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  1. I have a shoe rack in my dryer that I use. 2 holsters get an hour. Single holster 40-50 minutes. The way I do holsters the heat can change the mold a bit so I put weights on the sides to keep them flat.
  2. Good news, bad news. Good news. That little wrap of leather at the bottom will hold the gun up for a while. Bad news. It probably won't hold it as long as you think it will. Good news. You'll want to make another holster at some point anyway. When I build for lights/lasers I always close the toe under the accessory. The holster need a shelf somewhere to keep the gun from falling down to the grip in the holster. That is usually the trigger guard. When you add an accessory you take that shelf away. The only place to put one is to wrap the bottom of the holster and close part of the toe for a shelf. Left open, there is a possibility the holster softens with use and the gun just starts to work it's way deeper into the holster.
  3. Yeah, this is a feature not a bug. Really want to have fun? Force dry the leather in an oven, dryer, or drying box.
  4. Oxblood/burgundy and black is always a good choice.
  5. Like making one for a Seecamp. They are so cute! lol I hate how square they come out. But just no way to get around it. Not enough room to get fancy or nice sweeping curves. You just gotta make it clean and nice. And you did a good job of that.
  6. Had a guy contact me about a holster. Just to be on the safe side I asked him what style 1911 he had. There are different frames and slides out there. The guy got mad that I did not know what gun he had, got a bit nasty in his response, and did the email equivalent of storming off. Then there are the guys that know what gun they have, but are wrong. It taught me to ask an annoying amount of questions. My last addition to the box of holsters was a guy that bought 2 identical holsters in 2 different colors. Then tried to cancel because he wanted retention straps. Then told me he just wanted to see what color he liked and would be returning one. I had already started the first two. Sent that guy packing with instructions to just not look at my store again. Sorry, custom holsters are not Amazon holsters. I'll take one back if there is a problem but I'm not making them for you to plan on returning them. And dang it's getting hard to keep up with everything. And even if you can keep up with it mentally, you can't afford to have every option on the market. I bet I've got 6 different P365's in the garage. Same with the Shield.
  7. Set the inside rivet on a flat, or as flat as possible, object. When I set capped rivets inside a holster for a strap I hammer them flat on an anvil. Not had an issue yet. Or put the cup on the back of the belt and hammer the inside with the flat side of the setter.
  8. I've given a lot of it away. A buddies son is getting into knife making so I sent him away with a trunk load of leather to make knife sheaths. Apparently my scraps are nicer than what he orders online . Sent about 30 lbs to a boy scout troop along with some tools I've upgraded or bought in lots that I don't need. I keep enough around for patterns, roughing out stuff, and welts. But once it starts pilling up I start looking to give it away. If you are looking at making stuff start offering longer belts to use the panels. Not sure why you would limit your length to 55". Gotta be some big folks out there looking for belts.
  9. The 3 companies that made 629 molds are all out of the business. So if you find one you are looking for a used one. And they are hard to come by. And no one ever made a 7.5" PC mold The main difference in the PC is that dang extended cylinder release. It really becomes a hassle when you have a strap on the holster. And that scope makes a huge difference. A scope is not a scope is not a scope. Unless you have the exact scope with the exact mounts you are just guessing at the spacing. And that's a bad plan. If he is local your only real option is to work out a way to use his gun. You will either need to figure out what the legalities of that are, or take whatever chance you want to take. Here in NC I just have them bring the gun to me. If they don't want to leave it I try to have everything ready to get it molded, dried, and glued. If they are OK leaving it I've got all the time in the world.
  10. Where are you in SC? I'm about ready to try and get rid of more of my scrap veg tan. The pile is getting too big.
  11. N frames are the hardest ones to find it seems. Took me years to find one. Then I found Boise and grabbed a couple. Then they closed. I put a buddy of mine in contact with them. He owns a foundry in NC. But I don't think anything came of it. Which sucks for holster makers. It's a niche market but no one is in that market any longer.
  12. I use 3-4 coats and it seems to come up pretty even. Which doesn't matter for me since my wax/oil mix that I add later just messes that up. But I like the look.
  13. The glue will be fine. I've started gluing my belts down while curing them over a large pot. You don't have to fully wrap them while gluing But the slight curve cuts down on some of the stress on the leather IMO. Particularly getting wrinkles on the inside layer.
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