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    First Holster - First Anything

    Great job!! We all get better with each project. Looking forward to see more!

    Hermann Oak by SLC

    The video I am thinking of is the one where Kevin and Rusty were speaking about leather grading. The video we are in hope of making will show a piece that has bug bites and working and tooling pieces that have that. Thank you for the link tho the specific item @YinTx. There will be a video out later today showing the Double Shoulders.

    Hermann Oak by SLC

    Hermann Oak by SLC

    Let us know what you think. We also did another video of working around imperfections and look to have one on tooling and using imperfect pieces.

    Hermann Oak by SLC

    Here is a new video and you can expect and post about another cut of leather that Hermann Oak has never done before! Our apologies for the fly friends we had flying through.
  6. @bikermutt07 If you take a look at the video above, you will see the white looking leather...that is crust. Crust is leather that has been tanned, but not finished. That way you can buy it and finish part of it how you want and another part how you want. Hopefully adding more value to it for you.
  7. @JC2019 We have gator crust in stock now. Some are the a little stiff, but we also have some that are tumbled and very supple.
  8. We will be getting out soon. It is supposed to arrive today here.
  9. So you know I have not been around in a while. That is because I was tasked with our catalog. It took a bit longer than we thought, but it is here and we have started sending them out. We went out on a limb and totally changed our look of the cover, hopefully you find this insides just as good. With a couple new treats inside!
  10. @JC2019 We just visited a Gator outlet for keep in touch and we will have some crust Gator. There is a video I will post here that is going over something different, but you can see the hides.
  11. TonySFLDLTHR

    Where to buy dyed veg tan?

    Just wetting the leather before trying to tool it. If you are just spraying it, it will not soak up as well as say Natural Veg will.
  12. TonySFLDLTHR

    Where to buy dyed veg tan?

    We can split it to the weight you prefer. Tooling was meaning.
  13. TonySFLDLTHR

    Looking for help with a nicked V gouge

    Hey Tom you are right! We are more interested in making sure you guys and gals are successful! @SilverForgeStudio Shoot me a PM and I will see what I can do to get you taken care of!
  14. TonySFLDLTHR

    Highlead 318

    Wanted to share this video with you highlighting the Highlead 318.
  15. TonySFLDLTHR

    Where to buy dyed veg tan?

    Here is some of the drum dyed we will tool, but it just doesn't take water as well.