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  1. Ryan, Good GOD son! You truly have God given Talent! Beautiful work. You really are gifted. And I PREDICT that you WILL Receive the Al Stholman award in the near future! Keep up the Beautiful work! Rusty (Glendale)
  2. Thank you. He loved it by the way. Even more than the $20.00 in the card! There is HOPE for OUR YOUTH yet!
  3. Made this for my Grandsons 13th Birthday. I made the pattern myself and I was surprised to see it come together as well as it did. It was a wee bit tight getting the book covers into the slots but once in it seemed to fit perfect. I was unhappy with the basket weave but no one else much notices it so I need to quit being so hard on myself. I was going to do a more detailed dye job but I decided to just keep it SIMPLE as simple usually ends up being better. Well, What do you think? I do like the feed back. Happy tooling, Rusty
  4. I have actually used Gum Trag as a final finish and it worked great. Yes, it is very shiny but looks and performs wonderfully so far.
  5. rustyj58

    CHRISTmas present

    Thank you. And a Happy New Year to you & yours as well.
  6. rustyj58


    Here is a picture of a CHRISTmas gift I made from a Diesielpunk.ro pattern. I also made a matching small clutch and a minimalist wallet to go along with it. Wadda you all think? I love the brand I was able to incorporate on the front flap.
  7. It is all a matter of preference. Like Hand tools, Snap-On is about the standard yet Harbor Freight is usually a tenth of the price and does the same job. And, honestly sometimes better, REALLY! What it always comes down to is the SKILL, Knowledge and Experience. If one thinks a Name Brand will improve their work then it usually does. BK makes AWESOME tools, Stamps yet, they aren't for everybody. I was and am surprised by some of the sniping in this thread. But we all have our opinions so let it out, move on and everyone enjoy the craft as we all learn and grow. Rather we are using Bob the Builder Swivel Knives or BK's. What works WORKS and that's that! Rusty
  8. Boris, I'm betting you were not expecting so many replies were you? Us people that make things from HAMBURGER WRAPPERS are quite a friendly bunch. And one thing we ALL have in common is that we all started at ground zero. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!! That's what that scrap leather is for. READ READ READ The Stohlman books are where I learned and I am still learning today. Now we have the interweb and YouTube and so much more at our fingertips. Every project I do I pick apart with a neutron microscope and I see, and feel EVERY mistake yet about 99.3 % of people will NEVER notice it. Moal is, Practice makes BETTER. Don't beat yourself up and keep at it. The YouTube videos listed in most of the replies WILL enlighten and give you confidence to make more and more things. Sure you are out in the proverbial sticks, far from a Tandy. I'm betting you have a computer since your here. That's all you need! Look around, shop around and you'll be amazed at what you can find and do. Here's my BIG hint, Ready? Do you live close to a graveyard or monument maker? I did and I stopped by asking to buy a blank headstone. It was EXPENSIVE as hell! Then the guy said he had a few "MISTAKES" out back and if they were what I wanted he'd let it go for $20.00 Done DEAL!!!! Best $20.00 I ever spent doing this craft! Hands down the BEST INVESTMENT next to finding an old surface table at a machine shop. I will NEVER break it nor wear it out. Happy pounding Boris and before long you'll be very adept at this craft. Rusty
  9. Hang in there buddy. Practice makes "BETTER". I have the strange feeling that you may be holding the stamping tools too high up on the shaft. Every suggestion I read here is spot on and valid. However, It all comes down as to what works for you. Try choking down on the stamp. Use MILLIONS and Millions of pieces of scrap and beat them hamburger wrappers to a pulp! It takes PRACTICE to develop the repeat actions needed for consistency. The number ONE thing to keep in mind is to NEVER QUIT! None of us will ever be the accomplished craftsman we see in the magazines and videos but we ALL become the BEST we can be with practice and dedication. And for the BEST book I have ever used (And still refer to) is "How to Carve Leather" by Al Stohlman!!! Hands down the "BIBLE" for leather crafting. I am self taught from his books and lots of practice. Happy tooling, Rusty
  10. Here is a pattern for the composition books at the .99 cent store or at Wally World
  11. Thanks. I'll be posting a couple pictures of the one's I did along with the SIMPLE template. Hopefully some one here will find it useful.
  12. Jack 1970 I get my threads from Makers Leather Supply. They are usually always timely and correct. I have yet had a problem with them so far. I do all my stitching by hand so it takes a bit longer but it also looks better too. I have found that as long as I do the SAME THING over & OVER it stays consistent. Thanks again for the compliments. Rusty
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