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  1. Small projects to keep hands busy while "staying at home" these are all oil tanned and fun to make, the inspiration came from Art Shell, Mascon Leather. I took some "liberties" on the design made my changes and here they are. In the end they are still just dressed up thread burners! STAY HOME STAY SAFE
  2. I make my own tools from knives of all kinds to figure carving stamps... To many photos to upload just look at some of my older posts....
  3. AGREED. The one I purchased when I first started is an actual "groover" it cuts a groove into the leather so your stitches lay below the surface of the leather. @Bant If you zoom in you can see the tiny hole and cutting edge.
  4. Sanch

    Cutting mat

    @paloma thank you so much! The cost of shipping the mat was a little higher than I can afford currently but guaranteed I will be back to revisit this option! For now I have redone my cutting table with a local purchase from Joann's fabrics and using a coupon code I only paid $30 USD for a large 36"x59" cutting mat. Cleaning table top Mat placed with carpet tape as suggested by @Dwight Table back in place. Sample cut, shows the mat does scar but I think I will get my $30 of use out of it.
  5. Sanch

    Cutting mat

    @paloma you should show the mat after a cut has been made on it!
  6. Sanch

    Cutting mat

    Shipping cost to US is kinda high! But I might just bite the bullet...
  7. Sanch

    Cutting mat

    That looks nice! Waiting to hear about shipping cost at the moment...
  8. Sanch

    Cutting mat

    Love the setup. My cutting table is 35"x55" UHMW 3/4" thick top 2x6 and 4x4 legs I'm looking at the cutting mats that @paloma posted the link for, to cover the UHMW.
  9. Sanch

    Cutting mat

    Contacted company waiting for reply!
  10. @Rolandranch gorgeous work! I've been away for a long time and can see the progress! Keep it up!!!
  11. Thanks, I still am making the vast majority of my tools and will continue to do so the knives are industrial bandsaw blade and hold an edge sooo good. I needed pull knives and have about 20 ft of blade stock so I made these. Thanks the coin pouch is oil tanned along with the wallet/organizer. The edges are burnished smooth
  12. Sanch

    Cutting mat

    How did your knives perform on this type of mat? Also they seem to be in the UK?
  13. It's been a long while since I posted so I figured I would share at least one or two pics of what I've been doing for fun.
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