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  1. I really like the thread from makers leather supply. I’ve seen reviews that say it’s pretty much the same as tiger thread, but the price is right.
  2. I struggled with the same issue. I watched every video I could find and followed the process to a T but mine always came out much darker than I wanted. The single biggest breakthrough I had was to take a couple paper towels, fold them a few times to make a firm, flat rag. Moisten the outside layer with water, and use that to remove the antique. You want just enough water to help wipe the antique off without wetting the paste in the cracks and background. I was amazed how much past I could get off. Then you can fold that layer inside the pad and have a clean surface again. Don’t be afraid to buff the foreground, it will come very clean. Then, as already stated, the final coat of Tan-Kote will take even more off and make it pop. The second thing I did to get the result I was looking for was to switch to medium brown paste. It still gives great contrast in the tooling and finishing cuts, but doesn’t seem to stain through the vinework and foreground as bad, making it easier to get back to the original color.
  3. My wife is constantly missing her drivers license and debit card because she sometimes doesn’t want to carry her purse, or full wallet. She grabs the necessities and puts them in a pocket. My wallet has a removable flap that always has my DL and a Visa card, that I use very often. I think anyone that attends a lot of concerts, fairs, rodeos, or any number of hot weather outdoor events would take a second look at a nice minimalist wallet, especially if it had the right color scheme or tooling. Please post pics if you come up with something.
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