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  1. Sanch

    Make Your Own Skiving Knife(S)

    1084 not that great. There are much better steels out there. I use L6 for most of my blades or 5160 spring steel. I prefer L6 though for my skiving, and head knives.
  2. It's 4oz, 7 1/4"wide by 7 1/2" long if I remember correctly
  3. Liquitex acrylic artist paint. Use like antique same process in other words. Use a resist and topcoat..
  4. @YinTx nice set of pants for that old knife! You know I gotta say it let's see the back side!
  5. Sanch

    Poundo board replacement

    It's a BAD'd be better off and cheaper buying the poundo. Go to a truck stop if you have one nearby and purchase a mud flap one without any logo. That is one suggestion. Go to Walmart and purchase a $7 cutting board that's another suggestion! Anything but trying to purchase a boat load of Flex Seal, the stuff it's thin and it's garbage.
  6. Here's a couple of FPW's and my new tooling station. Both are done with all my handmade tools swivel knives through stitching clamp.this was being tossed out it's Rexroth, has a light (obviously) air (if I hook a hose to it), adjustment on height and a power strip... owner rides a Victory 8ball he wanted a FPW with the ability to run a chain so I added a speed lacer to it. this guy owns a Big Ol Dodge.and the last FPW is the one I carry but it wasn't done with my own stamps it was cut, carved and stitched with my tools though (I may have shown it cant remember) comments welcomed.
  7. Sanch

    Small stamps here we go.

    Sorry. Just like my swivel knives, head/round knives, skiving knives and all other tools I've made they are for personal use only part of the journey for me per se.. thanks for the kind words though.
  8. Sanch

    Small stamps here we go.

    Okay this is the last installment of pics. They're polished and cleaned. Don't think I'll ever buy another set of tools again! I can make them
  9. Sanch

    Small stamps here we go.

    Thank you, I will take that compliment and run! Older stamps seem to be better quality depending on their care and feeding lol!! I now know my next tool investment will not be a leather working tool!
  10. Sanch

    Small stamps here we go.

    Ok so I need to clarify I am not looking to buy a file at this time the one I used for these was leant to me by a friend who is a hobbyist gun Smith but when i do I will definitely look at Brownells thanks for the tip! As of yet I have not used them, only tested them so I will let you know how things turn out and I probably will post some pictures of whatever I make with them thanks for the kind words.