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  1. Make a bend out of some scrap that you can lay the snakeskin over to get the right size and then use that piece since it will be representative.
  2. Super cool game and great gift!
  3. I've only ever used veg tan for watch straps and they are as nice and supple, after an initial break-in period, as chrome tanned is laying in the off-cuts bin. I have a buddy that doesn't really care for "the western look" that natural veg has....so I introduced him to places like RML, DLS, BuckleGuy, etc., where he found nice and supple veg that didn't have the "western" look to it. I told him that I don't mess with much other than natural veg and that it turns out just fine but he still needed some help. There is a reason veg has worked for the past few thousand years. Not that there is anything really wrong with chrome, but application certainly matters with respect to difficulty. Look for "milled" veg tan if you want a softer feel, or "hand", or just get a thinner strap and give it a few weeks and it'll be your best friend. Note that milled veg will have similar problems finishing as chrome does though; it's a PITA to edge bevel and isn't as friendly with tooling. Share some pics too, its always fun for us to see what you are going through as you see it.
  4. Looks great and I'd not be ashamed of the artwork at all man, it's clean as a whistle!
  5. I've got a few gallons of walnut husks in the freezer awaiting my lazy ass to get motivated and try boiling them down for dye. De-huskifying them had my hands dark brown for a few days and they weren't even condensed down.
  6. Wow, I never knew transitioning from one thickness to another was even an issue using a machine. Good to know in case I ever find myself with one.
  7. I think it looks great @YinTx but I think, especially using a machine, that running the stitch all the way around the border would tie it together a little more. I think the stamps on the spine fit the project really well, that font works great on a bible.
  8. Looks like it's close to the belly and those are natural stretchy areas. which can be seen in the leather. That's my guess anyhow.
  9. Iron changes the composition of the leather chemically. I'm betting that the iron in the spring steel of those binder clips made it through to the leather and got you the black you see.
  10. Those look pretty good. Practice your stitching in those blind areas and it'll up your look a ton. Pretty nice execution though
  11. Looks pretty comfortable. If stronger rivets are desired, go with bit & burr rivets, a.k.a. saddler's rivets.
  12. I'm slowly migrating back to Barge. I tried the Aquilim but in my experience so far, it isn't quite as strong of a bond as Barge, not even close really. That doesn't mean that Aquilum doesn't have an application but for any hard use item, I'd get out the nose clamps and use the Barge...the stuff is the best bond in leather.
  13. I couldn't find anything but BKs when I was upgrading from my Craftools and the jump in quality and usability was considerable. Unfortunately I can't speak to anything other than my BK 00 and 0 both being ridiculously good. Can't imagine what better feels like.
  14. I am afraid that you may be in a niche most of us are unfamiliar with and haven't been able to scrape together a decent answer.
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