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  1. Same to you both! Was good to see you Frodo!
  2. Hope everyone is doing well. I check in time to time and check the posts that have the search term Springfield. Everyone seems to be heavy on the holiday season push!! Good luck with all of your crafting and keep the bellies full! LOL
  3. https://www.springfieldleather.com/shop-now/machinery/bonded-nylon-thread/bonded-nylon-277
  4. https://www.springfieldleather.com/Pro-Dye-Fiebings-Chocolate-32oz We have it back in stock
  5. GOOD NEWS!!! Rhino is now offered in 0.8mm! We are waiting for it to get here, but it is on the way! We are working on this as well.
  6. I am still here. I haven't checked this site in quite a while. We are having a hard time meeting the 24-48 hour turn around time on orders. A few factors play into that. 1. Lots of new customers and orders are coming in 2. Employment needs are going unanswered at the moment. Currently we are having around a 3-5 day...closer to the 5 day processing time before your order goes out the door. Previously stated...smaller orders (size and weight) are better over the phone. This way we can get it in first class shipping or flat rate boxes.
  7. Here is a video we did a couple weeks ago. We show how to find the middle of a belt to put a name in. Also, we talk about and show how to space letters. It is an hour long, but we have fun and answer some other questions. Customizing a Belt https://youtu.be/9-CfbHUnw1I
  8. Did you happen to contact us with this issue? Because I dealt with a few of these as we made the changed. The website is on the same platform and not a single account was canned...deleted...change...or anything. The front end of the website had nothing to do with the back end. All the accounts that were brought to my attention I was able to get access to the new site and all of their past orders. However there were some accounts that had a setting that was being made to some peoples account in the old account. Incorrect orders are not good for you or for us. We certainly fix them to the best of our ability when they happen, but the extra shipping of items back and forth is not good for anyone. We have changed our order picking and packing process and we are now able to see who might be messing up and retrain them or find them a new area to work in. 2020 we did more than double of web orders than we have ever done...and that is thanks to our customers. But doing more than double of orders has put a strain on the old processes and the amount of people we were allowed to have. Just know we are in the business of trying to make you successful and we understand frustrations with incorrect orders is not achieving that. What I can say is with any business...clear and calm communication goes a long way with anyone.
  9. As some others have talked about before, most of hardware and buckles come from overseas. That's not to say some hardware is made in the US, but it is not the majority. We have been struggling to get it on a boat to get it here...two fold issue...slow boat (hahaha) and no product to put on the boat (or smaller qty). I know I can say we are doing our best to source new buckles and hardware...we have some on the way, but the process is painfully slow. All of this is now coupled with Covid and the Chinese New Year celebrations coming up in Feb. Is there a certain buckle that you were trying to get? We might have it and if not we might have a source for you to get it.
  10. We can get some pretty scary looking leather. The best bet is to call in and see what leather gathering can dig up.
  11. That is awesome! This reminds me that I need to get started making changes to next years edition!!!
  12. I think the point the Kevin was trying to make here is that the density of the poundo is what creates the surface to not be as ideal to punch through. Bounce bounce bounce as you try to punch punch punch...where the poly board gives you a solid punching surface...even if it is set on poundo. (But I will see if I can get him to do a follow up video and why he said what he did) Cutting on a cutting board is good and so is cutting on poundo. Me personally I like cutting more on poundo...because my project doesn't try to slide around as much as it does on a poly board. I can say though, that in our leather gathering department they have a table with each surface to cut on. Both marked with sqft squares.
  13. That is the thing and I am sure Wiz or anyone would really agree. The casts are all the same and the same with the Juki. Like most things in life we get attached to names. As far as I am aware we (SLC) are the only ones who actually stock Cobra Machines in our store. Unfornantly we are out of stock and can't get any from Leather Machine Company. At one point I heard they had cases popping up in their warehouse and closed to keep it from spreading more, but I can't confirm this story. Either way...machines aren't going out of there for right now. As soon as we are able to get stock we will update in the best ways we have.
  14. I have a guy that has contacted me and has a N. Porter Saddle. Serial #11474 Would love to make contact with you @BNEWTONP there are some museums that would love to talk with you as well. This would be awesome if we could digitize this catalog!
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