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  1. Another sick piece @Garyak. Your lacing makes me not hate laced edges.
  2. You make the most classy stuff sir, it is a pleasure to see it!
  3. Agreed...at least you got your money back...
  4. Well done! I would have maybe rounded the edges another size up but that is debatable if it would look better or just different. Is that your design? It looks great, both of them.
  5. My wife and daughter, and son for that matter, are all recipients of my handiwork. Phone clutches/wallets, bags for carrying it in. Made many wallets for my son...he's rockin a shark wallet at the moment.
  6. Your snapping turtle work has been a great thing to see. Wicked, all of it.
  7. Great idea for a set of coasters too. Beats the same pattern over x however many...which is where my imagination took me.
  8. I think, from Mascon's POV, that if you are making things repeatedly and using card stock templates, once you get the hang of using bump jigs you can reduce variation and improve your overall quality. It does suck that he is selling such mundane items for such premium money, but that is why I don't have his brand... From Corter's perspective, if you have been using card stock templates and are as good with cutting out with an exacto knife, why waste the effort in time and expense fiddling with bump jigs. After all, his statement about how the leather is going to morph once you stick some cards in it and start carrying it (wallets, specifically but applies to most items too) so being exact to the point of using hundred dollar bump jigs just seems like a luxury. My most sincere hope is that they don't start wallowing in the mud and things get all dramatic. I enjoy both of their channels and have learned a ton from both. I really don't want a "bump jig" rift to form between two crafters I really appreciate. Mascon & ZeeBee's leather ruler has my interest piqued, not gonna lie. So. Much. Money. though...
  9. I have a baseball core and the skin of it sitting in my shop for the last few years so I can make one out of it one of these days. That one looks great!
  10. Looks really good @Gezzer!
  11. Looks really good @Stewart. And you had us fooled into thinking you were a one trick pony!
  12. While not perfect, the new one looks fine to me Sir. Did you happen to take pics of the other attempt?
  13. I don't why it never dawned on me to make a strap with a button on it so it could be moved from hat to hat... The work looks good but I have to ask about weight. Does adding the weight of the bullets make the hat start riding lower? Or worse maybe, start pressing into your forehead if the strap is acting like a belt and keeping the hat at proper ride height. Those'd be show stoppers for me.
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