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  1. TomE - I am going to try the all leather approach. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions in detail. Thank you! Amy
  2. TomE - Thank you very much for the reply and link, it was very helpful! That is an absolutely gorgeous halter you made. Would the rolled leather fit up and stay formed into the jowl/throatlatch area like this one?: I'm not sure if that "sculpted" effect is made with water or a wire - I don't have one that stays formed to take apart. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. I appreciate your time! Amy
  3. I would like to build my mammoth sized donkey a show halter, and was wondering if anyone knew what is inside the rolled throatlatch of a show halter that helps it keep it's shape? I'm guessing it must be some sort of wire, but I didn't want to just throw anything in because I believe some metals react and change the leather color. Copper seemed like it might be a good choice. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could use? Thank you. Amy
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