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  1. Alaisiagae

    Custom "Boxer" notepad cover

    Outstanding! The tooling and stamping are impressive, as is the stitching.
  2. Alaisiagae

    Sheath, laced and lined

    I like it! The dimpling(?) pattern on the leather (was that done with a pear shader?) echos the ripples on the rake tine where it was beaten with the hammer during forging (or so I suppose). I want to learn how to lace, because it looks pretty cool. The yellow deerskin really stands out. On the back of the sheathe, it looks like there are a few gaps in the lacing up towards the top? Nice stitching pony, I like the two-tone wood you have there. My pony I bought from Tandy, but I'm putting a stain and varnish on it and I want to add some leather to the area that clamps the leather piece. What weight leather did you use on your pony's clamp?
  3. Alaisiagae

    What's Up with Tandy Leather

    This might be a stupid question, but did you call the customer care phone # on their website? It's not for the local Tandy store, it's for their main offices (I think). You could say you're really excited about the WPB location and want to have an estimated timeframe for when they expect the store to open up. Depending on whether you think it's worth bringing up, you could describe what you told us here, that you were blocked from commenting on FB.
  4. Update: G536 and X2862 have been sold.
  5. Yes, I notice it, too. The workers at my local Tandy store say this is absolutely normal, that the acrylic in the finish is "activating" the dye pigments sitting on the surface of the leather. After I dye, I wait at least an hour for the dye to dry before putting on the finish. I apply the finish and wait about 5 minutes between coats. Even though some of the dye pulls up, I find that it doesn't noticeably lighten/water-down the color. I don't think you need to prep the veg tan with anything. I find that Neat-Lac pulls up the dye less than Satin Sheen and Super Sheen. It also makes a great resist. It will produce a glossy finish, unlike satin sheen. There are also other types of finishes, but I don't have experience with them. I was told that, particularly with alcohol-based dyes, it's good to add a little leather conditioner (such as an oil) to the finished product a few days after all the dyeing and finishing. This gives the dye and finish enough time to thoroughly dry. I was told that the alcohol based dyes in particular will strip some of the natural oils in the leathers, which is why you'd put them back in later to make sure the leather regains its flexibility.
  6. Alaisiagae

    European Aristocrat's Leather Cartridge Belt.

    That's really cool, it's too bad the specific history behind it (who made it, owned it) is lost. Thank you for sharing! Also, it is so detailed, each shot case is tooled uniquely.
  7. Alaisiagae

    fire fighter helmet tag

    Those look great, I like how you're painting all those details in the 605 tag with the stripes and stars; and on the other ones, the outlining of the numbers and letters. Very cool.
  8. Alaisiagae

    New black engineer boots. My fourth leather project.

    Wow, nice boots! Those look so professionally done that I could mistake them for something I'd see in an up-scale store.
  9. For the 2-tone, my suggestion is to apply the finish (satin shene?) to just one of the colors. Maybe do 2 or 3 coats. Then do the other color. My thinking is that the first part will act as a "resist" and resist the dye from being further picked up when you go to do the other color. I'm not sure a paintbrush is the best tool - I've always used a damp sponge (cut up into small pieces for easier handling and control). When I use satin shene, yes, it will pick up the dye pigmentation molecules that didn't penetrate into the leather. It actually helps a little with smoothing out any blotchiness from dyeing. How long are you letting the dye dry before applying the finish? Wool daubers are recommended for applying dye, though I imagine a paint brush may be helpful for additional control. The problem might be getting the dye out of the paintbrush afterwards! Sometimes it wicks up into the ferrule and no matter how many times I rinse or let the brush soak, more dye keeps coming out, like a cornucopia.
  10. Alaisiagae

    Making a strop - which leather to use?

    At the risk of me sounding like a slow, stupid child: Did you harden your leather with hot water, @Frodo ? @fredk How long does it take for the leather to dry after being soaked in water (and soaked for how long?)? Is there a leather thickness you think is good - 6 to 7oz? Thinner? I did buy some neatsfoot oil (100% pure, but I think I overpaid for it, oops), so I've got that now.
  11. Alaisiagae

    Hello from Auckland NZ

    Hello! I'm a beginner at leathercrafting, too. That item you made (a cord organizer for earbuds?) looks very nice, I like the paws. ^_^ That's really cool that you were able to repair that messenger bag! Must have been a lot of stitching, yes?
  12. Alaisiagae

    Making a strop - which leather to use?

    Thank you all for the advice. However, none of the videos I watched (I watched 3) mentioned boiling the leather at all. @fredk Why does the leather piece have to be so stiff/hard? That hard, why use leather at all and not some other material?
  13. Hello, I'm going to make a small strop, and I was wondering what kind of leather to use. I have read on these boards that "hard jacked horse butt" is supposed to be good, but I don't have that and I'm not sure how to get it. I have some thick (8-10oz) veg tan cow belly, and was thinking of using that - or would it be too smooshy and soft? I plan to eventually order some veg tan from Springfield Leather, so I could order a small piece of thick, regular veg tan. Or, should I use thinner leather (I have some 4 oz and thinner scraps on hand)? As for glue, I have Fiebing's basic leather craft glue that looks like elmer's white glue, regular rubber cement, and superglue. My dad likely has more potent adhesive chemicals that are not designed for leather - would those be better options?
  14. Alaisiagae


    Those look very nice! Love the lacing/braiding - was it difficult to do that since the coaster edges are all round? Did you cut the coasters out? I just buy coaster blanks, because I don't think I could cut a perfect circle.
  15. Alaisiagae

    Edge Paint Applicators

    I use that paddle, too, with Fiebing's Edge Kote.