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  1. I'm a fan of them for certain things. For exotic panel on holster that have to be stitched first. Stuff made from thinner leather. Smaller items I can do quick. For 2 layers of thicker leather I find them too much trouble to deal with. I wanted to like them. I tried. I went back to my awl chucked into my drill press to pre punch holes.
  2. chiefjason

    Holster making

    I think I have about one of every maker of molds out there. They all work. Generally I buy from Bluegunstore because Rob has been great to deal with over the years. I use Holstersmith when I can't find it at BGS. The vast majority of mine are Rings or Holster Molds, with a few Cooks, Duncans, Asps, DIY's, and small time makers thrown in with the real guns. Cooks has gotten good at picking the oddball stuff no one else it making.
  3. chiefjason

    Cowboy 6” leather skiver/splitter

    PM inbound
  4. chiefjason

    Knife sheath material

    Use eyelets as the holes and "sew" it with parachute chord. The eyelet will actually be what holds the sheath together. Just like leather, any stitching will be the secondary way it's held together anyway.
  5. chiefjason

    What to do with scrap leather

    Got any local boy scout or cub scout troops? They might take some. I use mine to pattern stuff I'm not sure about, make some of my personal gear, glue spreaders, put under projects to punch, or small pieces of projects. When it gets to be too much I'll offer it up on a local board for other folks. Had a local guy whose son makes kydex knife sheaths and needed leather for straps take a bunch of it.
  6. And while you are at it grab some plastic snap in protectors for the inside of the snap. Metal on metal is no good. But for the life of me I can't find them now.
  7. Yeah, for a brief period of time I think they had a brand of Black Rifle Coffee on that list. SMH
  8. Are we sure that's leather? In 9 years or so I've seen leather do some funky things. But I've never seen the grain come off of a full grain piece of leather. Crack, split, break? Yes. I've only seen faux leather do what yours did. Between that crackled surface and the grey underside, something is not adding up for me.
  9. Rob does free shipping so figure that in to the process too.
  10. chiefjason

    Holster molding

    I've done hundreds of holsters with my guns and customer guns. Never used any wrap. The leather should not be wet enough to do anything but moisten the outer finish. Wipe that off, or not, it has made no difference. If it makes you feel better, fine. But it's not necessary.
  11. If the above does not work out just order the Springfield below. The main 1911 you need to be careful with is the Sig. The Nitron slides are wider at the top. The next thing to be careful of is something like the 2011 with the full length rail on the bottom. The rest are pretty much the same.
  12. chiefjason

    Holster molding

    If I'm confident I'll sell more, I buy the gun with no extra cost. If I'm not confident I'll sell more, I turn down the order. I've taken to posting listings for blue guns I don't have and only ordering when someone places an order for it. I've gotten big enough to have wiggle room to do it that way. And it keeps me from buying blue guns until I've at least got the cost of it covered with an order. I use Holstersmith and Bluegunstore. Sometimes I'll jump on one of the hot new guns if I think I can do well with it. When I first started I worked from my guns, customer guns, or occasionally had an FFL that would lend one out to me. It's a handy way to get started without going in debt for supplies.
  13. chiefjason

    how to cut Sting ray leather

    I use sturdy shears to cut it. Then I inlay it under a leather border to hide that nasty looking edge. I pre punch my holes with an awl chucked into a drill press which works well too.
  14. chiefjason

    Having trouble with a motorized edge burnisher

    Based on that edge pic I have some assumptions. Too much pressure. Too much time spent against the burnisher. Not enough lubrication. When I burnish my holsters I use moderate pressure but kind of swipe the edge back and forth a couple of times. I keep the piece moving. I've started using Tokonole for my burnishing too. I've tried lots of things and it is far and away the best thing I've found. I usually wax the edge afterwards to fill in any of the small inconsistencies that don't get burnished out.
  15. chiefjason

    Sewing thick leather

    I use my drill press to drill the holes initially. If you still want the look of punched holes you can push the awl in to change how the thread lays coming out of the hole. Thread tends to lay flatter coming out of a hole punched with an awl as opposed to a drilled hole. Twice the work, but you get the effect.