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  1. So I'm working with some stingray and wanted to test this. This is Feibings Pro Oil Black. No deglaze. Just straight dye, one coat, on a scrap edge of a hide. No finish on the hide from me and assuming none from the tannery,. I think I'll dye this hide and use the rest of it as black now. That said, dyeing a new piece is far easier than trying to dye a finished piece.
  2. Ask if they can holster the hide. Might just be with Veg tan but I have mine holstered to smooth out the back. I've not ordered English bridle from them but Weaver's leather has some of the smoothest flesh sides I.have found on their dyed veg tan.
  3. Sometimes it's best to walk away. I think this is one of those times. FYI, it's always more work to "fix" a thing than it is to make it. Charge accordingly.
  4. Glue and Stitch the panels on. Wet the leather and let it sit a few minutes. Bend to shape. Let dry in that shape. Glue and stitch the edge.
  5. Thanks. It's a horizontal that snaps onto the belt. 2 straps with pull the dot snaps on the back. Been using them for years and love the horizontal carry. Thanks. Handstitched. I could see chips breaking and being an issue. The sight is really interesting. I like it. It's not magic or foolproof but once you learn to find it it's a lot of fun. I love my 75b but the weight was starting to be an issue. Especially on the belt. Shoulder holster was not as bad.
  6. Finally put an optic on my P365 XMACRO and decided I wanted to start carrying it. So it needs a holster. And a guy that makes holsters should carry something that shows off his skills. And I had this stingray left from another project, so...... Wore it yesterday and it wears great. And it's much lighter than my CZ75b. Which is nice. Main lesson learned was that HVAC snips are the trick for easily cutting stingray. And this pic on Facebook got an order for the same holster for a standard P365. So looks like I'll get one holster with the spine, 3 holsters, and one mag holder out of the rest. Not bad.
  7. Is there one mold? No. Can you make a pattern that might accommodate several pistols? Maybe. What you are doing is not the same as what some of us are doing. I mold my holsters to a specific model. I don't do close enough. But a lot of the artsy stuff seems to be more close enough. So you have that going for you. So look for pistols that have similar frames, trigger guards, and widths. But you will still need to have multiple molds to make even that work.
  8. I wax mine then dip twice in M&G. Been doing that almost 10 years. I usually do one coat of atom wax last. After 2 coats the finish is kind of dull and the atom wax brings back just enough shine but not enough to look like its plastic. Probably overkill but it works for me and everyone likes the look.
  9. Position, yes. Strap length, no. Set the male snap last. It's a bit of mental annoyance doing the most important thing last and possibly screwing it up. But that's what I do. Cut the strap long. Mark the hole. Set the snap. Trim the strap. Ship it. My current one I did set the female snap in the thumb break before assembling the holster. Have not finished it but was certainly easier than setting it after it's constructed. FYI, I've been known to do things backwards but it all works out in the end. lol
  10. Based on some forum snooping the Security 9 compact is the same frame. But the .380 has that funky cutout on the front of the slide. Headed to Etsy to change some listings. lol
  11. Thick welts are the one thing were I will drill stitch holes. The drill bit wanders around less than an awl, at least for me. And if you go back over the holes and crease or groove them they don't stand out any more than normal.
  12. Got at least one size that's pretty close. https://www.knifekits.com/vcom/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=chicago+screw
  13. Buy a thin hard case and use that as a mold. Good chance you could do the above by turning the case upside down so the solid back is where the pressure of the leather goes. It's what I use when someone want's a belt case. I you want it solid you could probably fill it with expanding foam and trim the foam flush.
  14. You still refuse to quite get it when you try to make snarky points. I don't use resolene for the SAME REASON you don't want to use it. It's creates that plastic look. I do use M&G for the opposite reason, because it DOES NOT produce the plastic look that you also don't want. Which was one of your reasons for looking at other sealers. The differences in the two are a feature for me, not a bug. I don't care what it's sold for. it does exactly what I want it too. You care too much what it's sold for, even if it DOES NOT do what you want it too. Your belligerent nature in sticking to your guns is impressive though.
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