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  1. Yeah, you have a standard. You can have it. You can continue to have it. I'm pointing this out for folks that might stumble on this to give them a counter point. You said a guy can take away any size gun on a clip by taking the holster and gun. You say a $5 holster will stay put and allow you to draw the gun. Which seems to mean it has the ability to retain the holster on the belt during the draw. I'm saying if the bad guy can draw the gun from the holster how it's attached is pretty irrelevant. The weak point in the system is not the clip, it's the retention. Your looped holster has that exact same weakness. I think you are over selling the clip issue and underselling the obvious issue that they can just draw the gun itself. Which you can continue to do if you like. I'm just not a fan of burdening other makers with something that seems pretty irrelevant.
  2. So, if the holster does not come out with the clip on the draw then it's not easier to get the holster than it is to get the gun. Maybe that's a better way to explain it. Guess that's the pro. If you can draw the gun and the holster stays put then the attachment is pretty irrelevant. The gun is coming out first. If you draw the gun and the holster comes out, then you have an issue to fix. Clips are also fast to attach and easy to deal with. I've had older customers struggle with DOT snaps. They can take some breaking in. For the maker, clips are cheap. And sometimes cheaper to replace depending on how they are mounted. There are clips I won't use that are not suitable for holsters or for what I need in a clip. But that silver style of clip is not one of them. I use them a lot for clip on mag holders as well. On a decent gun belt they get a solid grip on the bottom of the belt. Not as good as the nylon ones I use on the holsters but it take some prying to get the mag holders off. And I'm not even sure where that Serpa is anymore. I think it's behind the seat of my truck as a backup. Then again, the G19 is a backup gun and that's what it fits.
  3. It's not easier IMO. I'm saying it's all the same. You mentioned earlier not thinking full circle. So how hard is it to actually draw from one of your loop holsters? I'm assuming as a level 1 holster it's just friction. Meaning about the same effort as removing a clipped holster and gun. Taking a concealed clipped on IWB holster from someone or drawing a gun from a concealed OWB holster; or even a looped on IWB holster is all about the same. My IWB leather uses mostly nylon clips and they are downright annoying to remove when I want to take them off. I use loops too. I do whatever the customer wants because I see no difference in safety. If someone has gotten that close and gotten their hands on the gun or holster is not the holster maker that has failed here. In the end I don't care what you or anyone else uses. I just think your argument is false and only half thought through. The other half being, exactly how hard is it to just draw a holstered firearm? And is that draw stroke more difficult than removing a clipped on holster? I don't think it is. Personally, if I'm going for a gun I'm going for the gun. Not the holster. I don't care how it's attached.
  4. What's the difference in that or them just drawing it from your holster? It's about the same amount of force for a level 1 holster. Which most CC holsters are. And someone with just a little skill can do it with a retention holster. Had a cop take mine out of a SERPA scary fast. And before anyone gets wound up he asked and I agreed since I needed the accident report he was getting ready to fill out for me. And he was cool about the entire thing as well. I would have had it secured but he got there way faster than I expected and I was outside the car.
  5. You can also add a round patch to the front to mount the screw in. That would do the same thing as a liner but not as large a piece to work with. But it would have to be stitched on before assembly of the sheath. If you line it the only additional stitching is to stitch.the liner at the mouth. It's not much work really. The outside stitch lines are enough for the rest of the sheath. And no-one says you have to line both sides. When I use magnets in my sheaths I just line the side to cover the magnets. The other side is usually unlined unless there is a reason to do it.
  6. Cool. I was coming across different French cleats. Those look like a better option than what I found.
  7. You might have to piece them together. Which means finding them in person. Top is a U shaped connector. For the bottom you could use a free floating shelf bracket that would fit into said connector. Look into French cleats too. Not sure the cleat would give you the stability you need though.
  8. I talked to 2 of the CS folks with one tannery and one large distributor. The tannery lost most of their employees during Covid. Or at least a serious percentage. That's a lot of institutional memory and experience that is just gone. That's when I also really started noticing the quality dropping. And I've talked the the my rep about the change in temper in their leather. I just got a side of a different leather from them but have not used it yet. The distributor flat out told me that one of the tanneries no longer sells them their top quality leather. One of the biggest retailers in the country and one of the biggest tanneries won't sell them their top grade leather. Crazy. That same tannery produced the leather I got from a different distributor that was so hard I could barely mold it. And that was their tannery run grade which is all that company carries. It would probably be easier to just throw the names in there but there's a chance all 3 places are getting screwed in this process as well with employees losses and supply issues. It's a mess.
  9. Those goofy packs just scream gun to anyone that knows what they are looking for. I find them humorous. I've seen a few in the wild. Pretty easy to pick out really. But hey, if they want it and you can sell it go for it. Me printing with a CZ 75B and someone carrying a .380 in what looks like an iPad mini case seem like the same thing to me.
  10. Dwight, have you noticed veg tanned leather taking a serious down turn since Covid? I've ordered from 3 top suppliers with a real mixed bag of success with my leather. Stopped ordering from one well know place because the leather temper was way too soft. Had some holsters that would not hold the molding through drying. One pre dyed side so soft I can't make pancakes with it so I have to use it for other stuff. Ordered from another and the temper is so hard it's nearly unworkable. Now I'm on a third supplier and the leather seems more workable but the quality is lacking. But I knew that upfront and took a chance on the cheaper grade being less stiff and more workable. So far it seems to be. Just having to work around more defects. Been at this 12 years and this is the worst leather I've seen since when I was stuck buying cheap stuff a couple feet at a time.
  11. I line some of my pocket holsters with pig skin. Never had an issue with it tearing or not stretching with the leather. Most annoying part for me is sometimes the edges don't take and want to split,. Then I get to re glue them after it's stitched and molded.
  12. The M&P is going to be pretty close. But why not just use his gun? They don't make a mold for the SD9.
  13. 2 different shaped round knives- one for straight or more sweeping outside cuts and one for tighter inside cuts 1 small antique head knife for really tight inside cuts Montana Knife Company Speedgoat for small trim work and anything too tight for the head knife. I bought it for hunting, hiking, and fishing but it's so dang sharp it stays on my leather bench when I'm not carrying it. Gingher scissors for my 5 oz straps and loops. Utility knife for cutting patterns.
  14. I'll paraphrase my FIL, A craftsman does not have to make everything perfect, you just have to learn how to fix your mistakes. And I have figured out how to fix some doozies!
  15. I use them on the inside of suicide straps, thumb breaks, on the rare instance I can't talk my way out of them. I hate thumb breaks. But it keeps the snap off of the pistol.
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