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  1. Your work flow might be off. I finish with an acrylic sealer (2 coats) then was with Atom wax. The wax brings back a bit of the shine. Next time seal first, then wax.
  2. I use 8-10 oz for my backs and level 8 oz on the front. If the holster is one piece of leather it's 8 oz.
  3. Try the Pro Oil version next go around. I do a lot of black holster and no rub off on the finish. Oxblood is the one that give me fits with rub off.
  4. Resolene it. It won't hurt it at this point. What kind of dye? I use Feibings Pro Oil Black and no problems with bleeding. The USMC black was the worst for bleeding.
  5. Order direct from W&C. I order a lot of leather from them and never seen anything like that. Also, you can't bet on consistency until you start ordering sides. Ordering by Square foot is always a bit of a crap shoot. One order might be 100% usable. Then next 30% belly and unusable. And W&C is pretty backed up. I'm waiting on a couple sides the I need to complete my order with them. Ordered 2 weeks ago thinking I had enough time since I just started one of the sides. Then orders went nuts, they are behind, and I'm out of a leather weight I have to have. Everyone in the industry is having supply issue as far as I can tell. I've had to change hardware for some of my stuff too because my normal stuff is always back ordered. Crazy times.
  6. Looks good. Those little buggers have a lot of weird spaces and edges to work around for sure. I made a few in kydex and it was a nightmare. Best not to mold them too much.
  7. I have about 8 oz veg tan glued to a 2x4 piece. Grain on one side, flesh with compound on the other. If you are glueing it to wood you could go with a lighter weight but I would not go lower than about 6 oz. I would look for some type of craft strip for the wood. Pay a bit more but you don't have to do a lot of cutting. Then just glue them on with contact cement. If you are adding these complimentary make them functional, but don't over think or over work it. If you are selling in addition to the knife then the sky is the limit and you could offer different price points for different materials or amount of work involved.
  8. 346 Bonded nylon. And I pull off 6X the length of the stitch line for my stitching for a normal holster. If I welt a piece I add length to that.
  9. I use both. Mostly depending on where the stitch line is or how thick the material is. I crease the stitch line up against the gun. I use an adjustable edge creaser on the outside. And a free hand grover for the line beside the belt loop because it's just easier.
  10. Looks great. So far I've only done vertical shoulder holsters. Do you have any issue with the 8oz getting squeaky? I went to 5 oz straps and they have been much quieter.
  11. I don't add stiffeners to the front. Sometimes I'll add some exotic piece or leather panel that does the same thing. But the vast majority of my pancakes are made without one. Get the stitch line in as close as possible. Over time, the stitch line is the most important part for retention. Molding and boning will soften and break in. Leather will stretch. A wide stitch line will loosen. So the closer that stitch line is to the mold, the less it's able to loosen up. So you get better retention over time.
  12. I'm a fan of them for certain things. For exotic panel on holster that have to be stitched first. Stuff made from thinner leather. Smaller items I can do quick. For 2 layers of thicker leather I find them too much trouble to deal with. I wanted to like them. I tried. I went back to my awl chucked into my drill press to pre punch holes.
  13. I think I have about one of every maker of molds out there. They all work. Generally I buy from Bluegunstore because Rob has been great to deal with over the years. I use Holstersmith when I can't find it at BGS. The vast majority of mine are Rings or Holster Molds, with a few Cooks, Duncans, Asps, DIY's, and small time makers thrown in with the real guns. Cooks has gotten good at picking the oddball stuff no one else it making.
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