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  1. battlemunky

    Which needles for hand stitching

    There really is no right or wrong but there sure is what makes life easier. I use size 2 John James harness needles. I broke more CS Osborne needles than was sensible, then once I've switched to JJ needles, I think I've broken 1 needle in the last two years. I wish they sold shirts...
  2. battlemunky

    1st round biker's bag

    That looks great! I love the appliques of thicker leather on the corners and under the rivets. Is it just an open tube on the inside or is there any divider or anything?
  3. We get those annoying "free" "news"papers flung onto the driveway every week. They never have anything in them except ads. It's really littering IMO. In an act of rebellious retribution, I use them to line my dye table and just peel off the affected layers until its clean to dye on again. I've turned an annoyance into a supply.
  4. battlemunky

    First try at armor- starting with a gauntlet

    Yeah....this one is going to be worth following. Lookin' quite badass already.
  5. Looks pretty good to me. If you need to make another pair you can fix any of the things that bug you. Thanks for your service @Stewart. My son is a sailor, almost finished with sub school.
  6. Nah, that old thing...need to send it to me so I can throw it out for ya! Your tooling has come a long way @YinTx. I hope when I can give my time to it I pick it up as well and as fast as you.
  7. battlemunky

    Stitching Horse Plans

    And now I do too ;). Thanks @DJole
  8. battlemunky

    Wrinkles on pouch flap

    Great question. Unfortunately, I don't know the cause or the solution. I don't see it on any of my stuff though and I have no idea what I could be doing differently. What kind of leather is it? I use mainly HO full sides but have used some Tandy double shoulders and don't see it. Is it belly perhaps? Outside of the cut of leather, I'm kind of just here to see an answer myself...
  9. battlemunky

    Mountain lion for my wife

    Another "holy crap!" level piece of work Sir. I can only hope that someone wants to pay you good sums of money to do this work for them someday. This is outstanding!
  10. battlemunky

    Stitching Horse Plans

    I'm pretty sure the plans are in Stohlman's Handstitching manual. I'll have to check and get back to you though unless someone beats me to it. Edit: Yep, on or about page 68 or so.
  11. battlemunky

    Making a maul - question?

    I'm envious, that looks awesome! I have a Frogjelly rawhide maul and its great but I really want to make my own. I really like the Frogjelly maul though. I have a Chinesium one too and it chipped
  12. Thanks for the detailed reply @MudBugWill.
  13. That is really pretty! I'll ditto the clean lines and stitching and braids. Looks fantastic!
  14. battlemunky

    Bible Cover

    Beautiful job. I like the red thread too, its not quite a contrast but is off color enough from the leather to catch your eye. You done good Sir.
  15. Looks great and yeah, about those fingers....gotta still be screaming at you.