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  1. Leatherwranglers has a round knife that I ordered about 6-7 mos ago that should be arriving any day. It is $195 though but its supposed to be excellent. It's called The PERK. https://leatherwranglers.com/shop/ols/products/performance-essentials-round-knife
  2. In all honesty, there ain't too much different in wallet making that has been discovered in the last 100 years or so. EVERYBODY has leaned on those who have come before since that one caveman made the first wallet. Having said that though, its highly uncool to take someone's pattern and call it your own. If you do decide to do that be prepared to buy the pattern from the maker when you have sold one. The way I see it is that if I'm not making my own pattern, I owe the individual that made the pattern I'm using and I expect a similar amount of reciprocation from everyone else. Give credit where it's due and ensure you scratch the back of the leathercrafter who helped you, even if they don't know they did. And if the pattern is listed as free to use however you desire, then have at it!
  3. And now we can rest! Thanks @Forester, those blades are beastly!
  4. Looks really good! Glad you were able to get one done for yourself!
  5. Unless you want to go darker, I'd chalk that up to character.
  6. Really tidy work @Forester! The finish looks great There must be something wrong with the 2nd picture showing the knives though
  7. I'm not completely sure. The paint shouldn't really need to be seal if it is acrylic paint. Like dissolves like, so any acrylic sealer will affect acrylic paint and vice versa, but if you seal, then paint, it may be ok. Other paints, when dried, shouldn't be affected by acrylic sealer I'd think but don't know for certain. You may have to experiment some before commiting to a large piece just to make sure.
  8. Looks pretty good! Any pics of the interior?
  9. In my experience it has worked on all veg tan, dyed or left undyed. And yes, do a few light coats and let it dry in between. I usually wait at least 30 minutes. I just put a coat on and then go do something and come back. 15-30 min or so.
  10. You kinda killed that. Excellent work.
  11. Looks quite fine @Woodshed!
  12. Both Hide House and Maverick run some pretty killer specials as well. You have to sign up for their newsletter and wait for the right one to hit though. Small price to pay to save a hundo or more depending on your qty. I think right now they are doing HO craft sides with free shipping, IIRC. Rocky Mountain Leather Supply and District Leather Supply have some really nice high end options as well.
  13. Not on dyed leather. Not sure about stained. If it is acrylic paint, you have to worry about it messing up the painted parts. On plain veg tan or dyed veg tan though, it works like a charm, however, bubbles aren't your friend. Need to use a bubble free application method. Going slow usually works.
  14. I'm no expert but I've been at it for a few years now and can help with most things and know what good looks like. Still working on refining my own work so that I can nail good 100% of the time and work on perfecting some things.
  15. Nice and clean. Turned out beautiful!
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