progress, they might be more attractive to you, but get some experience with the entry type tools. Good luck.
  15. I think it looks very nice. Your stitching is straight and clean, even on the back side. Great job.