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  1. battlemunky

    Swivel Knives

    Looks great! I'd be surprised if there isn't interest in these. Have you used them yet?
  2. You could overlap the lining piece. Skive the flesh side on the one piece and the hair side on the other and glue them together. Like a lap joint but with feathered edges instead of a step. Sewing the liner along the top and bottom as usual will hold it all down. I'd cut it a bit wider than the belt and then trim off the overhang to make your edges neat.
  3. battlemunky

    Boar hide Arizona step-ins

    Another killer bit of work Ryan, well done. I'd say one day I'll be as good as you but I'm going to run out of time well before I can get that good.
  4. battlemunky

    Have you ever loved topography so much

    I think that topo lines work really well on a belt now that I've seen it. Your work is impeccable too. That turquoise lace is poppin'!
  5. Great looking seat and leash, I really like the bleed knot!
  6. battlemunky

    What next?

    I know I'm not @ScottWolf but I've used both and don't notice a difference on the leather. It all darkens up the same in my experience. That's a little weird to be losing that much dye...what kind are you using? You may be a bit hosed depending on how well the wax took to the leather, it'll keep almost anything from penetrating the leather at this point.
  7. battlemunky

    looking for blueguns Makers has a good selection and if they don't have the exact one maybe they have one close enough that you can adjust for the deltas.
  8. battlemunky


    Looks just fine to me!
  9. That's a really cool idea and it looks like you executed really well too.
  10. battlemunky

    Scythe Blade Sheath

    Got a pic of the scythe? It should be like an axe mask but with a long beak if its like the scythe I'm thinking. Search for "axe mask" and then use that idea to feed the design.
  11. battlemunky

    Small trucker/biker wallet.

    Looks good @Mattsbagger. I have a few two tone wallets I made in black and tan like that. Good color combo. The ones I made were Horween chromexcel so the edges are just kinda "blah" so I feel less than awesome about them.
  12. battlemunky

    Lots of Medieval Knives and Sheaths

  13. battlemunky

    simple pouch for work friend

    Super cool that you get that chance to make for coworkers. Not only useful but they get a keepsake from you as well. Its not easy to put a price on "my buddy made this for ME".