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  1. The dye work on the crest is spectacular. How do you go about applying dye like this? Or was acrylic used in places? Fantastic work, thanks for sharing.
  2. A well sharpened stitching awl will go through that like a hot knife through butter. If you don't care about the neatness of the stitches you could use a drill and a thin drill bit.
  3. Hi everyone. This is my first post but I've been a long time lurker on this excellent site and my work has benefited greatly from the knowledge of others who have been generous enough to share their methods. Recently I have been experimenting with antique and I am struggling to accomplish a high contrast resist on my tooling. I have experimented with tan kote with limited success even waiting 24 hours for it to dry completely before applying antique. I have just got hold of some liquid latex which i have found to work much more effectively as a complete resist but my results are still lacking. I spotted the work of one of the talented members of this site several weeks ago and it's the exact look I'm trying to emulate. Any tips on how to create this look would be very much appreciated. I apologise for not being able to name the creator of this wallet. I went back through the showing off forum but could not find the original post. Many thanks from the UK. Edit: The wallet is made by fireexplorer. Tremendous work.
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